My Nipples

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The Erogenous Zone

If only he would. Wait for it. I am getting desperate.

“Please take me,” my thoughts begged.

It was our first time. Our third date. Tony took me dinner at The Ritz and it was perfect. A gentleman in every sense of the word. Conversation was comfortable and laughter came easy for both of us. He had sheepishly asked when we made the date if it was okay to book a room.

I put on an innocent air, pretending to contemplate what it meant before “sheepishly” agreeing.

We were in bed with candles lit and soft jazz providing the music for our erotic dance. I didn’t tell him what I needed; what I had to have. I chose instead to see if I could guide him to my promised land.

What gets me off

Touch my nipples and make them hard. Suck them, nibble them. I realized when younger that touching them would make me wet. Very wet. I only wish I could lick and suck them myself.

I warmed a soft wash cloth with hot water and gently caressed them but it wasn’t the same as a mouth and tongue. Pinching them with my fingers was good but not the same having them nibbled.

Men were eager early but moved on too quickly before I was satisfied. Women were much better. I don’t consider myself bi or gay, I just need to have my nipples sucked to get off.

Before I lost my virginity, I invited my best friend Ginny over for a sleepover. We talked about boys a lot and since we were both virgins we wondered what our first times would be like.

I convinced her to experiment. We took off our tops. She was bigger than me with areolae much larger than mine. My nipples hardened in anticipation of what might come next.

I asked if was okay to touch her and she let me. I felt the weight of her breasts and leaned in to take her nipple in my mouth. She recoiled and covered herself with her hands.

“Please,” I said. “I need to know how it makes you feel.”

“I don’t know, it seems creepy to me.”

“Let me start and if anything makes you feel weird, tell me and I will stop. Besides if you should have your dream date with Joey you might want to let him know what you like.”

It was lame, but if I made her feel good, she might do the same for me.

I guided her hand to my breast as I took hers in mine again. I took her finger and guided it around my nipple and she saw it rise. I circled hers with my finger and she also hardened to my touch.

My breathing quickened but I held back. I didn’t want her to know how much she excited me. “Close your eyes and pretend I’m Joey,” I said, and she did. I leaned in again and lightly licked her. She took a quick breath, almost a gasp but I knew it was her excitement.

With her eyes closed, it gave me the chance to reach between my own legs to quickly pressure my clit.

My fingers came back damp.

Back to Tony

My mind came back to the present as the memories of Ginny made me ready for Tony.

If only he knew how to shatter my world.

We were kissing and his tongue was gentle when playing with mine. If only he’d do my nipples the same way.

I opened the top button of my blouse and let him do the rest. I shrugged it off, trying not to appear too anxious. To hell with appearance, I ripped off my bra without undoing the clasp in back, giving him absolute access.

I arched my back.

Like all men, he stopped kissing me to look. Men are stimulated that way and I don’t disappoint, even if I do say so. You see, I keep a good tan year round except my nipples have never seen the sun. The pure white of my tits contrasted to the surrounding tan has the effect of spotlighting my nipples.

He understood where to go as if reading my mind. Here was the key moment. Would he take his time, or move on? Most men pride themselves on how they lick pussy, figuring if they are at least adequate women would return the favor. Sad part is, they never stay long enough.

I didn’t even want him to go there. I hoped my moans and breaths would keep him on my chest.

He held each and kissed my left.

I moaned loudly. I was hoping he got the message. He moved to the right, kissed and lightly sucked. I moaned again, this time running my hand across the back of his head, holding him in place.

He nibbled. I was in heaven.

Don’t move, keep going. I am loving this, I thought to myself.

I arched my back higher and pressed his head gently into me hoping he would really get into my nipples.

We stopped, which was okay so we could both get ready for what was to come.

He stood while I sat on the edge of the bed. I undid his belt and pants and let them drop to the floor. He was ready. A bulge straining against his boxers, spotted with pre-cum.

Without getting up I wriggled out of my slacks, stopping so he could see my black lace bikini panties before allowing him to pull them off.

He pushed me back so I was laid out on the bed ready for him.

Except I wasn’t. This was not the way I wanted it. To get to where I wanted, I quickly sat up and grabbed his cock and licked the pre-cum. I teased him with my tongue swirling around the head while gently stroking his full length.

It was time to see if Tony was my man. I spun him around gently and without taking him from my mouth I sat him down on the bed with his head against the headrest.

I knelt in front of him and increased the intensity of sucking and pumping. His breaths starting coming in short bursts. He closed his hands around my cheeks and lifted me from his cock.

This was perfect. I got him close to orgasm, but he didn’t want to cum too soon. I climbed on his lap and kissed him deeply. I could feel his cock edging closer to my pussy.

I didn’t want him inside yet, no not yet.

I rose up a little higher to get my breasts to eye level. He responded by taking a nipple in his mouth. I moaned, loudly. I was ready.

I reached under and guided him into my dripping hole.

I hugged his head tightly against my chest. I let out a long guttural moan and began to ride. He was swirling his tongue around my rock hard buds and then nibbled. I sat flat on his lap taking all of him inside.

This was it. His intuition was perfect. He lapped, sucked, nibbled my left and rolled my right between thumb and forefinger. The waves of pending climax began rolling over me.

In order to make him feel what I was feeling, I rode him ever faster. I don’t think I had ever been so wet. I know I never felt this good.

I wrapped both arms around his head and held him tight while my orgasm crashed over me. At that very moment his hips shot up lifting me off the bed with him while he emptied into me.

I collapsed on top of him. Spent. The best nipple play. Ever.

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