Downward Facing Dog

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photo: MetArt X

I love a good, sweaty, hot yoga session. I’d been teaching since March and there was something powerful and sexy about being in control of a room full of people. My word was their command. I spoke and they performed. Plank pose to downward facing dog. Their sweaty bodies twisting from a low lunge to warrior two. Powerful, sexy, strong bodies.

I never paid much attention to the individuals in my class. To me, they were an entire unit moving in unison. But I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed him. His strong shoulders, tattooed biceps, and rippled abs. The sweat was pouring down his chiseled face before we even finished the warm-up stretch. As I weaved in and out of the students, correcting poses and demonstrating with my own body, I fought the urge to reach out and touch him. His sweat smelt strong but masculine. I knew if I touched his slick skin, I might not let go, allowing my hands to trail down his muscular forearms, rounding his small, tight waist and falling to his high, firm ass cheeks.

I felt a rush of heat fill my body as I remembered his face. The studio had cleared several minutes ago. I was washing down the floor, turning off the fans, and tidying up for the next class.

I lowered onto my mat for a few last minute stretches before locking up. I started in savasana, closing my eyes and trying to relax my breathing, which had become shallow following thoughts of the male student. Once my breathing was steady, I came onto all fours, preparing for a few rounds of cat and cow. I pulled my stomach muscles in tight as my back arched high toward the ceiling in cat pose. My belly dropped low, my ass high in the air during cow pose.

Before I could complete the pria once more, I felt strong hands on my hips. They squeezed my flesh and pushed my back down lower, creating a deeper arch. I smelt that same, masculine smell from earlier and knew it was him. He pulled my hips upward, forcing me into a downward dog position. As I settled into the pose, I peeked backward, between my legs, aligning my eyes with his crotch. He had a visible bulge in his shorts. My pussy tingled. He pushed my hips back down, returning me to all fours.

He slowly peeled down my yoga pants, which were firmly stuck to my body with sweat. For an instant, I wondered how badly I needed a shower and if he was turned off by my sweat. But my desire far outweighed my inhibitions. Besides, there was something extremely hot about sweaty sex.

I didn’t resist as he lowered my yoga pants down over my round ass. I was glad I’d worn my pink lace thong. He slowly ran his fingers up and down the fabric of my panties, tickling my ass crack. He tugged the fabric up roughly, pulling it against my clit. I moaned slightly at the pleasurable sensation. He continued to pull the thong tighter, rubbing my clit with the soft fabric. His hands explored the mounds of my ass, gripping the flesh and giving it small, gentle taps.

With one swift motion, his strong arms flipped me over onto my back, giving me the first up close glance at his face and body. He was fucking gorgeous. His blue eyes burned into mine. His lips were pink and full. His wet hair was matted against his forehead. He pulled my body close to his, removing my pants. My knees were bent, nestled against his torso. I felt the bulge in his shorts press hard against my already awakened pussy.

I ran my hands over his sweaty chest, pausing briefly at each nipple, bringing them to life. He reached down, yanking my sports bra up over my head. My tiny tits bounced free. He dove down, drinking the sweat from each nipple. I ran my hands through his wet hair, pressing my eager crotch into his. He slurped and nibbled my nipples hungrily. My pussy grew wetter, craving his dick.

Without breaking contact between his mouth and my tits, he used one finger to slide my panties aside. His hands easily found my wetness, pussy juice mixed with sweat. His thumb worked up and down my nub, circling it with the perfect amount of pressure. I lifted his head up from my breasts, grabbing his hair and jamming my tongue in his mouth. He tasted like salt and mint. I eagerly explored his mouth with my tongue as he feverishly finger fucked me. I bit his lip and he shoved two fingers deeper inside my cunt. I cried out, my legs wrapped tightly around his back. His thumb was still on my clit while his fingers penetrated my dripping hole. I thought I might cum but suppressed the feeling. I wasn’t done with him yet.

I lowered my legs, pushing his body away from mine, rolling him onto his back. I easily yanked his shorts down, freeing his throbbing cock. It was enormous. For a moment, I questioned whether I could handle it. As if reading my mind he said, “You can do it, baby.”

The sound of his voice aroused me even more and without another thought, I grabbed his shaft and lowered my mouth onto his beautiful dick. The tip filled my mouth. I tasted precum and sweat as I slid the shaft deeper into my throat. I couldn’t fit the entire thing without gagging. I used my hand on the lower half, the sweat acting as a natural lubricant. He grabbed the back of my head, gently guiding my head up and down his tool. His legs were spread wide as he watched me work. I reached between my legs, feeling my own wetness for the first time. I flicked and rubbed my clit in rhythm with sucking him. He abruptly pulled my head from his crotch. I knew he was about to cum but wanted to wait. He wanted the same thing I did.

I crawled up his body and with bent knees, lowered myself onto his shaft. I started slowly, never having had a cock quite this big. He held my hips, guiding my body down on top of him. With slow, easy strokes, my pussy lips began to spread, wrapping around his thick tool. I’d never had someone so big or so deep inside my cunt. I couldn’t believe how much his dick filled my pussy. My skin stretched and slid up and down his knob.

As I eased onto his erection, I began to move faster, my body bouncing on top of his. He grabbed onto my waist, lifting and lowering my tiny body. My hands flew to my hair. His dick drove deeper into my pleasure hole and I began to lose control. I cried out as he thrust his hips upward, jamming his cock even deeper. I welcomed every stroke, my pussy latching tightly around his shaft.

I reached back, grabbing onto his knees and rocking myself back and forth on top of him. The sweat was pouring off both of our bodies. He reached up and pinched my nipples before cupping both breasts in his hands. I took control of fucking him, pushing hard against his knees, driving his dick deep and hard into my cunt. I couldn’t hold off any longer and began to grind my clit against his body. I felt my nub throbbing and the warmth pooling in my stomach.

I’d never felt such an intense orgasm build in my body this way. I was afraid of what might happen but I couldn’t stop. I lost control completely, fucking him hard and fast, screaming out, biting his fingertips and gripping his knees and balls. He grunted loudly and I felt his own orgasm building. His cock throbbed inside my swollen pussy. My legs shook violently as a thick rush of cream spewed from my cunt, running down his shaft and balls. His body tightened and I felt his cock throbbing as he pumped his own creamy load into me. Neither of us held back, screaming and crying out as we climaxed.

I collapsed onto his chest after finishing. I’d never cum so hard in my life. My breathing was heavy and I was drenched in sweat. I rested my head on his chest. His one hand gently stroked my ass cheek while his other played with my hair. I didn’t want to move. I was completely relaxed, content, and satisfied. Exactly the way I hoped all my students left the yoga studio after one of my classes.

And then he whispered, “Namaste.”

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