Gloria’s Secret, part four

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It was a blustery Saturday afternoon when Lem said goodbye to his friend and neighbor Eric at the country club where they often hung out and played tennis. They had sparred with each other for two straight sets. Lem enjoyed the sweat. Afterwards they broke for lunch and talked shop before Lem decided to call it a day.

He drove back home at a leisurely pace. His wife Gloria’s car was parked in the driveway, as well another vehicle — a grey Mercedes. Lem knew who it belonged to, and it made him suddenly queasy knowing who was waiting for him inside. He got out of his car carrying his tennis racket and gym bag and went into his ultra-modern home.

Lem caught the sound of laughter coming from the living room. It stopped when he shut the door. Gloria came to greet him.

“How was your game, darling?” She kissed him, then relieved him of the items he carried.

“It was great. I spent time with Eric and Rachel; they send their love. Where’s Zia?”

“She’s been waiting to see you.” She took his hand and led him there. “We both have,” she added.

Lem’s cousin Zia sat in the living room smoking a cigarette. Everything about her was bold and audacious; that included her feminine aura. She was watching a movie. Gloria left them together and took Lem’s racket and gym bag upstairs. Lem looked at the TV as he sat down, and gasped when he saw it was a porn flick — two black men taking turns fucking a gorgeous brunette. The woman looked familiar. It took a moment to realize it was actually his cousin.

“What the fuck is this?” he asked, awestruck.

“What do you think it is, Lem?” Zia replied. “This is an outtake of a porn shoot I made with two studs last week that I wanted Gloria to see.”

“Christ almighty.”

“Oh, stop being a downer, Lem. Doesn’t it make you hard? Don’t worry, I’ll send you a copy once it’s released.”

“For God’s sake, Zia. This is insane.”

Zia threw her head back and laughed. “Quit your silly pretense game, Lem. Gloria’s kept me abreast of everything, including the way you love to eat her out after her lover’s fucked her. Black cock is always the best, and their cum is so delicious.”

“How long have you been doing this, Zia? Did you start before you married Jeff?”

“Way back in college, and yes, it was way before Jeff and I met.” She sipped her drink. “I’m sorry you had to find out the way you did, but this is who I am.”

“You’re so proud of yourself cheating on Jeff this whole time, aren’t you?”

“I don’t cheat on Jeff,” Zia said. “Why do I need to when he knows everything? And he’s very OK with it. Really, you shouldn’t be all that surprised, now that Gloria’s indoctrinated you into the lifestyle. It’s in our genes, Lem.”

“What’s in our genes?”

“Fucking black men, Lem,” she declared. “Getting fucked by them, worshipping them . . . that’s what we were made for. I’m surprised it took you this long to figure that out.”

Gloria sauntered into the room holding her phone. “You’ve got forty minutes to shower and change, dear. I just got off talking to Morris; he’s on his way.”

Lem stared at his wife, baffled. “What do you mean?”

“Morris, darling,” Gloria snapped impatiently. “I told you he’s coming to spend time with Zia and I. You can stay and watch if you want, or you can leave. Whichever you prefer.”

“Do stay and watch, Lem,” Zia cackled. “I’d love for you to stay and watch. Gloria tells me his cock is amazing and he knows how to use it.”

“Quit it, Zia,” Lem groaned.

“There’s gonna be plenty of creampie for you, sissy,” Zia continued.

“I’d better head upstairs then and wash up,” he said, leaving the room.

Lem tramped up the stairs, grunting as he struggled out of his clothes. He stumbled as he shoved open the bedroom door, struggling to kick off his shoes. He bumbled into the bathroom and luxuriated in the shower spray as he washed away the sweat. Finished in record time, he scrambled for something decent to wear, not even bothering to dry himself. Thirty-six minutes had passed by the time Lem trundled down the stairs, gasping, with his cellphone in hand. He almost expected to find Morris in the living room already when he got there, but it was just wife and his cousin, sipping wine.

Gloria and Zia.

Two gorgeous women waiting for a lone black man.

He felt the anticipation in the room.

Gloria turned to him and said, “Well? Shouldn’t you be hiding in the closet right now?”

“Do we really have to go through this again?” Lem whined, knowing already it was pointless to argue.

“Lem, don’t make me have to burst a nerve on you right now,” she snapped. “It’s almost time and Morris will be here any second.”

She stopped when the doorbell sounded and everything in the room became still. Gloria glared at Lem; it was the signal for him to disappear. He scrambled to the closet door and slipped inside just as Gloria hurried towards the door; Zia appraised herself, then assumed a nubile pose as she waited.

Gloria returned, but this time she wasn’t alone. An athletic black man with a bashful smile walked alongside her. Gloria introduced Morris to Zia; it was obvious why he was there. Lem watched from inside the closet. His penis was hard in his shorts. He breathed through his mouth as he watched.

Morris sat between the women, both of whom pressed against him. Zia cooed as she caressed his arms while Gloria crossed her leg over his thigh. The porn flick was still playing. They wasted no time having their own fun.

Zia and Gloria pretty much fought over Morris. He went back and forth kissing them in turn while they rubbed their feet across his thighs. Gloria raised her top and offered her lover her breasts to suck on.

Zia slipped a hand under his t-shirt.

She marveled at his abs.

Strong, black and hard — just the way she liked her men.

Morris turned his focus to Zia and she popped open her blouse for him to squeeze her tits into his mouth. Gloria did the honor of unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly. His cock was hard and waiting. Gloria glanced towards the closet where she knew her husband was hiding and watching. She looked in his direction as she introduced her lover’s cock into her mouth.

Lem had a good view of Gloria blowing Morris. Myriad extreme emotions danced in his head. Anger . . . Jealousy . . . Envy . . . Desire . . . Anticipation of the fucking that was coming. Pre-cum stained the inside of his shorts as he grabbed onto his cock for dear life. Already he could feel his heart rate increase, and sweat began popping steadily on his brow.

Is it gettin’ hot in here, he asked himself, or is it just me?

Zia, not wanting to be left out, slid down the sofa to join Gloria in tasting her lover’s erection. They held Morris’s prick between them like it was King Arthur’s sword. They purred as they swore allegiance, kissing each end of his Excalibur, sucking his shaft, swallowing his nutsack. Morris caressed their hair, guiding them to where he wanted them.

Lem watched and began recording it on his phone as Morris took off his jeans and got to his feet. Gloria and Zia stripped immediately. They knelt on the sofa with their buttocks exposed to him.

“Make a choice, babe,” Gloria cooed as she twerked her booty at him. “Which pussy do you want to go in first?”

Morris stood there stroking his cock, admiring both fine butts, smiling as he asked himself which pussy he wanted to fuck first.

Lem, too, wanted to know. “Please take Zia,” he muttered under his breath.

His mind made up, Morris advanced towards the women.

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