Let’s Fuck Until I Beg Release

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Don’t let me give in until you decide

I feel the cold steel of the handcuffs. It contrasts with the fluffy fuzziness adorning the hard metal. He fucks me with my legs pushed up towards my ears. Every thrust makes me want to push back onto his cock. To make it plunge even deeper within my wanton, willing pussy.

A thick blindfold blocks my sight. I’m left, helpless, to take every thrust he gives me.

Our bodies are slick with sweat. He’s so close to cumming I can almost taste his flavor on my lips. It’s inherently, amazingly addictive. Something slightly sweet with the most perfect consistency as its hotness spurts down my throat. I take each and every pump he gives me as a gift.

He doesn’t give me this gift. Instead, NY disengages from fucking me in our contorted missionary pose. I’m gasping, reeling, left wondering what else he has planned for me.

“It’s time for you to assume the position.”

I know what he means by this. I am also aware I’ll be especially helpless on my stomach. My arms will be pressed into the bed, useless because my wrists are handcuffed.

He drags me onto my stomach. His weight presses me into the firm mattress. I feel his breath against my ear. My body becomes an exposed nerve ending to be plucked continuously. I let out a short, surprised scream as my back convulses.

I arch into his body inadvertently and try to shield my left ear with my shoulder. It is raised up and he pushes it back down. His tongue seeks out the warmth of my ear. I squeal and try to get away from the flicking of it.

I’m fucking ticklish right now. I’m never fucking ticklish. I hope that he doesn’t catch on how hyper sensitive and reactive I am right now. Unfortunately, he’s always aware of the little nuances of my responses. A change in my scent above my collarbone, a new bruise from running into my kitchen table, he’s aware of it all.

NY seems to take a particularly sadistic pleasure in torturing me. His lips move down my spine. I’m screaming helplessly again. I buck up against his body weight. He pins me down even more firmly and I try squirming away from him.

His teeth nip the curves of my hourglass waist. He moves further and further down my vertebrae. He’s at the hard bump right at my cervical vertebrae. His teeth scrape against it. I toss my head back and fight him even harder. He takes this moment to suck my hyper sensitive skin into his mouth. The effect of the suctioning of his mouth and his breath makes me wild.

I toss and turn like I’m a boat caught in a monumental storm. He rides me out and continues his pursuit, selecting where to attack next. My ribs are bitten and my spine is nipped. In between my thighs I’m ridiculously wet, soaked, from what he’s doing to me.

As if reading my thoughts he does something deliciously, horrendously torturous. He starts fucking me, but he keeps his dick outside my pussy. Instead, he seems to fuck the area near my ass but not quite inside it. All I want is him inside me. I gyrate my pelvis trying to demand him sliding back inside my pussy.

NY holds me down harder. My hips are held in a state where I can’t make circles in the air. He continues thrusting into the area near my ass.

“Fuck me. Come on, please fuck me.”

I’m begging him in a high pitched tone. My face is pressed against a fluffy pillow. I’m aware of the contrast of the soft texture and how he is roughly dominating me. I know there are parts of my back he’s marked. His teeth sink into my shoulder as he aims his dick near my pussy.

He bites down hard. I’m moaning, trying to writhe against him. When he finally enters me again I’m so wet he sloshes inside me. It’s this wet smacking noise. I want him to lose all his control. To thrust at an accelerated pace until he releases every bit of his cum inside me.

I can imagine him flipping me onto my back after he cums. His finger plunges into me to intermix my taste and his cum. He’d feed me the taste of it and I’d shudder on the bed, begging him for more and wanting this to be just the beginning.

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