Tale of Two Sisters

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Nowadays, my ex wife’s Pam’s sister, Katrina is the epitome of virtue and prudishness. You would never suspect that she was once a girl who loved to experiment sexually and had almost no inhibitions. Pam told me many stories about Katrina’s sexual adventures. This is one of them.

In the early 1990s, a few years into our marriage, we were in bed watching The Godfather on cable and Pam confided in me that her father had once threatened to go to the mob to arrange a hit. I was more than a little surprised because her father seemed to be a pillar of their community, a well-to-do, white, upper middle class, church-going, mid-westerner. I asked, “He must have really been upset about something. What would get him so desperate?”

“My sister, Katrina! What else? She had just quit high school, two days after her 18th birthday, one month short of graduating, and had an argument with my mom. She ran away and we hadn’t heard from her for a couple of weeks. Mom and I had kept tabs on what she was doing through our network of friends. She had been bouncing around staying at one or another of her girlfriends’ houses, and within 10 days she was working at a fast-food restaurant downtown and sharing a flat with a co-worker. Everything was fine for a couple of days, until one evening when my dad went over to see if he could talk her into coming home to finish high school. He came home fuming mad. I was upstairs in my room studying and heard him ranting at my mom that his daughter was a slut. I went down the hall to the top of the stairs to hear because I was afraid he might have found out that I was in love with a guy and had been necking and petting with him, but just then he told mom that he had walked up to Katrina’s place and when no one answered the doorbell he went to the window and saw her naked on the couch with a black guy on top of her. He was screaming at mom that he knew some people and would have that bastard killed.”

“Wow!” I was flabbergasted. “Did he actually have the guy killed?”

“No! Mom calmed him down. She made him sit down and they had a few stiff drinks and saner heads prevailed. My mom and I went to the restaurant the next day and she made my sister an offer she wouldn’t refuse. Katrina had run away because my mom wouldn’t give her the money to go to San Francisco to live and do the hippie thing. Mom simply told her she would give her the money and arrange the trip for the following week. All Katrina needed to do was come with her right then. To no one’s surprise, the three of us left the restaurant a big happy family and as usual Katrina got what she wanted.”

“You mean that she concocted the whole scene to get your parents to foot the bill for her to become part of the Haight-Ashbury sub-culture?” I asked in a somewhat envious tone.

“Not really!” Pam answered. “She and I had a girl-to-girl talk when we got home and I asked her if she had planned the whole thing. She said not the whole thing and that she was surprised that it had taken so long for mom to give in. That’s when I asked her directly if she had set up the black guy and used him too. She seemed oblivious to dad’s being there the night before and asked me what I meant by that. That’s when I told her about what dad had seen and what he told mom about having the guy shot. She started to cry because she was upset that she had caused so much trouble. I asked her if she was in love with the guy and she said not really, but he really was good in bed. The next day she told me that they just used each other for sex and that neither of them wanted anything more than that. I was a little giddy and asked her if it was true that once you’ve had black you never go back. She smiled back that it was great but she didn’t care what color it was as long as it was big and the guy knew how to please her. She did say that black would definitely be part of the palette from now on.”

I asked her, “Did Katrina tell you how she met him and what did they do together?”

“During our girl-to-girl, Katrina told me she met Sam the week before at the restaurant where he was also working and they would flirt during work. One night they had to close the place alone and while they were cleaning up and setting up for the next morning, they flirted as usual and she teased him, ‘You’re all your talk and no action, and all your talk is getting me horny!’

“Sam teased her back, ‘I’m horny too! What are we gonna do about it, Kat?’

“Katrina said, ‘I ignored his remark and went into the ladies room to change and had my uniform off when I heard the door open. Standing there in my bikini panties–’ (back then she never wore a bra) ‘–I turned around and saw Sam coming toward me. His pants were unzipped and he was sporting a huge hard-on. Before I knew it we were locked in a passionate embrace, kissing and groping each other. We edged over to the couch and settled into it. At first we sat side by side but within a few minutes I leaned back and he was on top of me. He broke off our kiss and started to kiss my neck, then my shoulders, then my chest and finally my breasts. The feeling was incredible when he finally took my left nipple between his lips and gently tongued it. When he did the same thing to my right nipple, I had a mini-orgasm and was ready to fuck but Sam had more in mind. He moved from my breasts down my body, kissing and tonguing me over my belly, navel and pubic mound until he reached my panty-clad pussy. He kissed me there for a second or two and then proceeded down my thighs and calves and finally started kissing my feet and began sucking on my toes, one by one.

‘I was in heaven. I never had a guy pay this much attention to me before. I was his. He could do anything he wanted with me, but he still wasn’t finished pleasuring me. He kissed and tongued his way back up my legs to my pussy. When he got there he hooked his thumbs in my panties and I raised my hips and he slid them off. Then he planted gentle kisses around my pussy, finally actually kissing my lips and slowly inserting his tongue between them. I was a cunnilingus virgin until then, but I was being initiated by an expert and my body shuddered with an orgasm. Sam then administered the coup de grace, his lips and tongue turned their attention to my clit. I was totally aroused so they had no trouble finding it. First he gently flicked it with his tongue for about a minute until I came again. Then his lips went around it and he sucked on my love button while tonguing it. I can’t describe the thrills of the continuous wave after wave of orgasms as he kept this up for several minutes. I almost passed out from the ecstasy.

‘He finally removed his mouth and moved back up to kiss me. I could taste my juices on his tongue and it made me feel so naughty that I broke off the kiss and moved down to kiss his hard-on. Pam, you know that I have given several of my boyfriends hand-jobs but I hadn’t ever given a blowjob before, so I was a little unsure of what to do. Sam sensed this and teased me, “Never seen one this big, huh?”

‘I said, “Never seen one this close.” We laughed and he guided me through the process. I did what he told me to do. First I kissed the tip. He was uncircumcised, my first uncut cock, so I rolled back his foreskin and tongued around the head and he moaned. After a few minutes of this he asked me to put my lips over it and I did. I didn’t need to be told to do anything else. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and started to suck. Sam’s natural reaction was to start fucking my mouth and within a few minutes he was flooding my mouth with his semen. I instinctively swallowed what I could but I gagged a little and a lot of it ran out of my mouth, down my chin and on to my breasts. I moved back up and we kissed and held each other for several minutes before we finally got off the couch and got dressed.’”

I wanted to hear more and asked, “You mean that he didn’t fuck her that night?”

Pam answered, “Not that night in the restaurant but the next day he came to her place and Katrina said they fucked for hours. I asked her about it and she said, ‘Sam started the same foreplay as the night before in the dressing room but this time he didn’t want a blowjob. Instead he had me lie on my belly. He straddled my legs and slammed his hard cock into my pussy. It felt huge as he went in. It was the longest, thickest cock I have ever had and I thought he was going to rip me open, but the pain eased almost immediately and was replaced by a wave of cumming as the bottom of his cock touched my G-spot with each thrust. I’ve been screwing guys for two years but I have never felt so full. I must have had 20 orgasms. When he came inside of me I could feel his hot semen hit my cervix and flood my womb and I screamed in a final orgasm. I left my pills at home when I left and my period is a couple of days late. Pam, I am worried I might be pregnant with his baby.’

“She started to cry again and I soothed her by telling her that her period was probably irregular because she went off the pill. Anyway she got her period the night before she left for San Francisco. After hearing about his skill as a lover, I wanted to meet Sam but was too timid to ask Katrina.”

I teased her, “So, you were intrigued by your sister’s black lover. Did you fantasize about trying it yourself?”

She responded with dreamy look in her eyes, “Actually, I had vivid dreams and daydreams about Sam who it turned out was the star end on our football team. A few of the cheerleaders had let it be known that he was a foot long and as wide as a soda can. I used to imagine what that would feel like. Once I even tried to use a soda can on myself, but I was too small and I was afraid to force it in. I ended up rubbing myself until I came. After seeing how my dad had reacted to Katrina, I was afraid to even look at a black guy.”

I saw the dreamy look in her eyes and asked, “It sounds like you really wanted to try a black guy. Did you ever have sex with a black man?”

Her response seemed evasive, “I think that I might have!”

I was aroused at the thought of my new wife having sex with a black man. It was one of those taboo subjects back then. So much so that her father was ready to have a black guy killed for fucking his slutty older daughter. I sensed that Pam was reluctant to tell me flat out that she had fucked black men even though she had been quite clear that she had sown a lot of wild oats before we met. I pressed her for more details. “What do you mean by ‘I think I might have’? Either you have or you haven’t.”

“It’s not that easy,” she said hesitatingly. “There was one night that I was very stoned and I woke up in the morning with a black guy, actually it was two black guys. I really don’t remember all of it.”

“Will you tell me what you do remember about it?” I asked.

“It’s complicated.” she started, “I was taking a break from writing my dissertation in the summer of 1980. A group of friends was going hiking in Glacier Park and about a week before they were scheduled to leave, I decided to tag along with them. At that late a date, I couldn’t take the same train that they did but rather got a train four hours later and we agreed to meet at a certain campsite about a two hour hike from the Park’s train station. My train was actually on time and I gathered up my backpack and started up the trail. It was about 2pm and the afternoon heat was oppressive. By 3:30pm I was tired and really soaked with sweat. I stopped hiking and noticed a beautiful mountain stream about 500 feet off the trail on my left. I couldn’t resist the temptation to cool off in the water, so I hiked down to the stream, looked around and seeing no one took off my clothes and went skinny-dipping. It was sweltering and the cold water was exhilarating.

I swam to the middle of the stream and floated on my back. It was then that I heard a wolf whistle from the stream bank. I looked over and there were two black guys who had been fly-fishing ogling me in the water. They were on the opposite bank from my stuff so I felt safe. I tried to be as nonchalant as possible and swam back to my backpack, slowly stepped out of the water, put my sweaty clothes back on and started back up the trail. About ten minutes later I heard voices approaching me from behind me on the trail.

“‘Hey bathing beauty, is that you?’ one of them called up to me playfully, but I started to walk a little faster, recognizing that this was not a good scene and getting a little scared. All I had to do was to get to the campsite a few minutes down the path and I would be safe with my friends. A few minutes later I met a couple walking toward me on the path and asked how far to the campsite. They said it was right around the bend. I was relieved and literally ran the rest of the way.”

“That sounds like a close call,” I interrupted.

“It turned out that I wasn’t in any real danger,” she volunteered.

“What do you mean? A woman alone in the wilderness being pursued by two guys sounds dangerous to me,” I piped up.

“The two fishermen were just walking back to their campsite which was a couple of yards down from ours. I met them as they walked by ours, and they saw me and whistled at me again. My friends had met them earlier and their names were Rob and Al. They had invited us all over to share their catch for dinner, where they teased me about my skinny-dipping and my friends joined in. After dinner we all sat around and smoked for awhile and got high. Several of us got up to go to the port-a-john on the other side of the campsite. The area next to the johns had a great view of a mountain lake and the sun setting over it and two of the guys and I stayed to watch for a few minutes.

“I was more than a little turned on from the day’s events and the romantic setting, so when Lance, one of my friends, put his arm around my waist, I moved even closer to him, turned toward him and looked up into his eyes longingly. We shared a long sexy kiss. While we were doing this, Al came up behind me and put his arms around me and started to kiss my neck and nuzzle my ears. You know how that melts me.

“We slowly moved away from the public viewing area to a more hidden spot, where Al reached around to my front and slid his hands under my halter top and over my breasts, all while Lance and I continued to kiss. A few seconds later I felt Lance’s hand slide down my belly and down the front of my shorts. I had never had two men caressing me at the same time and it was incredibly exciting.”

Again I interrupted, “Weren’t you afraid of being caught or seen by the others in your group?”

“They were the last thing on my mind. I was too hot to even think about anything but the moment,” she answered. “Lance and Al played me like a violin. I was putty in their hands and we ended up back in Al’s tent. The next morning I remember my friend whispering to me that she saw the three of us walking down the path, stopping every few feet to kiss and grope each other. She said my halter top was undone at the back and my shorts were open and that Al and Lance were taking turns putting their hands on my breasts and pussy. I asked her who else had seen us and she said she thought everyone else was too stoned to remember anything.”

“What happened in the tent?” I asked.

Pam started to get evasive.“I was pretty stoned so I don’t think I remember all of it. I get a little sketchy. I do remember I had quite a few orgasms and waking up the next morning feeling sperm leaking out of my vagina, smelling my pussy odor, and tasting spunk. I think I had sex with both of them. I remember that Al had a big cock but I can’t remember if he was fucking me or if I was sucking it or both. I do remember that Al did spend a lot of time kissing my breasts and belly and pubic mound and even my clitoris. I seem to remember that he made me cum by continually sticking his tongue slowly in and out of my pussy and along the lips and up to my clitoris where he would barely lick it. At least, I guess it was Al.”

“What do you mean, ‘I guess it was Al’? Were there others in the tent? Did you pull a train? How big was the tent anyway?” I asked.

“At some point I remember hearing other voices. I honestly don’t remember all of it,” she responded, trying to soothe me. “I was young and my sex drive was out of control at the time. I do remember waking up naked in Al’s tent early the next morning and Lance was gone and I was lying between Al and Rob, facing Al. Rob had a hard on in his sleep and it was poking between my legs. From the feel of it, it must have been 9 or 10 inches long and very thick, bigger than Al’s or Lance’s. From the way my vagina felt I think it might have been inside of me at some point, but then again Al and Lance were pretty well-endowed too.

“I looked around and peered out of the tent and saw that the sun was just coming up and no one was up yet, so I found my shorts and halter top, put them on, ran quickly back to my tent, and slipped into my sleeping bag because I felt cold having been naked in Al’s tent during the cool mountain night.”

“Wow! You really can’t remember much about that night. Can you?”

Pam’s answer was evasive. “Like I said, everything else is kind of a hot sexy blur. I know I had a great time but the details are mixed up and kind of like a stream of consciousness. Some things come back in vivid detail but I can’t be sure if they really happened or if I just imagine they happened.”

A few months later, I was finishing remodeling her home office. In order to move the big file cabinet, I had to take out the drawers. In the bottom drawer were several of Pam’s video and audio tapes, some old photos, and several old love letters. I couldn’t help but read the letters and since Pam would be furious to know that I read her personal stuff, I never told her I had found them. Some of the letters were from Lance. One seemed to give a somewhat different slant on the night.

For whatever reason, during our marriage Pam never mentioned Lance’s name in the context of a former lover, but the letters made it clear that they had a torrid relationship that spanned the three years that she spent at the mid-western state university where she got her doctorate. One in particular referred to what had happened on that camping trip. The letter was dated October 1980.

Lance was apparently away from campus for a few weeks with his grad student job as trainer for the football team and was missing her. I can almost remember the exact wording in the letter. He wrote:

You are the most uninhibited woman I have ever met, when you are high. I can’t believe how sexy it was to be with and Rob and Al the first night at Glacier. How your lips felt on mine as I kissed you and how you kissed me back even harder when Al reached around from behind you and slipped his hands under your halter top. You moaned in passion as he caressed your breasts and untied the back straps of the halter. As we walked back to Al’s tent you seemed to lose track of anything around us. You were focused only on your own pleasure. When we talked later, you told me that you didn’t want to talk about what happened. I do! I’ll never forget that walk back to the tent and what we did when we got there!

You would stop every few steps and turn to kiss either Al or me while the other caressed you from behind. It must have taken twenty minutes to get to the tent.

When we got to the tent it was a real rush for me. We continued our kissing and Al untied the neck strap of your halter and it fell off lodging itself between our bodies and when I broke off our kiss to venture to your soft breasts, it floated to the tent floor. First I nuzzled your ear for a few seconds and you purred in appreciation. Then I kissed my way down stopping at your neck and shoulders to savor their softness. When I reached your breasts I initiated our usual game. I kissed around the nipple and lightly flicked it with my tongue. I could feel you shudder with your usual mini-orgasm. Then I proceeded to the next phase of the game where I sucked on the nipple between my lips but instead of pushing me away complaining that your nipples are hyper-sensitive, you threw your head back, arched your back and held my head in place. For that night the game had changed. You demanded, ‘Suck it harder!’

When I complied you responded with a full-fledged orgasm and pushed my head down toward your pussy. On my way down to my knees, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of your open cut-offs and slid them and your white bikini-cut panties over your hips. I can still remember how sexy it looked when I let go of them and they slowly slid down your legs coming to rest around your ankles, and how you first lifted one foot out of them, and then, looking down at Al, who was unzipping his sleeping bag and spreading it out as a bed on the tent floor, you used the other foot to deftly separate the panties from the cut-offs. You used a sexy kick type of motion and the panties floated across and landed on Al’s nose. As I sit here longing to be with you, I can picture you that night naked in front of me looking like a living Venus: the tan-lines of your blue string bikini visible on your hips and breasts, your light-brown pubic hair neatly trimmed about one inch inside those tan-lines.

I reached my hand out to yours to help you lie down on the spread out sleeping bag that Al had prepared and when you were lying on your back I lay next to you and kissed my way up your body back up to your lips. While I was on my way to your lips, Al, obviously aroused by the smell of your panties, was working his way down your body to your pussy. When he got there he was an expert ‘cunnilinguist’ and you couldn’t seem to stop cumming as his tongue worked its magic on your sweet pussy. I wish he would tell me how he did it because try as I may, I have never been able to get you off with oral. After the fourth time you came on Al’s mouth you became a sex machine. You couldn’t get enough. I can still feel your soaking wet pussy around my cock as we fucked like animals. Usually you want me to be gentle and slow but you kept begging for me to ‘Fuck me! Faster! Harder!’

I couldn’t hold back and spurted deep inside of you as you climaxed. You didn’t want to cuddle as you usually do. When you looked over at Al and pleaded with him to take you, without thinking I let him take my place between your legs. I felt a surge of jealousy and arousal as his thick long cock slid effortlessly into your pussy which I had just slickened with my semen. It was not long before you came again and again. I was hard again and moved my cock to your lips and at that moment, you didn’t refuse it because of your dislike of tasting your own juices. Instead you hungrily took my cock into your mouth and began to work your tongue around it as only you can do. I miss you. I wish you were doing that to me here in Alabama right now.

As Al continued to pound you, I enjoyed those incredible sensations and was about to cum when Rob came into the tent. He looked at the three of us and was undressed in record time. You looked up at his dick, stopped sucking me and told Rob to take my place. I was crushed at your rejection. That’s when you showed me what a lucky guy I am because you also stopped Al and said, ‘I want all three of you at the same time.’

You are such a delicious slut when you are high. You made me lie on my back and sat on my cock putting it into your pussy and had Rob stick his giant cock into your ass. Your whole body seemed to quiver in a continuous orgasm. The feel of your tight pussy gripping my cock was more than I could take and I shot my load into you. Rob followed a few minutes later. Not ignoring Al you gave him the blowjob of his life but he still didn’t cum. He begged to fuck your pussy and I moved over to allow Al access. He slammed into you and you cried out in orgasmic ecstasy and within a minute Al flooded your pussy with cum for the third time that night. We all collapsed in a heap of sweaty cum soaked flesh. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I saw you were asleep sandwiched between Al and Rob with this almost ecstatic look on your face. I couldn’t bring myself to disturb you, so I quietly grabbed my clothes and walked naked back to our tent and got into our sleeping bag.

As the sun was beginning to come up, I felt you crawl into the sleeping bag. I was disappointed that you had your clothes on but I can still feel the warmth and softness of being next to you. I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Love and kisses to my sexy woman,


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