Now, oh yes, and now

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I read it in your eyes.

Standing by the window, reflected in the mirror, I looked up and saw you watching. Saw myself through your eyes, saw past the judgements and the comparisons we carry. Saw myself as you did, and could love myself anew, as though for the first time. Me and me alone.

I read it in your eyes and this is how they spoke of me:

Something about the light, the intent look on your face as you look down at your breast, your hand, the fingers spread. Not a caress, nothing suggestive or brazen, nothing but the simple collection of lines and curves. Holding yourself and offering all at once. Lower, the angle of your hip cocked out. Radiating strength and solid presence, the geometry of your womanhood and thighs, the combination of curves and angles, lines and arcs, light and dark, hidden and revealed. The mystery of the goddess, the promise of the maiden.

I felt at once shy to be so plainly caught by you and yet… and yet… delighted to my inner core to be so profoundly pleasing, so powerful in my knowing, suddenly bold and confident, seeing you enticed, entranced, rooted, eyes aglow. Knowing that the slightest invitation from me, the merest gesture would have you across the room and by my side.

I smiled within at the thrill of enticement, the electric threads I cast to bring you here, to draw you near, to make you mine. Although silent I could hear your thoughts, as if your body spoke to mine. A language so private and intimate and yet revealing all at once: “Yes,” you said. “Oh, yes.” An offering to me, a moment just for us, this whispered yes as we begin. It is this, this slightest hesitation just before we fit together, the in breath that binds us, because with the exhale will go all inhibition; the only rule is the rule of pleasure and of giving as we receive. I turn and like a dancer with her partner know you are with me.

I see you turning to show me more and less, looking over your shoulder, even though you feel me right behind you, even though there is no other place than with you, even as you feel my teeth at your neck and my hand parting your thighs, even yet you look and smile, my cock so hard between the cheeks of your ass, our lust so open and ready for us to completely to abandon ourselves to it, to us, to life and love, and all the ways we can and will unite.

I feel your wetness, and your opening, the tightness of your nipples as they await my touch, my tongue, my teeth, and now we move, and now we sway, and now we are complete.

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