Pineapple Support Props Up Adult Industry Performers

Organization marks one year of mental health support for adult industry with non-profit status Mental health care network Pineapple Support is marking their one-year...
Allison Leigh
57 sec read

My Nipples

The Erogenous Zone If only he would. Wait for it. I am getting desperate. “Please take me,” my thoughts begged. It was our...
JJ Loverling
4 min read

A Lesson I’ll Never Forget

I’m not built like other women, she told me nervously… Halima and I got acquainted in class just last month and joined...
6 min read

Crash Dieting Crashes Your Sex Drive

Extreme calorie reduction makes you lose more than unwanted pounds Are you resolved to lose weight this year? While living a healthy lifestyle...
Allison Leigh
1 min read

I Feel Like a Woman

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets… Almost an hour had passed and Lola was still in the shower. I had heard her climax twice...
Lola Down
2 min read

Porn’s Growing Pussy Power

SexArt producer Ariel Piper Fawn More women are directing and producing porn than ever before From late night “Skinemax” stars to direct-to-DVD dilettantes, adult cinema has...
Allison Leigh
2 min read

Her Porn Addiction

How deep, how dark, how degraded, just how far down the rabbit hole of porn do you go? Lola and I had a...
Lola Down
5 min read

The Insatiable Female

Please feel free to use this as often as it is required of you to express yourself This is my symbol representing the beauty of...
Anthony Cloe Huie
5 sec read

Want better sex? Stop calling it “foreplay.”

From magazines in the checkout line to scholarly articles and talk shows, the conversation about good sex is hard to avoid. Everyone...
Allison Leigh
1 min read