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There is a red light in front of us, and I am trying to concentrate. Driving in London on the other side of the road already requires all my attention. The fellow drivers are being assertive, and to compound things my bunny has decided to show me how her sitting on my left leaves her right hand free to do what she wants with me. Today she wants to feel what is in that bulge in my pants. The hardness that she finds startles her for a moment. The car behind us honks.

My bunny is moving places today. I came to help her bring her stuff out of her old place, and know that after we finish getting all her stuff in her new place we will be checking the robustness of her new bed. Her eagerness to get me started while I am driving with all her stuff in the back of my car was something I was not expecting. The city is in Xmas mood, full of lights and with lots of people out in the street.

Boxes out, clothes in hangers that are hung directly, suitcases still packed from our last adventure. We are walking up and down the stairs. Bunny is choosing what to keep in storage and what to move to her room. After we get her stuff sorted out we decide to take a shower together.

There is something magical in feeling her wet body in my hands as she is under the shower. It is not the same as feeling her when we are swimming together. My hands glide more smoothly down her anatomy, and I can feel all her curves in my hands. I unfold a towel and place it on her back as she steps out of the shower.

In an instant we walk the few steps to the room. The bed is patiently waiting for us, and my instant erection is ready for my girl. She lies in bed as I present my rod to her as if it was her lollipop. I know she has been waiting for this by the way she accepts it in her mouth and starts stroking it. I know she has the power to make it even bigger, I just don’t understand how she does it.

As soon as she has me as hard as she wants me she gets on all fours on the bed and motions me to start our doggy dance. I slide inside of her and push all the way in. The bed is holding well, not a squeak or groan is to be heard. The only sounds are the expletives that my bunny is using on me:

“Fuck Teddy, you fuck me so good”

My girl is so horny that it only takes few strokes to drive her over the edge. After a few seconds I feel her body spasming on my dick. I decide it is time to take our pounding to the next level. I pull out of her and have her lie down on her belly. As she is doing that she focuses on the mirror on the wall and our reflection in it.

I am busy kissing all of her beautiful back, going all the way to her butt and then opening her so that my tongue has access to her well of pleasure. It is a fantastic view, and her pussy tastes so good as I plunge my tongue inside of her.

I get myself on top of her and penetrate her just like that. I know she likes to feel my weight on her, but still I use my arms next to her armpits to distribute the weight. She lifts up her face to look at our reflection in the mirror. God, it is a heavenly imprint. Her face looking up and mine by her side with my pounding on her.

I can feel how she pushes her ass up every time I stick it deeper. She is presenting just the right angle for her to reach the stars again. And that angle is also the one I need to build the momentum I need to pour all my juices inside of her.

I have to pause as she starts shaking again because of her next orgasm. As I get stroking again she looks at me and asks, “Give it all to me baby, I want it all.” With these words my defenses are fully disarmed. I can feel my dick twisting inside of her as I am reaching the highest point.

Suddenly the moment of discharge arrives. I push deep into her and shoot my precious load inside of her. A second squeeze follows, and then a third and a fourth. Somewhere in between them I feel her shaking again. My girl just came together with me.

And through all of this the bed did not squeak one single time…

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