Good Neighbours

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“You go drinking with Beth every damn night,” Matt hissed. “I have needs too. You coming home and fumbling half drunk and flopping like a dying fish on top of me is not satisfying those needs.”

Cindy shrugged. “She’s lonely since Steve ran away with the gardener. What if we cheer her up? We always talked about a threesome.”

Matt’s eyes widened as he looked down his wife’s body, then his eyes glazed over as he considered their neighbour’s body. “I’m in. Do you call her up and say ‘hey are you interested in fucking my husband’ or what?”

“I’ll invite her over for a drink and we’ll seduce her.” Cindy kissed her husband as she grabbed her phone and called Beth.

An hour later, they were drinking on Matt and Cindy’s living room sofa. Beth had on sweats and a t-shirt that hid her body. Cindy wore a dress that seemed a size too small for her body, it showed every curve and made her nipples stand out. Her favorite hobby was showing off her body, so every guy and half the women who saw her stared in appreciation and awe.

“Beth, honey, we thought you need some cheering up. Matt and I want to give you a couple orgasms.”

“Thanks, I can’t figure out how he — what?”

Cindy sat beside her best friend on the sofa and set her drink aside. “No more moping. You need to get laid and we’re going to do it.” Cindy grabbed Beth’s head between her hands and kissed her friend. Beth kissed her back, wrapping her arms around Cindy’s neck.

Cindy divested her friend of the t-shirt, kissing down her neck and shoulders. The bra came off, and Cindy kissed her friend’s nipples, licking them until they hardened; then she took one into her mouth. Matt popped up beside her and suckled the other one, while taking his wife’s hand and guiding it inside Beth’s panties. They combed through damp curls, stroking the wetness along her slit, then rubbing slick fingers over her clit.

“Do you like that Beth? Two sets of fingers all for you? And two mouths?” Cindy smiled at her friend.

Beth arched her back as her hips rocked her body against them. “Yes, Steve convinced me that I was undesirable.”

“You are anything but, I’ve fantasized about you for years,” Matt said. “Thanks to Steve I finally get a taste.” He pulled his hands from inside her underwear and yanked her sweats down.

“To hell with Steve,” Beth mumbled.

“We should take her to bed.” Cindy licked her fingers, smiling at Matt.

Beth kicked off her panties and the three of them went to the bedroom, the married couple stripping their clothes, kissing and caressing, while Beth watched. Matt returned to their neighbour. “Sometimes when Cindy and I fuck, we fantasize that you’re with us. So you are our fantasy come true.”

“Her tits are better than I imagined. Those gorgeous pink nipples.” Cindy knelt on the bed by Beth and rubbed her breasts. “You gonna lick her pussy, honey?”

“Sure am, sugar pie.” Matt’s head disappeared between Beth’s legs and she moaned. Cindy had been on the receiving end of his tongue many times and she knew her friend was lucky. While he worked his magic, Cindy bent her head and licked and sucked Beth’s nipples. Beth’s moans pitched higher, her body twisting under the pressure of double mouths pleasuring her.

Cindy watched as her friend convulsed, screaming as she clawed at the sheets. Matt sat back and wiped his chin, while he grinned at his wife. “I think we should keep her as our personal fuck toy.”

“You haven’t fucked her yet,” Cindy pointed out as she pressed a hand against her pussy, the pressure of her fingers easing the throb.

“I’ll get my cock in her, soon as she makes you come. You up for that, honey? You ever put your face between a woman’s legs and make her come?” Matt stroked Beth’s inner thighs.

“College experimentation,” Beth said.

“Do what makes you feel good.” Matt helped Beth maneuver between his wife’s legs, and Cindy pulsed with anticipation. Beth was tentative at first, her tongue jerky on Cindy’s clit.

“Take your time, Beth. Lick me the way you like to be licked.” Cindy caressed her friend’s hair and cheek. The movements smoothed out, then intensified, and Cindy fell back with a moan. “Fuck, like that.”

Beth’s hands slid under Cindy’s ass, pulling her up, eating like it was her last meal, tongue fucking her like a goddamn pro. Cindy closed her eyes, focusing on the onslaught of arousal. Matt leaned over and kissed her, moaning with her. He took her hand and wrapped it around his cock. “I’m gonna fuck your friend with this. I’ll be the stud of our fucking street, the guy who fucks the two hottest women.”

“Maybe we can throw some sex parties. We can fuck the whole neighborhood.” Cindy’s pussy clenched at the thought.

“That sounds like fun.”

Cindy imagined her neighbours filling their house while they filled each other. Moans bouncing off the walls, the slap of skin on skin, the scent of cum and sex soaking into her carpet. She lifted her hips as her climax detonated inside, shock waves of satisfaction making her shake and go limp.

Matt rolled away from his wife, happy to be the engineer behind everyone’s pleasure. Now he’d get his, as he spoke to Beth. Cindy wished she could hear their words over the pounding of blood through her ears, but she was trapped.

Beth stretched on the bed beside her and Matt covered himself with a condom. He kissed his wife once more, then lined up against Beth and entered her cunt. Cindy was too worn out to do anything but watch them grind together.

Matt was the best lay she’d ever had, but she felt nothing but happiness watching him bang her friend. Beth’s hand scratched at his back, grabbing his ass. Deep throaty moans came from both of them, as the bed bounced from the force of their thrusts.

Soon Beth had her legs wrapped around him, begging him to make her come. And then her high pitched moans signalled she was coming. Lucky bitch, Cindy thought with a grin. Then Matt growled, his tell that he was coming too. He slammed into Beth, grunting as his legs shook.

He collapsed beside Beth, and Cindy kissed her friend. “Isn’t he the fucking best?”

Beth nodded. “If I’d known this was over here, I would have kicked Steve out long ago.”

Cindy traced her fingers over Beth’s clit, still engorged. “So about what Matt said. Do you want to be our fuck toy?”

Beth grinned. “Hell yes.”

Cindy smiled as she dipped her fingers into Beth’s pussy. “Matt needs some recovery time, but you and I can keep playing.”

Beth rolled over to Cindy, kissing her. “Double hell yes.”

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