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So there’s a man from another country I met some years back. Whenever he’s in town he likes to take me out. We don’t just go anywhere either, always the fanciest restaurants and hottest clubs; this time was no different. He told me this trip was work focused and he would be with a few colleagues but would like for us all to go to dinner. He suggested I invite a friend or two. So I invited one of my open minded friends, she’s the type that can go with the flow and find fun in any situation. For weeks he and I exchanged fantasies of what we wanted to do to each other.

Fast forward, I meet my man at the bar of the restaurant, we’d agreed to meet a bit earlier. Oh, did I mention he’s married? Well we decided to meet earlier so we could be affectionate before the others arrived.

As I walk into the bar he glances around to find me, and god he looks good. Shirt and sports coat perfectly tailored to his perfect body. His eyes find mine and he starts smiling, which makes me smile and walk faster… and then my heels remind me to slow down. Lol!

As I approach him, his hand grabs mine and he holds my face with his other hand, kissing me like we had not seen each other in years… it had been about three. Which explains the warmth in these hungry kisses.

Behind me I hear a voice say, “Well hello!” My heart sinks as I know we’ve been caught by one of his colleagues. Why the fuck is he here so early? I pull away from my man and turn around recovering from the panic, as my man laughs and says, “Don’t worry, he knows about you.” (I definitely just said that in his accent).

Ha! I let out a sigh of relief and hug his all-knowing colleague, who also looks great in his shirt and perfectly tailored sports coat, his has a fun pattern about it. They move some people over to get me a seat at the bar, my man can’t stop looking at me, literally complimenting every article that adorns my body. (I mean honestly speaking, I did look delicious). Small talk is exchanged between the three of us until a couple more of his colleagues arrive; more introductions and the small talk continues. These are the guys that don’t exactly know about my involvement with, let’s call him Marco.

My girlfriend finally arrives and we get seated. There’s about ten of us altogether at this round table, I feel like I’m at the center of it! My man to the right of me, my friend to my left and his all knowing friend (let’s call him Alex) to her left. Drinks, appetizers and conversations are going, what a great group of people, I think to myself. Then mid dinner, one of Marco’s colleagues, a big barrel chested fellow, asks loud and proud: “Sabrielle, how do you and Marco know each other?”

All eyes turn to us, I turn to look at Marco for the perfect answer. He takes a swig of his wine, wipes his mouth and says, “Ah we met about five years ago when I came here on business with my colleague Ben, you guys know Ben!” Everyone nods. “Well he wanted to get a drink after a long day of meetings and he saw a woman at the bar with her friend and he wanted to go talk to her. Turned out Sabrielle was the friend and that forced us to talk to each other. We end up hitting it off and we’ve been great great friends ever since.” That last “great” had an alluding tone to it, saying, you know what I mean without actually saying, “you know what I mean.”

All this is said with his hand on my thigh, gripping the right one firmly with every octave in his voice. I am hot all of a sudden, perhaps from sheer nerves of being put on the spot, but definitely from his hands seducing me. His confidence in telling our story puts us both at ease and makes me want him on the spot. I can tell the feeling is mutual because he is very touchy-feely after that announcement. The drinking, eating and conversing continues. I notice out of the corner of my eye my friend and Alex laughing and carrying on. I tap her to check in and we do that woman to woman whisper/eye communication that men will never understand. To translate, she says she is more than ok and Alex is quite an interesting gentleman. So I leave her to it.

The night goes on dinner, drinks, dessert and his curious hand up my skirt, but it doesn’t end there, Marco and some of his “fun” colleagues want to go out and party so we grab a table at one of the best clubs. The bottles seem like they will never end and the music is on point. I dance on Marco like it’s the last time I’ll ever see him, he responds by gripping my thighs and ass and landing kisses on whatever part of my body is available. I can’t help but notice that my girl and Alex are in the same heated situation, dancing so close it looks as if they are melted into each other; their lips most certainly are. I am excited for them to hit it off so well, and this leaves room for Marco and I to be free. And his other colleagues are so wasted and so busy trying to pick up women that they don’t pay us any mind.

Eventually I can’t take it anymore — between the passionate kissing, the dancing and all the drinks — I pull my man in and tell him, “I want you right now,” in his ear.

He takes no time at all to say, “Let’s go,” and grabs my handbag for me. I hesitate because I can’t just desert my friend, so I grab her to check in. She says she’s down to do whatever I want. I can tell the alcohol has hit us all, so I tell everyone to drink some water and we’ll go back to the guys’ hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Marco and I go towards the elevator while Alex leads my friend towards the bar. I give a concerned eye to my friend and she signals that she’s fine with a nod and smile.

Finally I have my man to myself; I am all over him in the elevator, luckily we are alone. I swear once we get to the room our clothes come off like magic, but my heels don’t make it into this trick. So I keep the heels on and Marco starts kissing every inch of my body in excitement. He devours me, giving my clit much-needed attention. Oh, I forgot how good he is at this; I cum so hard, gripping his hair so he doesn’t move that beautiful mouth. Not like he puts up a fight, he wants to lick every drop my body has to give.

He comes up to share that taste he loves so much with me, and we kiss hungrily like we did at the bar earlier. Then a knock on the door breaks things up. We look at each other confused and he says, “hello?” We hear Alex asking to come in, we both laugh and he gets up to let him in. Alex comes in holding my friend’s hand, both of them giggling at Marco answering the door naked. It was so dark I don’t bother covering up.

Marco says, “We were in the middle of something,” and returns to his proper place, lying between my legs.

Alex whispers, “Keep going,” and my girlfriend whispers, “Don’t let us interrupt,” right after him, and they both giggle. I can see their shadows moving about the room toward the seating area, looks like clothes are coming off and I know for certain that I hear them kissing. So Marco and I continue our thing. I can’t wait to return the favor, so we trade places and I take him in my mouth slowly. I want to feel every inch against my lips, I notice him watching with a face that says, “Damn!” I pick up the pace and my finger finds his asshole, he loves when I play with it while giving him head. Side note — sucking him off is probably one of my all time favorite things to do, I love how his dick fills my mouth not to mention his reactions are priceless! He stops me as I get into it and says, “No more, I don’t want to cum like this,” but there is nothing I want more than to feel that warm rush of him letting go in my mouth. So I beg him to let me finish, he lays back and allows it (of course) and he cums so hard he lets out what sounds like a roar!

He goes to clean up. I take this time out to take my heels off, I also get to notice Alex and my friend very much so naked and making out. They stand up and start making their way towards the bed and I pause thinking, ‘what the fuck are they d — ‘ yep, they get in the bed! Alex jumps up, says he forgot something on the table, I finally take my heels off and check in on my friend. We are both laughing at this current scene and give the, “well let’s see what happens” shrug and eyebrow raise. Alex comes back with a bottle of champagne. Very excitedly pops it, very drunkenly spills it all over the bed; we all can’t help but laugh because let’s be honest, what isn’t funny when you’re drunk?

He gets back in bed and continues to play with her. Marco says, “This is quite a party huh?” The four of us stop to laugh again, acknowledging what’s actually brewing here, my girl gets in the spirit of things and crawls over to me and kisses me. I grab her closer and we make out with passion that I wasn’t aware we had between us. The two men made for a respectful audience, just watching, not touching. I grab Marco into our kiss and we form one of those strange phenomena the kids call a three-way kiss. It’s hot.

My friend is the one to pull away, going back to Alex who has been admiring her ass the whole time while playing with himself. And when I say admiring, that’s an understatement, he literally says, “This is the nicest ass I’ve seen in all of the United States!” She does have a nice ass, I graced it with a few slaps and grabs during our kiss. Thinking back on it now; those few seconds of our kiss were pivotal in how the night carried on. What if Alex jumped in? What if I decided to play with him? What if my friend continued to kiss Marco? What if Alex started touching Marco? Things could have gotten very interesting.

Well that’s not what happens. We take to our respective sides of the bed. I hear lots of moaning and at one point she grabs my leg for leverage, I am a very supportive friend by the way. Marco and I fuck but it is more like making love, (sorry to be cheesy), I think it’s a combination of alcohol and it being so long since we connected in this way. Lots of kissing and with his hand around my neck, looking into each other’s eyes, we come together. Pure romance!

After this we agree that we are too intoxicated to continue so we basically cuddle up and watch those two performing right next to us. They finish and I finish off the rest of the champagne. I still can’t figure out how or when everyone fell asleep but I wake up to the four of us sleeping in a neat line. Me, Marco, my girlfriend and then Alex, it is a pretty funny sight to wake up to! So much so I have to take picture — Marco trying to cover his face and the rest of looking like the morning after. The floor is littered with condom wrappers, that damn bottle of champagne, a man’s button down shirt and Alex’s funky sports coat.

I get up first, desperately in search of water, then Marco yawns and says we should get breakfast. So with minimal words we get our clothes on, use the bathroom one by one to freshen up, and go to the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast. There we sit in a huge round booth, put in our orders and begin to share our recollections of the night. We eat, we laugh, then we say goodbye. Who knows when I’ll see Marco again, but that picture puts a smile on my face whenever I see it!

-Til next time Marco* (you know who you are)

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