Introducing Nina

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I met Nina at a time when I had absolutely nothing… nothing but stress and heartache. I had no car, a mountain of bills, and my unruly three-year-old was unwell. I’d also just found out that the company I worked for was being shut down. Our CEO was being indicted for embezzlement and fraud, which left me immediately unemployed.

I hadn’t had time to apply for another job, especially with the salary I was used to. Because of the scandal, they froze all my assets. My options grew thin. I had 40 bucks left to my name, which I used as bus fare to get to Myrtle Beach to fulfil my contract as a dancer.

Fucked up thing was, that club was 20 miles away from said bus station. There was no way I was risking hitchhiking in a place like Myrtle Beach. So, I walked. It was the hottest day of the summer. To add to the torture, I had on a black polo that soaked up every bit of that sunlight on the highway. It took me six hours to get there on foot. I was drenched in sweat, my legs were burning, and my feet were sore by the time I got there. I had not danced in years, so it actually helped to walk before stepping back into those high heels. It prepared me for the pain.

Nina was the first face I saw as soon as I checked in at the front office. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw her hang upside down and undo her sexy vampire costume. She was dancing to the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, adding a rich backdrop to her exquisite performance.

Immense strength and motivation came over me. I danced gracefully for my first set. It’s as if I didn’t just walk for hours in a black shirt through the brutal summer heat during rush hour traffic. I amazed myself with what I remembered.

Nina’s set came up again just as I found a new customer sitting alone by the stage. I sat on his lap and chatted him up as we both watched her performance in awe. She smiled and met my gaze as she continued her incredible routine. When she finished, she came down the steps, straight to me, and kissed me softly on the lips. Then, she grinned slyly and walked away.

For a moment, I forgot where I was. That kiss completely took me by surprise. Even the patron was stunned. I snapped out of my trance, then took him to the back and gave him the best lap dance any man could ever hope for. When my set came around again, I wowed the crowd with my own mesmerizing moves.

I was topless and glistening in sweat with fives and twenties crumpled all around my G-string when I finally made it back to the dressing room. I saw Nina there changing into another outfit and admired her beautiful brown skin. She smiled at me again and introduced herself. I shook her hand as I covered my breasts with my damp stringy top.

“So how was your time with Reverend Daddy over there?” she grinned. She was joking about my patron for having a pinstripe suit on at a grungy titty bar. I laughed and told her it went okay. Although, truthfully, Reverend Daddy was illicitly molested, thanks to her.

Nina was really cool. I built rapport with her right away. It made the night go smoothly and it felt not so much like the dangerous last resort that I had expected, and even planned for. Throughout the night, as we both raked in more money, we shared a few drinks and chatted even more. By last call, we were practically besties, giggling over everything we saw and did. Strippers in general can get really silly after a few rounds. It was tenfold with us. I have never laughed so much in my entire life.

As the night drew to a close, Nina sat down with me and asked me lots of questions. Where I was from, what made me come here, and so on. It turned out that she and I had grown up in the same city and never crossed paths until now. In fact, our old neighborhoods were within walking distance of each other. That drew us even closer.

Then, the inevitable question came. “Where are you staying tonight?” she asked. I told her I planned on finding a hotel nearby.

“Oh no you’re not! You are coming home with me,” she insisted.

I was grateful, and of course I went with her. I felt as if she was the reason why I’d come there, like we were meant to meet. Although I didn’t realize then just how much of an impact we were going to have on each other.

On the way to her place, I learned that she was a jeweler. She customized necklaces that were unique and stylish. I had a degree in business that included I.T. and web design training. We were a financial match made in heaven.

I was glad I had something to offer, as I am not the type of person to take someone’s hospitality without repayment. I made her a deal. I was going to teach her how to create and manage her own website, while she let me stay at her place whenever I was in town, so I had a safe place to rest after work.

When we got to her house, I felt instantly comfortable. Her home was magnificent! Every corner had a unique artistic touch. She would do well as an interior designer or a craftsman. She was an artist down to the bone.

Her hospitality towards me was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, especially from a complete stranger. She insisted that I slept in her bed. I would have been fine on the sofa, but she was adamant. Her bed was so gorgeous and regal, with plush comforters and fancy pillows, fit for a queen. I disrobed, and humbly lay down.

I was so overwhelmed. I have never been treated like this before. I started tearing up a little, just so thankful for everything that happened. I had come here dead broke, trying to find a way to feed my child and pay my past due bills when I got home, and here was this beautiful Angel, who gave me her bed, not knowing or caring who I was or where I came from.

My emotions overflowed, so much that even sparks of lust kindled within me. I thought of Nina. I thought about why we had met. Why was I here? Were we going to be more than friends? If so, I was sure it would be amazing! The thoughts flowed through my mind. The kiss. Her soft lips. That stunning figure, her perfect shapely ass.

I got so lost in my fantasies that I began touching myself. I was so wet, I could hear my pussy squelching around my fingers at first entrance. I thought of how her lips would feel kissing me there. I wondered how she would taste, her reactions, what she liked. It took mere seconds, until I was frigging myself senseless. I moaned loudly, cursing incoherently as I came all over her bed.

The post-climactic haze was exquisite. I drifted off to sleep in no time. I didn’t realize how tired my body was from dancing all night, on top of my death walk prior to working.

It was night time again when I awoke. I made sure to clean up and take a shower before presenting myself to her. I did my hair and makeup as well, preparing early for my upcoming shift.

Nina had a guy friend over who was hanging out with her on the couch. I walked towards them and introduced myself. I saw her eyes linger on my physique as I came closer, mumbling under her breath how sexy I looked. I smiled, pretending not to hear it.

I sat next to her and they both stared at me.

“What’s up?” I asked nervously.

They confessed they had heard me masturbating in her bed last night. I covered my face, embarrassed. Nina took my hands and assured me it was okay. She said she liked that I was comfortable.

After her friend left, she got ready for work. I watched TV while I waited for her to finish.

Then, she called me to her room. When I came in, she was halfway in a skin-tight dress. “Babe, can you zip me up?” she asked nonchalantly.

I pressed my lips lustfully and stared at her gorgeous curves. I didn’t want to zip her dress up… I wanted to zip it down. But I did as she asked, despite the aching. I didn’t know yet what I was and wasn’t allowed to do, and I didn’t want to be disrespectful. Every inch that zipper lifted damn near broke my heart. The passion I felt for her was intense! I was creaming in my panties as she turned around slowly, thanking me for my help. Now, I needed help. I needed to regain my composure.

I saw a large Budda poster on her bedroom wall and knelt. I prayed and meditated a while, hoping this raging fire within me would calm. She joined me on the floor. She meditated with me, then we did some stretches, preparing our legs and thighs to be strained to the max.

I also stretched my abs on my hands and knees. She assisted my posture, sneaking a feel of my thighs and stomach. I smiled at her mischief. She was playing with me, also testing the waters. It was alluring yet somewhat annoying.

I wanted so badly to kiss her again, but I had a mission to fulfil. This time, I was well rested, ready to take on the night. I concentrated on making money and nothing else. I made out very well in the end.

Nina wanted to go next door and hang out with some of our fellow dancers after work. I was delighted to join them. We had a blast playing pool. It was fun with the added sassy shit-talking. Just friendly competition between us girls.

While we played, Nina and I flirted heavily. She deliberately took shots that made her bend over in front of me, as I made sure to sneak light touches to her hips and spank her when she got too close. Fun stuff.

I have known this girl for less than two days, and it already felt like we’d been friends for years. She even got a little jealous when other people tried to hit on me.

As the days passed, I picked up the habit of opening doors for her and holding her purse like some dutiful boyfriend. We even got mistaken for a couple when we were out at restaurants. So, I constantly got confused. Was this a friendship or a budding relationship?

The confusion only got worse as we spent more time together. It took us months to finish the website. We also danced in addition to the daily sitework, so we constantly saw each other naked. After some time, I got to know her intellectually and was even more impressed and enamored. She was such a fast learner. Before long, she got into a groove of her own, adding textures and lines to the webpages, while I typed up the ads and descriptions for each collection.

The site was finally finished. We were so excited! It was a glorious accomplishment. We celebrated with estrogen-fueled silliness and dessert wine. Then, she gifted me a necklace of my own. It was an intricately shaped steampunk key with the word “life” engraved on the handle. I took it as an emblem of our friendship and a sign of virtue.

I knew then, that Nina and I were meant to be friends. Our friendship would have been ruined if we took things further. She is the only woman to have this bond with me. It sets her apart in many ways. Truthfully, I respected her too much to cross that line. Because of that, we never knew what might have been.

Years later, we are still the best of friends, even though I don’t see her as often. I am currently engaged to a beautiful young doctor. We have a wonderful relationship, and a steamy sex life… everything I could ever hope for.

Strangely, Nina was the last to know I was even dating anyone. I was so nervous to tell her. Deep in my heart, I was afraid to talk to her. Because sometimes we weren’t just friends — we acted like husband and wife. We argued like a couple, and behaved like a couple. If I ever introduced them, it would be awkward for me. But why? Why would it be if Nina and I were just friends? What was really going on here?

I had to make a decision, and fast! I made plans to introduce my best friend to my new fiancee. I owed it to them both to be honest about everything. I owed it to myself to know the truth, and most importantly, to face it. The truth was, if I had feelings for anyone else, there was no point in being engaged. But maybe there was a way to save us all from getting hurt.

As soon as Nina made it to the house, I picked her up and spun her around. Then we started doing our traditional silly dance moves in the hallway. I was so happy to see her face.

Lumiere stepped forward demurely and introduced herself. She laughed at how goofy we were acting and gave Nina a warm welcoming embrace.

I brought her bags inside, then went to the bar and made us some cocktails. The two of them were lost in conversation. They both warmed up to each other, as they found out they had quite a few things in common. These two were sailing in tangents about conspiracy theories and philosophy. I wasn’t much for the conversation, but endured. I made myself scarce, just observing from afar. I was nervous and I didn’t know why. Whenever I felt edgy, I kept to myself.

Nina came to me in the kitchen. She said she was really happy for me, and that she was going to interrogate the shit out of my fiancee to make sure she wasn’t crazy. I laughed. I knew she meant well. But then, there was a silence between us that shifted the vibe. I could tell Nina was sad. Not mad, or upset… just a little blue. I asked her what was wrong.

“She is a great girl,” she said with a half smile. “You deserve a great girl.”

She turned around a moment and hung her head. Then turned around again to face me. She looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“So, have you… gotten her to do anal yet?” she laughed.

I backsmacked her hip and we both started laughing hysterically. She really had me going there.

I walked back with her to join Lumiere and whispered, “Yes, I have.”

She giggled and whispered back, “I like her already.”

Lumiere looked at us funny and asked what we were laughing about. Before I could answer, Nina blurted, “Anal. We were talking about anal. And laughing… because it’s gross. Who does that?”

She was really laying the sarcasm on thick. I couldn’t keep a straight face. It was always like this with Nina. She could make my cheeks hurt instantly, on any occasion.

“I don’t think it’s gross,” I smiled. “I think you’re gross.”

Nina threw a pretzel at me and I caught it in my mouth like a circus seal.

“Fuckin fat kid!” she taunted.

We laughed hysterically again and started hitting each other with throw pillows.

Lumiere raised her brow sternly at us. “You both are acting like children. Settle down. Do not make me get my belt!” she grinned.

I stopped, just having lukewarm thoughts about it. And Nina picked up another pillow and hit me in the face, then kicked my ankle like a toddler.

“Fine. I am going,” Lumiere warned.

She stepped out of the room and ran upstairs. I grew nervous, thinking we’d upset her. So, I went up to go check on her.

She had a large belt in her hand and a wicked smile on her face. She curled her finger at me to come closer.

“You are being a very naughty girl,” she smiled.

She grabbed my neck and gripped a large fistful of my hair. Then she kissed me. There was something different about her touch. It felt angry and excited at the same time. Her heart raced through her chest as we pressed together. She spanked my bottom firmly and whirled her tongue in my mouth.

I heard the door creak behind me. Nina was there, watching us. Lumiere walked over to her and pulled her inside. She pinned her up against the wall and held the folded belt to her neck.

“You are being a very bad girl, too.” she smiled. She licked Nina’s lips and kissed her wildly.

I stepped closer, pressing my breasts to Lumiere’s back and licking her neck. She reached behind to touch me, caressing my waist, while she continued to kiss Nina.

Lumiere stopped and walked us both to the bed. She bent us over the covers and snapped the belt loudly behind us. Nina and I were excited and surprised by this sudden action. Lumiere slid my pants down to my knees and raised the hem of Nina’s skirt. I had no panties on and Nina was in a lacy black thong. Lumiere grazed our bottoms with the leather and whipped us lightly. The anticipation was much worse than the strike. My heart pounded heavily. I could feel sweat beading down my face. She spanked us again, harder and faster until we moaned and cried out. My flesh heated, the sting shooting pleasure to my pussy. Nina was winding her hips, stimulating herself by grinding on the bed. I was so aroused, feeling her next to me.

“Get up, both of you,” Lumiere commanded. “I want to see you kiss.”

I looked back at her questioningly. Nina and I glanced at each other, then she turned over. She pulled me up and looked deep into my eyes. Flashbacks of our many “almost” moments streamed through my mind. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. Nina’s soft luscious lips clamped on mine, our tongues dancing in between. I made low whimpering sounds as fire raced through my veins. Nina held me tight as I quivered in her arms.

Suddenly, Lumiere dropped the belt and knelt beside us. She watched us kiss for a good long while.

“She is the one, isn’t she?” she said softly. I saw a tear slide down her face. “You kiss like true lovers.”

I stopped and pushed Nina away.

“What? Baby, what’s wrong?” I tried to take Lumiere in my arms, but she refused to be touched.

“What’s wrong is you would wait until we are engaged to express this. What’s wrong is that you are too much of a coward to even admit it to yourself… you are in love with her. I can tell you always have been.”

She took her ring off and threw it in my face. Then, she stormed out of the room.

I tried to go after her, but Nina stopped me. “Is this true?” she asked, gripping my shoulders harshly.

I stammered between yes and no until she shook me to my senses.

“Answer me!” she yelled.

I pushed her off again. Then, pinned her to the bed. We stared at each other angrily. My breathing calmed.

“Yes. It’s true,” I declared. “I’ve loved you since the first moment I saw you. But I can’t be with you!”

“Why not?” she asked, her chest heaving rapidly.

“Because we’re friends. We are just friends. Nothing more,” I cried. My entire body was shaking.

Nina rolled me over onto my back. “You are a fucking coward,” she whispered, “All this time, too.”

She reached between my thighs and pressed my pussy lightly. My wetness instantly leaked on her fingers.

“Liar,” she whispered. “Friends don’t get wet like this around friends.”

She inched her fingers inside me and curved firmly up to my G-spot, making me gasp. Then, she grazed her lips down my stomach and licked my clit softly.

“God…” I moaned, biting my wrist to keep from trembling.

Nina swirled her tongue and sucked my flesh sensually. She licked and lapped softly, while fingering me hard and fast. My hips couldn’t stay still. I thrust up and down on her mouth until I came powerfully.

“That was pathetic,” Nina grinned. “Was that eight seconds?”

I started laughing again. She was such an asshole! But I knew such a comment was meant to be endearing.

I pushed our bodies up and held her close, straddling my lap. She leaned in and kissed me softly. I was so lost in her, weak and shivering. Helpless.

“I am in so much trouble,” I whispered. She bit my bottom lip to shut me up.

“This is trouble you started, darling,” she whispered back.

“What do I do?” I asked, holding her tightly.

She ground her hips on me and held my face. “Do whatever you want, baby. Whatever you decide, I will still be your friend.”

She pressed her pussy firmly on mine and whispered in my ear. “Between you and me, I think you know exactly what you’re doing.”

Our pussies danced on each other, grinding and pressing, building such exquisite friction. I was fucking gone! Her perfect pressure and precise rhythm flew me to outerspace. I came so hard, my pussy squirted like a piece of fruit.

Nina nibbled my ear and purred. Our bodies pressed beautifully together. We were a perfect fit. I was amazed how in tune she was with my body. I had no control over myself around her. My body reacted to her touch without my mind’s permission. I was spellbound. Trapped.

Just then, I thought of my angry fiancee. How she acted with me was how I acted with Nina. I didn’t like the idea one bit.

“Nina, we have to stop,” I whispered.

Nina pressed her pussy harder on mine and gripped my waist.

“You don’t really want to stop… not yet. I know you. You can go on and on. Show me!”

As she spoke, I started getting irritated. This was why we had never progressed past friendship. Nina was so controlling! We would be arguing again very shortly.

I pushed her back and grabbed my clothes. I scurried around the room and picked up my girl’s ring. Then, I ran. I looked out the window and her car was gone. I called her phone, but it was left in the house.

“Fuuuuck!!!” I screamed. I cursed incoherently until my throat hurt.

I didn’t know where to start looking.

Nina came to me and put her hand on my shoulder. “You don’t know where she would go if she was pissed at you?”

“No…” I sighed. “We’ve rarely argued, let alone this.”

Nina shook her head. “Where would I go if you and I ever fought?”

“Nowhere. You’re too stubborn to storm off. You would probably pretend I was a ghost for a few days, just to piss me off… then go to sleep,” I answered quickly — a little too quickly.

Nina laughed, “Yup. Exactly. Now, if you were really planning on marrying this girl, don’t you think you should get to know her better?”

She slapped my ass, laughing even harder. I pushed her away again. “You ass, this isn’t funny!”

Nina sat me down. She held me as I was tearing up. I knew she was right. I couldn’t believe I’d done this to Lumiere. And to myself! I really am a coward… a delusional one.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me?” Nina asked softly.

“I have,” I replied. “I asked you, then we had a fight and didn’t speak for over a year.”

“Oh… oh yeah,” she recollected.

“I feel so lost,” I said shamefully.

Nina took my face in her hands.

“Sweetie, you don’t love either of us… not the way you think you do,” she said softly.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She took my ring off my finger and compared the two sets side by side.

“This isn’t even your style,” she sighed.

Just then, I didn’t know if she was talking about the rings or marriage in general.

“I’m so sorry, Nina,” I said softly. “I was scared that I would lose my best friend if we ever became lovers.”

“Isn’t that the point of marriage, to marry your best friend?” she said with a half smile. “You could never marry that girl. She’s not good for you, but I’m sure you think you’re not good enough for her. You deserve someone amazing… someone who gets you.”

“I deserve you,” I softly interjected.

“No, baby,” she whispered. “You deserve to be free.”

I leaned in close. She met me halfway. Our mouths softly pressed. We were like virgins, exploring the wonders of each other’s lips for the first time. It felt so natural, so pure. We kissed… like true lovers.

I stopped for a moment and looked at Nina closely, taking my time, studying her features. All our memories replayed in my head in seconds. All our weirdness, all our tears, the simplicity of everything I’ve complicated. I just smiled. I have never been more confused in my entire life, but somehow, I felt good about it. I knew Nina and I were going to be just as we are. Even my best friend isn’t going to be around forever, because my adventure isn’t over. In fact, this is just the beginning.

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