Beautiful Disaster

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photo: VivThomas

I was covering a DJ shift for my coworker and ran into an old flame who put me through hell in the past. Joy is what I like to call a beautiful disaster. She’s a lethally gorgeous brilliant professional who has the sexual prowess to drag you to the ends of the Earth just for one kiss.

Her idea of fun would kill most people. She will have you fucked up! Like drunk, sitting on wet grass, eating pizza, with your shoes off, fucked up. Before you know it, you’re doing the walk of shame at 3pm, smelling like sex and alcohol, knowing you have to work.

She was a married woman when we first met, but she was honest with me about her situation. I respected that, and gladly played the role of her mistress without question. She even invited me to her summer house in Atlanta when things between us began to get serious. Sadly, she was so busy playing with me that she forgot her own wedding anniversary. Hubby had the notion that I was a gift. He was sorely mistaken and I wound up stuck in the house with them while they fought for days. She kept me all to herself out of spite. Needless to say, they are now divorced.

Now, she’s out on the prowl, dressed to break hearts, at my workplace. It takes no time for her to recognize me. She comes to the DJ booth, shot in hand. My body stiffens in both fear and attraction as she steps closer.

The madness from the past still haunts me, but I take her gesture with a smile. Deep inside, I’m nervous. Her presence is very distracting. I am thinking about taking her to the bathroom right now, and fucking her brains out. I play all sorts of weird songs that don’t even go together, thinking of her gorgeous lips… and all the wonderfully nasty things they’ve done to me in the past. I lean back and breathe deeply, trying to calm down.

The Angel on my shoulder keeps telling me, “No, Kat. You know that girl is trouble. You don’t need that drama in your life. Do you remember what happened last time?”

The Devil on my shoulder argues back, “Don’t you dare let that fine piece of ass out of your sight without getting her number!”

Would you like to know who won that argument? Read on… it gets better and worse.

I at least made her wait until the next day to get me into bed. I made sure I slept, sobered up, went in there with my eyes open, with sound mind and judgement, and plenty of energy. It was play hard or go home! I even brought a first aid kit, extra clothes, and towels, just in case things got messy.

I’m in her bedroom and it’s like an oceanic laser light show inside. She has sexy music playing, with soft seafoam green sparkles dancing on the ceiling.

She comes out of the bath looking delicious. Her gorgeous caramel skin is glowing like she’s been double-dipped in honey. The scent of her is literally making me high.

“Hey, can you help me lotion my legs, please?” She gives me that come hither grin, holding out the bottle.

I climb on the bed as she lies back like a princess. Her robe is open, exposing her golden curves. I smooth lotion on her legs and kiss her thighs softly. I massage her calves, then kiss her ankles. Her skin tastes like candy. Just feeling it beneath my hands is making me wet.

She sees me bite my lip and pulls me on top of her for a kiss. God! What kind of lips are these? Joy has these soft pillowy lips that make my head spin. Her kisses make me moan. I can’t stop tasting them. I nibble her bottom lip and lick them lightly, savoring the soft sweetness.

I trail my hand down her body, caressing her waist. Getting lower to her inner thighs. I feel how wet she is, and moan in her mouth as we kiss again. She thrusts her hips smoothly to my fingers, letting them slip inside her. I curve them up to her G-spot while massaging her clit gently with my thumb. Then, I kiss her neck, sucking her skin softly with added gentle bites.

She’s getting so wet, I can hear my fingers splashing inside her. I pull them up to my mouth and taste her juices, and they literally taste like cinnamon toast crunch. I have no idea what she dripped in there, but I’m hungry for it. I’m going to suck the life out of that pussy!

I bite her navel on the way down her valley and clamp my mouth on her pussy. My tongue slides up and down her clit. She swirls her hips all over my face, making me chase her flavor. I lick and suck her hard, my fingers deep inside, hammering her sweet spot. Her body tenses, her hands gripping my head, pulling me closer, as I suck her pussy to a body rocking climax.

She tastes so good to me, I lick my fingers clean. She pulls me close to kiss her and I inch my fingers inside her again, beating her G-spot like it owes me money. I clamp my mouth to her neck as she screams in my ear, cumming hard again.

She rolls me over and tears my blouse open, exposing my breasts. She sucks and licks my nipples hard, flickering her tongue rapidly around them until I’m shaking. She licks slowly down my body, then sucks a bruise on my waist. The sensation makes me jolt. I scream as she sucks another right on my mound.

She reaches under the covers and pulls out her magic wand. It’s a long thin rod with a vibrating oval at the tip. She licks my pussy softly and has the wand sliding slowly between my lips, just deep enough to leave me open. Her tongue slides as the wand slips deeper inside me. As soon as I’m close, she holds my thighs down with her elbows and fucks me slowly with it while her lips suction to my clit. The deep slow strokes have me gasping for breath. I’m tense and my body overheats. In mere moments, I’m cumming hard, splashing wetness all over her face and neck.

I lean up to pull her close, wrapping her long legs around me. She leaves the wand between us, stimulating both our pussies at the same time. My breasts press tightly over hers as she rocks her hips smoothly on me. She kisses me again. My head is swimming, drowning in their softness. She starts to shiver. Her nails drag down my back as I hold her body up, rocking my hips faster on her pussy. She reaches for my shoulders and scratches down my back again, making me scream as I cum right along with her in a torrent of wet pulses that make me convulse. For a moment, I’m in another dimension, a still space in time where nothing exists but my climax.

We kiss softly as the high comes slowly down. The light of the rising sun peeks through the shades. Her beautiful golden skin glows with wetness. I lick the sweet sweat down her neck and kiss her softly on her collar.

Suddenly, I hear a clink on my wrist. This sneaky bitch just cuffed my hands behind my back!

Then, I hear wet splashing, and it’s not coming from her pussy or mine. I look down and there’s water all over her floor. She left the faucet running while we were playing, and now I’m stuck while she looks for the key. To add to the wreck, I hear heart-wrenching, inconsolable crying from her kid, who is knocking on the door.

She kisses me again as I shake my head, wondering how in the world I will get out of this. She smiles at me nervously, not knowing what to do first… It’s a good thing I brought that first aid kit.

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