Helping our friend get his freak on…

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I love to watch. However, I never realized the kind of euphoria that would come from getting physical with my boyfriend while someone watched us. The arousal and desire emanating from the observer as I was being pleasured was a high like no other. Addictive even; and kinky, too.

Eli asked me to come to his office in the evening after I finished work. It was Friday, and we had plans for a date night. I arrived at around seven; the building was almost deserted as everyone had left early for the weekend. I found Eli sitting at his desk finishing something on his computer.

“Hi baby, how was your day?” I greeted him cheerfully as I made my way to his desk.

He looked up and smiled as I kissed him gently and innocently on the lips. The kiss showed that I’d missed him, and subtly let him know I needed more from him later. He smiled again as I drew back and went to sit on the sofa, giving him space to finish his work.

“Not bad at all, now that you are here. I’m just wrapping things up and then we can go.” He logged out of his computer and organized the papers on his desk, then came and sat beside me.

His gaze was so intense, and filled with naked hunger. He kissed me passionately. I lost myself in the kiss and drew him closer, holding him tightly. I felt my arousal rising with every shiver of response to his kiss and his touch. I pulled back a little, while I could still resist the storm of passion brewing within me.

“Hey, the door isn’t locked,” I said breathlessly.

He took his time responding, kissing a sensitive spot on my neck. “I’m waiting for someone to come and pick up some papers, then we can go,” he said, his voice husky with desire. He put his hand on my thigh, caressing it gently, his eyes full of mischief. “Relax, I won’t put you in a compromising position…”

My desire g0t the better of me as his hands continued grazing my thighs. I kissed him hungrily, letting go of my inhibitions. He pulled me closer, unbuttoning my dress and groping my breasts though my bra, his five o’clock shadow scratching my neck in a way that sensitized my whole body. I was on fire.

He pulled my breasts out of the bra cups and squeezed my nipples roughly, then drew one into his mouth, sucking greedily. I threw my head back and moaned my pleasure. He switched to the other breast, giving it the same treatment, biting the nipple harder. I bucked in his arms, opening my eyes.

That’s when I saw his co-worker David standing by the door, entranced by the scene that we presented. He turned around once he realized I had seen him. I shrank into Eli, trying to bring the two sides of my dress together to cover my breasts and tug the skirt down to cover my thighs.

“I’m so sorry. I knocked and there was no response, so I let myself in. I will come back later,” David said breathlessly, fumbling with the door handle.

“Hey man, just take a seat while I finish something with my girlfriend, it will only take a minute. Then I can sort out that file for you,” Eli replied, beckoning him into the office.

David looked flabbergasted, but he ventured further into the office, sitting on the sofa opposite us. He was fumbling with his suit jacket, trying to pull it to cover the tent his erection was making in his pants.

“Where were we?” Eli asked playfully. “Oh, I believe I was a few minutes away from making you come on my hand before we were interrupted.” I was nervous and aroused at the same time. Eli drew me close, resuming what we were doing earlier as if nobody else was in the room.

“I want you to relax and come for David. His life is a bit boring right now and he needs a little pick-me-up. Isn’t that right, David?”

“Aah, y-yes…” David stammered.

Eli kissed me passionately and I began to relax in his arms. He started to caress my breasts again. “Tell my girlfriend why you need a bit of fun.”

“M-My girlfriend cheated on me. I-I found her in bed with our… with our…” David’s voice trailed off, his thoughts scrambling as a result of the high pitched moan I emitted as Eli bit my nipple hard enough to make me shudder in ecstasy in his arms.

I closed my legs reflexively, trying to create some friction to help me cope with the onslaught of fire building inside me. Noticing this, Eli moved his hand between my thighs, urging them apart.

I moaned my frustration.

“Spread your legs for me, baby. Let David see your pussy.”

I opened my legs wider, seeing David’s expression grow lustful as he took in the sight of my sheer panties barely covering my pussy, which was wet from the foreplay. He shifted on the sofa, his cock so hard in his suit pants that it must have been painful. He put his hands on it to soothe it but didn’t rub himself.

Eli nibbled my earlobe and played with my breasts, giving David a view of my hard nipples. Then he moved his hand to my pussy and let it rest there. I tried to move my hips to chase his hand but he pulled it away gently, torturing me with anticipation. He draped one of my legs over his thigh, making my dress ride up higher, blatantly displaying the crotch of my panties, drenched with my juices.

At last he decided to give me what I craved, rubbing my pussy through my panties. I closed my eyes and moaned my pleasure, moving my hips to match his hands, needing more friction to come. He pulled my panties off, exposing my wet pussy to David’s gaze, speeded up his hand movement and inserted a finger; my pussy clamped down on it, his thumb working its magic on my clit.

“Can I touch myself, please? I don’t mean any disrespect but I am dying here.” David’s voice sounded strained. He had opened his zipper to reduce the pressure on his cock but out of respect hadn’t done anything else. His breath was shallow, a sheen of sweat coating his forehead. The guy was really aroused.

“Yeah, go ahead man,” Eli said. Focusing on me, he added hoarsely, “Look at him while he jacks off to your pleasure, baby,” biting my ear playfully.

Then he really fucked me with his fingers. I felt the tremors of my desire all the way to my toes, and my stomach tightened up. Meanwhile, David was fixing me with an intense gaze, his eyes glazed with lust, a need so raw it made me shiver. His cock was purple and veiny, and the way he rubbed it up and down, slowly at first and then faster as my moans grew louder and my desire rose like a volcanic eruption, hypnotized me. I was entranced, mesmerized by the beauty of his need.

Eli inserted a second finger in me and sped up his tempo some more. I felt my orgasm build. I was so close, teetering on the edge. David let out an animalistic moan, his whole body tense like a wolf about to leap onto its prey. His moan burst from his throat, and spurts of his come erupted out, landing on his pants and his hands. Eli bit my nipple, and then I came too, screaming my orgasm and feeling it everywhere. I buckled in his arms, the sensations too much. He kissed me gently as my breath gradually returned to normal.

When I looked at David, his pants were zipped up and he looked disheveled, his tie askew. He fidgeted on the sofa, still sporting a semi hard on.

“Your girlfriend looks beautiful when she comes. Really beautiful,” he said to Eli. Then, looking at me adoringly, “Thank you for that, miss.”

I smiled at him. Eli took a folder from his desk and handed it to David, telling him to work on it over the weekend and bring him a full report on Monday.

David looked crestfallen at Eli’s businesslike tone, not to mention the idea of working at the weekend. He flipped the folder open; then looked up at Eli and smirked; one of those devilish smirks that men share when they are bad. He gave Eli the thumbs up as he left the office.

“What was in that folder?” I asked Eli curiously as I straightened my clothes.

“Your panties.”

He gave me a wicked grin as we headed out on our date night. He is so thoughtful sometimes. I guess that’s why I love him.

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