Mr. Hedgefund’s Rain Forest Shower

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Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You by George Benson is playing out of the speakers in the shower. Ah…I’m so serene. “One thing you can be sure of, I’ll never ask for more than your love.” God, I love that line.

I’m cracking myself up imagining you singing this at the Rat when you were in your twenties in a three piece pinstripe suit. Your baritone voice opening for a late 90s hardcore punk band. I can’t stop laughing. I feel giddy. I haven’t felt this alive and free in a very long time.

“Hold me now. Touch me now. I don’t want to live without you.” It’s you! “Nothing’s gonna change my-” I can’t help kissing you.Your prickly stubble switches my face. Our tongues dance to the melody as we sway together to the music. You bite the tip of my tongue as you spank me with your thick dick. You’re attempting to dominate me in the shower. I think I’ll make an exception to the rule and allow you to. We agreed that the den was the only place you ruled my rump.

You always know how to please me. You always know what I want. You love me and lust me equally. However, that’s changing, we’re becoming one with one another. It feels so good to have you standing by my side. Your love is my shield. I feel protected. Accepted. Wanted. Needed. “Shh…” you put your index finger to my record scratched lips, “let me serenade you.”

“The world may change my whole life through but nothing’s gonna change my love for you.” Chills run up my spine as goosebumps shake and bake my body. I feel all gooey inside like the caramel in a Milky Way bar. I can’t believe I’m living in your Back Bay mansion with you. I feel like I’m in a #nsfw fairy tale. My whole body blushes.

“You’re gorgeous Jen,” you say, “you don’t have a bad side.” You kiss that special spot on my shoulder. Ummm… I know it’s just a kiss but it feels so deep I feel it in my blood. It’s as if you inoculated me against hate with your love. You pick me up as if I’m as light as a pillow and squeeze my buns. This is more intoxicating than several rounds of Slow Comfortable Screws Against the Wall. You must have read my mind because you gently push me against the tiled wall with the tropical plants.

You’re holding me up using your hands as a tripod for my ass. Your actual tripod is so stiff and hard you could impale me and draw blood even though I’m really wet. You want to be in me as deeply as possible, but you know there’s time for that. When we hit a certain level, we just soar! We both know exactly what you’re doing. We’ve had many years of practice. I can’t believe we were both still single when we met.

I’ve been living with you for almost a month and we’ve found many indoor sports we love to play. Right now we’re sharing our favorite one. Well, one of many, and this could go either way. We’re okay if we’re vanilla sometimes.

I’ll admit once I really got to know you beyond your pretty packaging, I felt like a sexual vampire needing to feed off you as much as possible. I was ravenous! I insisted on licking my breasts clean after every pearl necklace. I still do. Of course this turns you on no end. You know in between rounds I will swallow all of you. We both love that. It’s a way of me surrounding your cock and balls that is so intimate. Oooh… and they smell so good.

We are so connected that there’s really nothing between the two of us that can’t be experienced. We love that about us. It’s the best!

You grab some glycerin free lube and and squirt it straight onto yourself. I’m in love and I’m hungry. My walls are so aroused you have to use half the bottle.

“Hold me now. Touch me now. I don’t want to live without you.” You slide yourself slowly inside me. You’re so big, and my walls are so distended, we’ve just discovered an exotic vanilla extract. I don’t think I understood what true love and unadulterated passion were before I met you. I knew you were out there; I just didn’t know who you were. That’s why I waited for you. I wasn’t going to settle for anyone but you.

“H, I wan-” You kiss me silly, revving me up more. Your dick is as hard as a brick, but now I’m ready for it. Your cock is growing exponentially as he makes his usual cameo in my cunt. You fill me up with all you’ve got. We’re just having unfathomable tantric sex. All those years practicing Kundalini yoga have really paid off.

“Nothing’s gonna change…” you whisper/sing in my ear seductively.

I sing back up, “la la la lalala…” I’m certainly no chanteuse, but I know I can speak the lyrics in such a way that you’ll always be standing at attention. “I’ll never ask for more than your love…” I use my voice actor voice. That turns you on to no end. You are now the biggest you’ve ever been. A couple weeks ago this would have surprised me. Now I know never to have any expectations when it comes to you.

Unlike the rest of the world you always defy my expectations. I’m so grateful for you. I knew you were big, I just didn’t know how big you’d actually be. Your length is impressive but it doesn’t compare to your girth. Your cock is so fat it needs its own seat on an airplane.

You confided in me that ninety-eight percent of your exes would be bowlegged and sore for days after having sex with you. It didn’t matter what you did. You wined and dined every ex, spoiled them with foreplay, and then made sure they were open and ready to receive your glory.

But none of them were a perfect fit like me. “Your pussy is my palace, Jenny,” you say as you slowly pound me. “With you I see forever oh so clearly,” you stare into my sapphire eyes as they sparkle brighter looking up to you. Your hazel irises are so moody that they keep changing on me. One moment they’re brown, then green, blue-grey; sometimes it looks as if you have all the cosmos in the Universe in your eyes.

“Our dreams are young and we both know they’ll take us where we want to go.” God you’re good. Everything about you is everything I want and more. I feel fortunate you chose me out of all the women in the world. You’re now embedded in my walls. I don’t think I could let you out even if I wanted to. I’ve never experienced this before; even with you.

“Jenny,” you run your fingers down my back. Instantly my atlas and axis relax. I feel like I’m the real me finally. You kiss me as if you’re running through an airport in a romantic comedy and can’t live without me.

“I don’t want to live without you.” Oh…your voice’s soul resonates with my moans.“Jen, I have a confession.”

I pull you back to the wall. I’ve spent hours by tiled walls in water, this is where I found my power. I can’t do a flip-turn off this wall, but I can definitely work it for all it’s worth. You made sure the architect constructed it with the most stable grippable materials.

You hoist my body up higher and continue, “I knew you were an erotica writer way before I met you.”

You’re even harder now. Fuck! Thank God I live here with you. You may need to carry me back into the bedroom wet because your cock can’t move. This has never happened before. Is “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” magical? Is that what the secret ingredient is? Or is it just that I finally let go and relaxed in a way I never have before?

As much as I want to stay under the downpour of water drenching us in the rainforest shower, I know I’m too spent and wrinkly to be able to function. How can I spend three hours in the pool, but can’t last an hour in the shower with you? You’re the greatest workout I’ve ever had. You push me more than any of my coaches have. Which is fine with me as long as I’m not being timed. I may love using my stopwatch for voice overs, but I hate splits. I always feel judged.

“Jenny baby,” your voice is gentle and attentive, “where are you sweetheart?” I didn’t realize I was in another dimension. You’re now used to this. It’s been good for us. You’re not as buttoned up as you used to be, and I’m more centered inside myself. “I was just thinking about how I have a love/hate relationship with stopwatches.” You smile and kiss my forehead.

“Sweetheart, you’ve clamped me inside you,” you rub your nose against mine. “It’s time for me to carry you back to bed. I don’t think either of us were expecting this.” We both laugh. You tell the shower to turn itself off. Yeah, you’re Mr. Gadget.

You exit the shower as carefully as you can. I grab several bath sheets. They’re thick and fluffy. You tell the temperature to turn up as we enter the bedroom. Carrying me to your king size bed, you somehow find a way for both of us to lie down. Normally we’d be spooning, but right now we’re doing our best with the biggest blooper.

Once you’ve arranged a cozy set up for us, we lie back on your goose down pillows facing each other. We’re both spent. This has never happened before. We barely have any energy to make out. But that’s okay. I needed this more than our regularly scheduled program, and so did you.

“Nothing’s gonna change my love for you. You ought to know by now how much I love you.” You hold me close, “Jen, I mean it. I love you.”

My eyes are closed, I’m so tired. Somehow though, I manage to mumble, “H, it was worth waiting for you.” You kiss me as I drift off into my dreams.

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