Midnight Tastings

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Part Two: a foursome, and then more…

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Shana is now ready to drink from my fountain. She squeezes my shoulder to let me know she is ready for our official playtime to start. I climb off of Greg, and he rises from the bed. He and Shana are about to tend to me. I turn around so that my head is hanging off the side of the bed, and my torso is on the bed. Shana begins to eat my wet pussy. She moans with pleasure as she gently nibbles on my clit and licks my pussy back and forth.

Meanwhile, Greg stands over my face in need of some place to put his hard cock. I open my mouth wide and accept his cock into it. Greg is tall so he has to lean over the bed as he fucks my mouth. He knows just the right amount of force to put into his hips, which prevents me from gagging as I give him a blow job. He takes one of his hands to pinch my nipples as I use both my free hands to couple his balls and run my hand up and down his shaft while I suck on his good cock.

After watching how we have taken over the bed without him, Jack finally finds his way behind Shana’s ass and slides his rock hard cock inside her hot, wet pussy. He enjoys his view of his wife getting face fucked and eaten out as he fucks his beautiful play partner. In that moment, life is good for him, and me too. I am being served on a platter and enjoying every minute of it.

I feel myself climaxing again, and let out another moan. My mouth loaded with cock causes me to gurgle a bit. Shana gives me a quick smile as she continues to lick my pussy while my body convulses in ripples of pleasure. She raises her head and looks behind her so she can focus fully on the doggy style she and Jack are locked into. I continue sucking Greg’s cock until I feel him begin to thrust faster. He is about to explode.

I raise my legs up so that Greg can now fall into my pussy. I am pumping the air, and I need something down there to fill the void. Now that Shana is gone, Greg lies across my body as I continue to suck his cock. He begins licking my clit gently. As he gets closer to cumming, he begins licking harder, which turns me on even more. I begin sucking harder and harder.

Harder and harder. Harder and harder, until he finally lets out the loudest moan of the evening. I cum again as well, but I can’t moan with the cock in my mouth, along with the steady flow of love juices trickling down my throat.

The sight of both of us cumming turns Jack on and causes him to cum inside of Shana’s pussy. Jack thrusts and thrusts again and again, pounding Shana’s pussy out until he finally cums. Shana’s beautiful brown tits flop back and forth as as Jack pounds her pussy from behind like a jack hammer. He screams to us that he is cumming, in true Jack fashion, and squirts his seed inside of her. Shana moans as Jack continues to pound her pussy.

Jack removes his cock from Shana’s pussy, leaving his seed behind. Greg gets up off of me, and I make my way over to Shana in order to serve her, and drink my husband’s seed from her pussy. I lay Shana across the bed, and I begin eating her pussy. I reach my hand across her torso so I can pinch and twirl her nipples as I eat her out. It is her time to have all of the focus on her.

As Greg and Jack get their second wind, their cocks begin to get hard again. They move either side of Shana’s head, so she can suck on their cocks. Shana thoroughly enjoys when all of us work on her body together. I eat her pussy and slurp up the mixture of hers and Jack’s love juices. What a tasty, delightful concoction.

I continue eating her beautiful, pink pussy as she gives head jobs to both Greg and Jack at the same time until she reaches her plateau. She cums in my mouth, as her body moves rhythmically like a snake flailing back and forth in pleasure. I kiss her mound and climb on top of her, licking her tits, making my way to her lovely face. I gave her a long, passionate kiss, then help her out with her cock sucking duty. I suck Jack until he cums again, and Shana sucks Greg off.

We all collapse onto each other on the bed, rubbing, kissing, caressing, and enjoying the spectacular playtime that has just unfolded. It is well after midnight, and the night is still young according to our previous play patterns. Shana lies around with us for a little while cuddling with Greg, and I lie cuddling with Jack. We all start to doze off, but Shana needs to leave to get back to her life. Greg has fallen asleep, and Jack is on his way. Fucking his cutie pie Shana has zapped all of his powers.

I walk with Shana to gather her belongings, and escort her to the front door where I give her the most passionate kiss of all of my lovers. I squeeze her thick ass, gently caress her breasts, and tell her to send me a text when she arrives home. I can’t wait to see her again.

By the time I return to the bedroom, Jack is sleeping on one side of the bed, and Greg is asleep on the other side. There is just enough room for a girl to snuggle in between the two naked men, making me the filling in a sandwich. They feel so good on each side of me. After a while I get underneath the covers, but as I do so, I awaken Greg.

He places his arm around my waist. I don’t know why he does that. He’s going to have to fuck me now! He begins kissing and snuggling up to my back. His hands feel so warm, so good on my body. I wiggle my ass close to his cock so he knows he has the green light to put it inside of my pussy yet again. His cock becomes engorged, ready to fuck me again.

Gosh I love fucking him!

I turn over quietly, so as not to awaken Jack. I am going to love fucking Greg while Jack is asleep. Even though it’s totally okay that Greg and I fuck, there is something a little sneaky, downright sinister about the whole thing, and I like it. I begin kissing Greg passionately. We both still have love juices on us from our earlier romps. It smells delightful. Greg latches on to my breast like a baby. My pussy begins to get wetter. I am a little tired, but my pussy is betraying me. It has a mind of its own and it is telling me to get Greg to fuck me.

I pull Greg off of my tits, and shove my tongue back into his mouth. I take my hand and begin stroking his huge cock. I move over to his ear to make sure he stays quiet as we make love.

He nods, getting the message to keep his excitement noises inward. I continue to stroke his cock, making sure it is hard enough to slide into my hot pussy. I kiss him a few moments more, then I turn my back to him in the spooning position so that he can slide his cock into me from behind. He puts his hand over my mouth as he inserts his hard cock gently, knowing that I will gasp at the point of contact.

He hugs my body and I grab his arm as we fuck in the bed right next to my husband as he sleeps. It is so sexy, so romantic, so sneaky. I really love these special times with Greg. He takes such good care of me, and treats me like a lady.

Greg uses his free arm to rub my breasts and caress other parts of my body as he fucks me gently. We screw in that position for over an hour before I grab his hand to place it in my crotch.

He knows what to do next.

Greg takes one of his long fingers and begins rubbing my clit as he fucks me. We kick the covers off of us so that I have room to open my legs wide enough for him to reach my clit. Jack remains asleep the entire time. Thankfully, Shana wore him out. As soon as I open my legs, Greg’s cock gets even larger. He begins thrusting a little harder, but not so hard as to wake up Jack. He helps hold my leg up so he can get deeper into my pussy. It is a beautiful sight.

Greg rubs my clit as he continues to pound my pussy. As I feel the build up leading to my final orgasm of the night, Greg begins to pay special attention to my breasts as he whispers sweet dirty nothings into my ear. My body convulses one more time as I cum all over Greg’s cock in bed next to my husband. Greg thrusts his long, strong cock into my pussy a few more times, then cums, this time in my pussy. Jack is snoring now, he doesn’t even have a clue. He is done for the next few hours.

Greg and I fall into each other’s arms, feeling good about the nut we just worked out. It was passionate and adventurous. Just the way I like it with him. He leaves his cock inside of me as it begins to shrink back to normal size. We continue to spoon, pulling the covers back on top of us so we can finally go off to sleep.

I have to get my rest before Jack awakens. A girl has gotta take care of her man.

Both of them.

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