Model, Muse, Lover

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He was breaking all the rules and he knew it. He made soft, light strokes on his sketch pad, creating full, round lines as he drew the bottom portion of the model’s perfectly shaped breasts. Blood rushed to both his cheeks and his erection simultaneously. He was an artist, damn it, what the fuck was wrong with him?

The model sat perfectly still on the low wooden stool. Her right leg bent, left sticking out straight in a long line. Her back was arched slightly, shining her beautiful breasts toward the ceiling. Her hands held onto the seat of the stool, lengthening her torso. Danny re-positioned himself in his seat, hoping to get a clearer look at the woman’s crotch. Her bent knee was blocking his view but he could just make out a dark curly bush, which he sketched onto his picture with short, quick lines. He rubbed his thumb over the tuft of hair in the drawing and traced the lines of her nipples with his fingertips. He imagined touching her flesh and his full erection throbbed. He was hoping no one had noticed.

How could she not look in his direction? He felt his eyes burning into the side of her jawline. Her own gaze never wavered from the ceiling.

Danny was just finishing the shadows of the model’s toes on the floor when the teacher announced the end of class. The model’s body relaxed as she slipped on her pink silk robe. The teacher approached her, shaking her hand as they chatted softly. Danny moved slowly as he placed his pencils back into their brown leather case. His sketch pad was still open on his chair.

“You really know how to make a girl feel good.”

Danny turned from his bag to see the model admiring his work. His cheeks instantly flushed and he wondered if she could see his erection through his snug jeans. He ran his hand through his messy brown hair nervously.

“You like it?”

She looked up from the picture, a playful grin tugging at her full, pink lips. Danny wondered if her pussy lips were just as full and pink. The head of his dick pushed harder against his fly.

“I do. Very much.” Her voice was soft but aroused.

“Good night, Angela. Thank you again!” The teacher hurried out the door, leaving only Danny and his model in the studio.

“It looks like you may have missed something in your drawing.” Angela’s fingers stroked the thin lines of her ass in Danny’s sketch.

“Hmm?” He was confused.

“Well, you see,” Angela slowly lifted the side of her silk robe, exposing her ass. She pointed to a tiny birthmark on her right cheek. “I have this tiny birthmark right here, but I don’t see it in your picture.”

Danny grinned. “I must have missed that. I couldn’t see very well from where I was seated.”

Angela’s eyes came alive with excitement and desire.

“I see,” she moved closer to him. “Perhaps you need a second look.”

Angela untied the belt around her robe and let it fall to the floor. Danny could smell the perfume on her skin and feel the warmth of her body. She was standing so close to him that he could feel the tips of her nipples brush against his chest. Her hand found the bulge in his pants. She ran her slender fingers up and down his shaft, which was barely contained inside his jeans. The head was peaking out the top. She slowly began to undo the button as she rubbed her tits firmly against his chest.

“You’ve seen me naked,” she said as she unzipped his jeans, exposing his cock to the warm studio air. “It’s only fair that I get to see you.”

Danny didn’t speak but instead allowed Angela to undress him. She lifted his shirt up over his head, running her hands softly across his pecs and now alert nipples. As she pulled his pants down, she lowered herself to her knees. Her face was mere inches from Danny’s dick. She blew softly on the head and shaft, making it twitch. She giggled. Man, she was enjoying this, and Danny was too. As she ran her tongue up and down Danny’s erection, her small hand cupped his balls, tugging and squeezing them. She looked up at him and he watched her slowly work his cock into her mouth.

It felt instantly wet and warm. Danny threw his head back, staring at the same ceiling Angela was so focused on earlier. He leaned into the wall as Angela took his member deep into her mouth. Her full lips sucked the head as her tongue flicked the tip of his shaft. Danny thought he might cum but just then, Angela rose to her feet. She took his hand and led him to the stool on the small stage. She turned around, resting her hands on the seat and bent over, looking back at Danny with a mischievous gaze. He could see her full pussy lips peaking out between the crack of her ass. They were as beautiful as the lips she had wrapped around his cock.

Danny bent down behind her, placing his hands on her ass cheeks and spreading them wide, giving his tongue better access to her cunt. He licked her flesh. She was wet. Her juices were tangy on his tongue. He licked her slowly at first, until she began pushing harder against his face. He fucked her dripping hole with his tongue, rocking her body back and forth on the stool. She let out tiny cries with each penetration. Her pussy juice spread across Danny’s face. He used her ass cheeks like two soft handles as he ran her cunt up and down his tongue.

Angela directed Danny to fuck her. He rose to his feet, his cock still hard from Angela’s blowjob. He lifted himself slightly onto his toes, pushing the tip of his erection slowly into Angela’s waiting vagina. Her thick lips spread, swallowing his head hungrily. Angela was on her tiptoes now, willing Danny to enter her further.

With one strong stroke, Danny buried his cock into Angela’s dripping cunt. They both cried out as Danny’s balls slapped against her ass. Angela held the stool tightly, pushing her body back into Danny’s as he fucked her from behind. The sounds of Angela’s juices sliding up and down his shaft echoed throughout the empty study. Danny’s balls slapped loudly against her skin as he fucked her fast and hard.

Just when Danny thought he might cum, he slowed down his movements, sliding his dick in and out of Angela with long, slow strokes. She reached one hand down into her bush and began feverishly working her clit. Danny picked up momentum again. Angela was close. Her one hand worked her clit while the other grasped the wooden stool. Danny could see her knuckles turn white as she braced for climax. She let out a loud, long cry as the inner walls of her pussy throbbed and squeezed Danny’s cock. He couldn’t help but cum with her, pounding her ass onto his tool as his hot load filled her gorgeous cunt.

As their bodies relaxed, Danny slid his erection out of her, the mix of their juices trickling down Angela’s ass crack. She stood up and turned toward Danny. She briefly kissed his lips. It was the first time their lips had made contact. She fetched her robe from the floor, tying it snugly around her waist. Danny stood there, still naked and exposed, as Angela ripped her own portrait from his sketch pad. She folded it and placed it in her pocket as she blew him a kiss and walked out of the studio.

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