I Saw Her Standing There

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I saw her standing there, towards the end of the pier, alone. She wore a multi-colored dress. Her hair was ruffled but she did not seem to care as the wind blew against her face.

The sky was downcast. It had rained earlier but it seemed to be gearing up for another downpour. I had arrived in Charleston the previous night and I was lonely. I went and stood next to the woman. She glanced at me for a moment, then turned back to staring at the magnificent Arthur Revenel Jr. bridge across the harbor.

“Lovely view,” I said to break the silence.

“You could say that,” she responded.

“This is my first time in Charleston. In fact, my first time down south.”

“Really?” She looked at me attentively. A slight smile played over her lips. “How are you liking it so far?”

“Pretty good. I love the weather and the hospitality.”

“Hmm. Anything else other than that?”

I scanned my mind. “The cuisine. It reminds me so much of being back home.”

“Where are you from? You’ve got a weird accent. You Canadian?”

“No, I came halfway across the world. I’ll tell you if you promise to keep it a secret.”

She looked around. “There’s just the two of us here. My husband’s coming by soon. Go ahead and tell me.”

I told her. Her eyes looked at me with interest and she smiled again. The wind kept ruffling her hair and she repeatedly swept it from her face.

“Wow. Do all men from there look as handsome as you?”

“I wish. Plenty of my friends back home think of me as being different.”

“In what aspect?”

“They say I’m more American. They say I’ve got an American state of mind. They weren’t too surprised when I told them I was traveling. I like your dress, by the way.”

“Thank you. It’s my dress of many colours.”

“Like the Dolly Parton song.”

That made her smile more. “Yeah, just like the Dolly Parton song.”

We went on talking. Her name was Linda, she was 55, and a teacher. She pointed at her husband who was making his way towards us, holding two ice cream cones. His hair was all grey and so was his beard; he had a jovial appearance. He didn’t seem apprehensive or concerned when he came and met us.

“Hi,” he said to me, then looked at his wife. “Linda, you never told me you’d be meeting any friends here.”

She laughed and accepted her ice cream from him and introduced us. Her husband’s name was Marvin. We shook hands and like her, he enquired about my accent and where I was from.

“Wow, you came all the way here? That’s impressive. So what brought you down to these southern parts? Anything important or just visiting?”

“Visiting, yes. But I’m also taking time to see new places, meet interesting people and whatever else I can do with my time. I genuinely love the atmosphere here; it’s less hectic than say New York.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I lived there once and everyday it was rush hour traffic.”

Linda licked at her ice cream the whole time Marvin and I conversed. Eventually they had to leave and we shook hands and they waved goodbye to me while I remained there staring at the waters of the harbor.

The sky was turning grey when I took my leave.

I was strolling along the east side of Concord Street, away from the harbor, when thunder began rolling across the sky. I hurried my footsteps toward the hotel where I was staying. I stopped when I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and it was Marvin running to catch up with me.

“I was afraid I might have lost sight of you,” he said when he approached me. His face was flushed from running. “Where are you heading?”

“The Harbourview Inn. It’s not too far from here.”

“Yeah, I know it. How about we give you a lift? It’s gonna rain heavily pretty soon.”

“Nah, it’s okay. I can make it, but thanks.”

I turned to continue my walk but Marvin held my arm. He had a sheepish grin on his face.

“I wanted to tell you how happy I was seeing you and Linda talking. She was quite moved by you. She told me she’d love to get to know you better.”

His voice dropped an octave when he mentioned that last part. I caught a glimmer in his eye and thought I knew what he meant but wanted him to say it outright.

“What exactly are you getting at, Marvin?”

“It’s like this,” he stuttered, “Linda kinda likes you, and she wouldn’t mind spending some quality time with you.” He paused for a moment to gauge my reaction before quickly adding, “I definitely wouldn’t mind leaving the two of you alone together, I promise.”

“Alright then, sure. I’m game. You want us to head over to my hotel room?”

“Sure, if that’s okay with you. Can’t do it out here,” he laughed to break the tension, and I joined him.

“No, we can’t.”

We walked a little way down Concord Street to where he had left Linda waiting in the car. She was happy to see me with him. I got into the backseat with her and she massaged my thigh while her husband drove to the Harbourview Inn.

In no time we were in my suite — I had two days left to enjoy it — and Marvin made an excuse that he had some errands to run and left us alone.

“So this is where you’re holed up,” said Linda as she took my hand and led me to bed. “Quite cozy. Have you had any women in here yet?”

“No. You’re the first.”

I was caressing her breasts through her colorful dress. She pushed me to lie on my back, ran her hand over my crotch, then got to unzipping my fly.

“Let’s see about giving you some perfect southern hospitality then.”

She wasted no time digging out my cock and lathering it with her tongue and lips. I caressed her hair away from her face. She managed to unbuckle my belt and push my pants and boxers down my thighs while she got on her elbows and knees and dug into swallowing me. My cock grew ramrod stiff in her mouth within seconds. She sucked me like a vixen. I pushed her dress up her rump and was surprised to see she wore nothing underneath. Or perhaps she took her panties off when she saw Marvin bringing me to her.

Linda stroked my shaft while still rolling her lips around my penis head. I came spontaneously in her mouth. She gulped and drained every ounce of spurt I fed her. I lay there gasping and sweating. When she was done, she came and lay beside me.

“I hope you enjoyed that.”

“Oh yeah, I very much did. But I think it’s my turn to do you.”

I climbed down from the bed and got out of my clothes. Linda wanted to do the same with her dress but I told her to leave it on; she looked so sexy in it — her dress of many colours.

I rested her meaty thighs over my shoulders and buried my face into her pussy. Linda jerked as if she had been goosed. She gasped and caressed my head as I went to work probing her cunt with my tongue. Her gut kept pushing against my face, but I didn’t mind. My cock grew hard again. When it felt hard enough, I came up for air and she maneuvered backwards on the bed and held her legs apart for me to introduce myself.

Ugghhh! . . . Uuhhhgghhh!

Her pussy felt tight . . . But just a couple more thrusts and I was making her squirt buckets. Linda grabbed my shoulders and jerked her hips roughly towards me. Her moans grew louder and more frantic than ever.

“Awwhhh yeah . . . Yes, fuck my pussy! Go on, fuck that pussy, babe!”

“Yeah, I’m fucking it. Uhh! You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you?”

“You better believe it, babe. I love African men. Too bad I’ve never fucked one before. Oohhh, gimme that big black dick!”

“I’m going to give it to you.”

“Yes! Awhhhh yes! Give it to me!”

I went ahead fucking Linda as hard as my hips would allow. My eyes never left her tits bouncing underneath her dress.

Linda moaned at my face;

We kissed each other hard;

We turned over and continued fucking.

I almost didn’t want to cum. But unfortunately I did. Eventually. I ejaculated inside her.

I looked up and saw Marvin standing by the doorway. I ran a hand across my face and it came away damp with sweat.

“How long have you been there?” I asked.

“Not that long. May I clean you up?”

He didn’t wait for my answer. He came across the room and knelt before me and sucked my cock. Linda moved off the bed and she knelt beside him to clean my shaft.

“This is a real African cock, darling,” she purred.

“Yes, it is, honey,” Marvin replied.

Outside, thunder roared and the rain poured down.

Thank you for enjoying. And yes, the story did happen for real.

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