Lights Out

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Zoe came through the door exhausted from her eight-hour work shift. She closed the door behind her and placed her bag on the table, walked down the hallway and into her tiny kitchen. Zoe grabbed the first thing she saw, a soda and last night’s dinner. She was too tired to realize that she was being stared at from the kitchen doorway.

“Hello, you.” The soft English accent startled Zoe out of her tired trance.

“Fuck! Sweetheart, you scared me!” Zoe said, holding on to her chest and looking at her boyfriend.

Kit walked into the kitchen to stand right beside her. He’d only been home for an hour when he heard the front door open. He knew if Zoe had a tough day she would just head straight to the kitchen to grab something from the refrigerator.

“You had a bad day huh?” Kit asked as he watched Zoe start to warm up her food.

“Yeah… I really don’t want to talk about it,” Zoe said, placing her dinner plate in the microwave. Even though she looked beat, he found this to be her most pure, sexy, endearing look. Something about her tired eyes made him love her even more.

Kit stood right behind Zoe and wrapped his arms around her small waist. She was staring at the microwave’s timer as she felt his soft kisses on her neck. She giggled at the gesture.

“You seemed to be in a good mood,” Zoe said, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling of his kisses and his strong arms wrapped around her.

“Of course, you’re here,” Kit said into her ear, as he pulled her in closer to his warm body. Just then, a loud clap of thunder roared throughout the apartment giving them both a scare.

“The forecast didn’t say it was supposed to thunder today,” Zoe said, pulling herself from Kit’s grip. She was heading down the hallway into the living room when there was a second loud clap of thunder and all the power in the apartment went out. This scared Zoe, standing in the pitch black of her living room.

She heard footsteps come from the hallway and into the room. She saw Kit holding two lit flashlights and some candles. She helped him place the candles all around the living room and light them up.

As the rain poured down around their apartment, Kit looked at his girlfriend. She didn’t seem tired anymore but there was a hint of concern in her eyes. Kit took her hand and twirled her around to face him.

“Where was I…?” Kit asked softly. Zoe just smiled and stepped closer to her boyfriend. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. His lips were warm and supple. Zoe’s warm tongue entered Kit’s mouth slowly and tenderly. He grabbed her hips with one hand and her bottom with the other.

Kit led Zoe to the couch and laid her down gently. He pressed himself on top of her and started to grind his hips over her warm entrance. Moans escaped her lips as she felt his hard member rub up against her. She couldn’t breathe as his kiss got deeper and her body started to react to his touches. The sound of the rain and thunder outside and the caressing and the deep and electric kiss he was giving her was sending her in frenzy.

Kit released his grip on her lips and started nibbling her neck. Zoe’s moans got louder as she felt Kit’s lips trail down her neck to her chest. Kit took off her shirt and helped her out of her tight jeans and panties. He continued his kisses down her chest, sucking on her hard nipples and cupping her small breasts in his warm hands. She bucked her hips and moaned his name.

He continued his kisses down her stomach and her inner thighs. As he started to play his fingers on her already swollen nub, Zoe grabbed his hair. She rocked her hips to the feeling of his fingers on her clit, and cried out his name. She wanted more of him, she wanted his tongue inside her.

“Please…Kit…” Zoe breathed as she felt her body go hot and numb from his teasing. Kit licked her swollen clit and slowly pushed his tongue deep inside her entrance. This caused Zoe to go into a fit of a frenzy, creaming over Kit’s mouth, soaking his beard. She grabbed his hair harder as he went deeper inside of her with his tongue.

Her taste was what he’d craved all day. His tongue was what took all Zoe’s stress and worries away. She felt herself go over the edge as he licked her swollen clit and placed two fingers inside of her. He felt her walls cave in around his index and middle finger and felt her wetness soak his fingers and mouth.

Kit moved up and hunched over Zoe’s small frame. She gripped his face and kissed him deeply, licking her juices off his lips. Kit hurriedly took off his grey sweats, still kissing her deeply, and his hard prick sprang free. Zoe spread her legs wider and Kit slowly entered her. They both gasped as they felt each other so intimately.

They stared into each other’s eyes as Kit slowly and gently thrust deeply inside Zoe. Their breathing grew louder as the storm outside became stronger and Kit’s thrusting became harder. Zoe felt herself tightening around his cock as she neared her breaking point.

She wrapped her arms tightly around Kit’s neck and her legs around his waist, her eyes gazing into his, her moans building to a crescendo. Kit’s thrusts became harder still, as he felt himself nearing his climax. With one final thrust and a loud clap of thunder, Kit came deep inside Zoe.

Both were panting hard and slowly coming down from their high. They stayed this way, eyes gazing at each other’s face, smiling, Finally Kit slumped beside Zoe on the couch, lazily caressing her face. The rain was now steady and soft. The light from the candles danced off the walls and the apartment had a quiet, serene atmosphere. Zoe loved every minute of it.

Just then the lights popped back on and the microwave started up again. Kit and Zoe looked at each other and laughed.

“I liked it better with the lights off,” Zoe said with a smile.

“Well we could just turn everything back off and order out… we can spend the rest of the night in bed with the candles lit,” Kit suggested. This made Zoe’s heart warm.

“Yes, I would really like that,” she said softly. Kit planted a gentle kiss on Zoe’s lips.

She couldn’t ask for anything else but for the storm to last all through the night…

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