Met Her at a Hotel

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photo: Viv Thomas

Met her at a hotel…

It happened about two years ago, at a hotel of all places. A mutual friend was having a birthday get together in the bar downstairs. Aside from the birthday girl, Megan was the only other person there that I knew, although not super well, and she was in the same boat, so we automatically gravitated towards each other. We formed our sort of own party within the party at one corner of the bar. We quickly progressed from sipping our drinks to doing a couple of shots. Not enough to be drunk, but we were definitely slightly tipsy.

She was wearing a short emerald dress that matched her eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The swell of her breasts, the quick flash of upper thigh when she adjusted her position on the bar stool was intoxicating. We were playfully flirting with each other; I wasn’t sure if she was merely having a good time and playing around or if she would be interested in something more, but I was cautiously optimistic.

At about midnight, people started to trickle out of the bar to head home. The birthday girl was headed to another bar with a smaller group and invited us to go with them. I hesitated, and Megan quickly spoke up and said, “I have a room upstairs, I think I’m done for the night!” and gave my hand a squeeze. Suddenly we were alone at the bar. She took a last sip of her rum and coke, slipped off the stool and grabbed me by the hand. “Want to come up to my room for a bit?” I was jumping up and down on the inside but kept my outward composure as I nodded yes and allowed her to lead me to the elevator.

We arrived at her room and I perched awkwardly on the edge of the bed, unsure what to do next. Megan disappeared into the bathroom, leaving me to kick off my shoes and try to find a comfortable way to sit without my little black dress riding up and advertising the fact that I’d neglected to wear panties tonight. She reappeared as I was trying to get situated. I looked up and saw that she was standing there utterly nude, with a small smile upon her face.

My breath caught in my throat as I drank her in from head to toe as she walked towards me. She leaned down and began to kiss me. Softly at first, but then deeper as her tongue explored my mouth and I pressed up against her. We broke apart long enough for me to ditch my dress and toss it to the floor. We collapsed onto the bed, kissing with a deep urgency as our bodies intertwined with one another. My hands roamed across her soft body as I kissed my way down the crook of her neck to her breasts, so round and firm. She moaned and I used my tongue to trace circles around her nipples as my hands gently kneaded her breasts. I kissed my way down her stomach to the inside of her thighs, pushing her legs apart.

She laced her fingers in my hair as I teased her, softly licking around her sweet lips until I heard her whisper, “Oh please, please!” Her pussy was dripping as I slipped a finger inside her while flicking my tongue over her swollen clit. She arched up towards me as I pushed into her with a second finger and kept massaging her with my tongue. I felt her legs start to shake as she began to cum, squeezing my fingers tight. When I felt her body begin to melt back down onto the bed, I pulled my fingers out and licked her sweet, musky juices off them one by one as she watched.

She pulled me down beside her and kissed me as her hand slipped between my legs. I was already soaked and knew it wouldn’t take much for me to cum. I wrapped one leg around her as her fingers spread me wide apart before entering my throbbing pussy. I began to grind against her hand as she finger fucked me fast and hard. We rocked together and I buried my face in her shoulder, clutching her to me and panting. I came with a shout, clinging to her tightly. Before the last waves of my orgasm had left me, she had pushed my leg aside and was lapping up the creamy cum that was still trickling out of me. It didn’t take long for a second orgasm to ripple through my body as I grabbed onto the headboard.

My legs were still shaking as she moved back up beside me and wrapped her arms around me with a soft kiss. She pulled the sheet across us and we drifted to sleep in each other’s arms. And that’s how we’ve slept every night since then.

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