Let’s Fuck In Ways Not Possible

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Take me, bend me, bind me now

Artwork, Borghese Museum

We stand within a stripped down, abandoned supply closet. It’s a game we play when he and I meet. Doors are tested to find the one spot we might play in. All of these unlocked spaces are being reconfigured and created.

Isle adjusts his gorgeous, substantial erection. It sits outside of his athletic shorts and I bite my lip.

I let out a chuckle. It blows my mind the length, girth, beauty of his erection. He looks like he’s fighting with a snake that has a mind of its own. His brown eyes dart up into my oval face.

I push my glasses further up the bridge of my nose. There’s this question on his face at the sound of my laughter.

“What?” he asks as he observes me.

“Hmmm, oh nothing.”

I’ve given him a physical tell because he stops trying to contain his erection. He lets it sit outside his clothing and approaches me again. I back away with a growing grin on my face.

“What is it?” he finds a way to corner me.

“I’m incredibly wet. It’s a thing all day, it seems like I’m constantly soaked lately,” I admit.

“Why would you waste it then?” he asks.

His oversized hand pushes inside my incredibly short athletic shorts. I can’t help the sigh that escapes from my lips. His finger finds a way inside my drenched pussy and pulses inside. He flicks two fingers inside me. I lean my head forward as he finger fucks me.

There’s still something within me that refuses to give in so easily. I dart away from him. He encloses me against a wall again and his fingers hook into my shorts. There’s an attempt to pull my clothing down off my thick thighs. I push my ass up against the wall. This obstructs his plan to disrobe me. I smile at him with a tilt of my head.

The boyish grin on his face makes my knees feel weak. It’s something so hot, handsome and hard to resist. There’s this playfulness to what he’s doing mixed with an insatiable passion. He keeps pushing at my shorts. I allow my back to lift off the popcorn surface wall.

My panties are pulled off with my tight athletic shorts. I can’t help laughing as he takes my shorts, entwined with my thong underwear, and hangs them on the door knob.

“Really? Signaling we’re fucking on the inside of the door?” I giggle.

He turns the lock of the abandoned, resurfaced supply room that we found on this first floor. I see his approach to come at me again and I dodge his advances. There are moments where he corners me. A finger is thrust within me and I release a moan. He tries to position so that he can get inside me and I roll away from his taller, lanky body.

Then, he makes a move back to the door. The light is switched off and I’m engulfed in darkness. I feel him next to me and his breath is on my neck. Two fingers flick and pulse within my pussy. All I want to do is to see him so that I can predict where to go next. He takes away my sight and uses it to his advantage like a predator hunting its prey through smell.

“This isn’t fair at all.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t see you coming at me.”

He uses the darkness to his advantage. I feel hands grip under my ass. This lanky man picks me up. I squeal in surprise and grab hold of his neck. One hand holds me up while the other takes hold of his dick. My legs open to accommodate him forcing it inside while he holds me in midair.

He bounces me on his dick like a rodeo rider on a mission. I gasp, moan, give in to it. There’s a moment he sets me down and he slides out of my pussy.

Isle moves me against the wall. I can feel him pushing me into my usual position for him to fuck me. I touch my toes and stick my ass out for him. There’s a slight bend in my knees and I lean my weight against the wall. His dick traces the edges of my labia and brushes against my ass for a moment.

He forces it inside my tight pussy and starts thrusting. Each push drives it deeper inside me. I can feel every inch, the length of him stretching me around him. It’s glorious and I make the conscious effort to not fall over from the sheer pleasure of it.

The angle we have makes it so that he hits my G-spot perfectly. An orgasm starts to build within me as he speeds up. I just want him to fuck me like an animal. To not stop, to go on until I’m letting out a primal scream.

“I hit the bottom of it, didn’t I?” he asks.

I merely moan in response. He smacks my ass forcefully. There’s a succession of a spanking that he gives me. I love the sting of his oversized palm against my ass cheek. I know he is demanding an answer from me when he repeats the question.

“Yes, oh yes you did. Fuck yes,” the words tumble out of my mouth.

It’s incoherent because I am in a state of euphoria, submission and absolute ecstasy. As he keeps fucking me the cascading effect of my orgasm renders me into high pitched squeals and pants. The noises coming from my mouth I’ve rarely heard. The only time they’ve erupted from my lips is with him.

My left leg starts to cramp and I swear my body will give way to this. I bounce up against the wall and brace myself. His fingers entwine in my hair and he pulls it roughly while he fucks me. I give my neck to him and it tilts backward. My lips part and gasp with my submission.

His hands crawl into my shirt and grope my tits. He pulls my shirt up. I want him pinching them as he fucks me. Instead he seems to remove himself from me and his breath is in my ear. It causes me to shiver and lean into his sinewy body.

“Take your shirt off,” he commands me.

I follow his command immediately. The front clasp of the bra is undone and I toss my shirt over by his clothes. The heart rate monitor I wore for my workout is thrown aside. His footsteps retreat away from me and the light is turned on.

The way he looks at me fully naked is one that sets my skin afire. It’s pure, white hot, unadulterated desire. I want him to get close to finishing and then have his cum on my tongue.

In the same moment I feel like a woman, in a way I’ve rarely felt with a man. And, there’s this sensation of being shy at the same time. He just stares at me. His gaze owns me, saying that he has me in this moment. I’m his to fuck, bend, do whatever he damn well pleases with.

“Mmm, I need to have the light on for this shit. I need to see those tits.”

He approaches me with sudden, long strides. His hand grabs one of my tits and he tilts it up to his mouth. I grip his head and I press his face harder against it. I’ve wanted him to possess my nipples like he does with my pussy.

He licks and sucks them with a gentleness, unlike how he pile drives into me. It shows a softness that throws me off. Isle grabs my right breast and sucks on it. It’s so tender and I feel my nipples harden under his tongue’s exploration. My clit throbs with the hotness of the moment. I want him back inside me.

Instead he moves me and gestures at his erection. I slide down onto my knees before him in a sign of submissive worship. I’ve wanted to suck his dick since the moment I saw it. My head bobs up and down on the obstacle set in front of me.

“Open your mouth. Like that, good,” he instructs.

I keep my mouth open and my jaw relaxed. He thrusts several times inside and hits the back of my throat. My body wants to gag. I resist the sudden sensation. I groan as he face fucks me momentarily. When he stops I go back to bobbing on it back and forth.

“Now, just suck on it.”

I obey his command and stop my movements. Instead I use my tongue to slide against his shaft from the base to the tip. I suck on the tip and he moans in appreciation.

Isle drags me up from my knees. He pushes me so that my ass faces him. He’s a visual man. There’s the admittance that he loves watching my ass as he fucks me. I assume the position and lean down so that my pussy is available for him to use. The sensation of him reentering me leaves me breathless and begging. He doesn’t start fucking me relentlessly. Instead there are thrusts with a soft, occasionally deepening depth.

“It feels so good,” I whisper huskily.

He moans from behind me. The deliberate slowness is driving me insane. Another orgasm builds within my core. My stomach and pussy clench in preparation for the overwhelming pleasure.

“Tell me what you want, MD,” there’s a dominant edge to his voice. He thrusts deeper as if to accentuate that I must answer him.

His fingers grip my shoulder length hair. He pulls on it in time with his hips pushing into mine.

“Fuck me, please. Fuck me,” I beg.

“Tell me how you want it. Come on,” his other hand slaps my ass.

“Faster, harder. Fuck me harder. Do it,” I gasp out.

He picks up the pace and I find myself moaning excessively. My voice raises as I beg him to go deeper still. His pace picks up to that amazing speed where he renders me speechless.

I’m pulled backward as he moves into a bridge pose. I’m backward, sitting on his dick as he thrusts deeper within me. The noises from my mouth are a combination of guttural gasps. He moves with impassioned pushes that penetrate me in ways I didn’t think were possible.

I know he’s close to cumming. His breath comes out in groans. Isle’s large hands push me off him and I face him knowing what I need to do.

He stands above me holding his dick. Cum oozes out of the tip. It’s a milky white, and he barely contains it. My knees hit the bare concrete floor with an urgency. I force my mouth on it to catch everything that has escaped.

This is one of my most favorite things to do for him. His flavor is so delicious, like a minty and herbal taste. It’s the perfect consistency as he fills my throat. It’s neither too thin or thick for my palate. There’s this after affect of my tongue tingling with the taste of it. I can’t contain the moan as I grab his ass. My nails drag into his skin as I force him to give me everything.

This is where the dominance of my Switch nature takes control. I don’t allow him to disengage from my willing throat until I decide when. He allows me to keep sucking on him until minutes after he finishes. His softening dick is completely and absolutely devoured like a devout disciple.

When I’m satisfied he’s given me all of it I release him. My color changing hazel eyes look at him. He’s panting, bent over trying to catch his breath. I grin at him like a minx.

“You alright there?”

“Yeah, just wow.”

I stand up and access the tall, gorgeous man in front of me. He starts the process of putting his clothes back on. I lean against the wall completely naked. He stares at my body with a wide grin of appreciation and admiration.

“I can’t believe we just did that. Always with you. I swear I was too exhausted to.”

“You needed it just like I did. You know it,” he retorts.

I don’t know how this man finds a way to always get me to submit to him. I don’t need the why of it, all I know is that he fucks me in ways I didn’t know were possible.

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