Leaving it between the sheets

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“Did I satisfy you?" my lover asks.

"Yes, I can still feel you. Oh my God, you filled me so full," I reply in a shaky voice.

"Why are you crying? Did I hurt you?" I can hear the concern in his voice.

"No, no, I've just never felt like this before. I feel like I am still cumming," I reassure him. "I really needed you."

"I would never forgive myself if I hurt you. Why are you still crying?" His question is sincere.

I can't answer. All I can do is bury my face in his chest, and rest my head on his arm. He removes his other arm from around my waist, raises his hand and strokes my hair. This beautiful gesture causes me to weep fresh tears and prolongs my quiet trembling. He holds me tighter, realizing that I must let my emotions run their course.

In his arms I relax and attempt to memorize this moment in time. The smoothness of his chest, the temperature of his breath, his scent. I'll never have another moment like this. I'll never again feel the intensity of relief and release that this afternoon has brought me. I cannot lose this happiness.

"Do you feel better?" my lover asks when my weeping subsides.

I nod my head into his body. He laughs softly and kisses the top of my head. “You are so lovely and sweet,” he tells me, and I know his words are genuine.

"When we first lay down together, what were you thinking?" this beautiful man asks.

Having found my voice, I reply, "I hoped I would please you."

"When I began removing your clothes, what were you feeling?" I hear the trepidation underlying his curiosity.

"Excitement, anticipation, hot, cold, North, South, East and West."

He laughs quietly once again. "You are darling, a breath of fresh air. Would you like to know what I was thinking?"


"I was thinking what a lucky man I am to have this beautiful woman with me."

I smile and run my hand across his chest.

"Would you like to know how I was feeling?" he continues.

"Yes, please."

"I was feeling grateful that such a beautiful woman wanted me to touch her, to give her delight."

I gasp at such candid words and there is a sharp clutching in my cunt. My hand slides down his belly.

It is his turn to gasp. "What are you thinking?"

"That I need you inside of me," I admit weakly.

"What are you feeling?"

"That I will die if you don't fuck me again." I raise my head from his arm, and my hand encircles his prick, which is hot and hard again.

Our eyes lock and will remain locked until I cum. When my cunt becomes my universe and I throw back my head with joy. Until then, seeing into someone’s soul is truly when two join as one, and I cherish it.

I stroke his cock with firm speed and feel his stomach muscles tighten. His rough hand makes haste to my clit and with ease coaxes it to swell even larger than before. I am being pleasured, and I moan.

A finger enters my pussy, and my secret lips pull it in past the knuckle. It does not enter and exit like a prick would, it wriggles in a clockwise motion. My moaning is guttural as a second digit slips into my wetness. I silently pray for a third.

Through my eyes this man can read my thoughts, and another finger takes its place alongside its brothers as my lover rises and rests on his knees. His fingers curl and press upwards, his free hand comfortably pressing down on my tummy. His hands are working man rough but so, so tender. I pump his cock harder and with a quickened rhythm. He growls like a lion.

The motion in my pussy is more consistent now, and quicker. I recognize the sound that is beginning to come from below. He breaks our gaze as he bows his head and licks my thoroughly engorged clit. I scream as my waterfall lets loose. I scream like an animal as he laps up my juices hungrily while his face is bathed in them. I thank the universe that he is pleased with my gift.

I feel a wide forefinger enter my ass gently. I know how smooth it feels in there compared to the texture in my cunt, where the thumb of that hand is now buried deeply. They move in and out in unison.

My eyes open wide in surprise as I meet his gaze. "Do you like that?" he asks. I cannot form words, yet he knows that I do and moves his finger and thumb faster. He can sense that I am on the cusp of my second cumming.

As my eyes close and my back arches to a bone breaking degree, he rolls onto his back and lifts me on top of him all in one motion. I impale myself on his throbbing cock and milk it for all it is worth. He clutches my ass with his strong hands and spreads me wide. Our thrusts collide and my pussy is pounded like never before.

I feel sweet pain as my orgasm builds, and he grunts loudly in a voice of possession. He lifts me off his cock and sprays my snatch with his cum. Feeling his essence splatter on me increases my own need, and I cum with him. I cum needing no touch. My fluids mingle with his and puddles appear on his belly. He lowers me down and my thighs, my holes and my bud are awash in the product of our realized desires.

I am weak and fall forwards till my head is on his shoulder and I cover his neck in kisses. His arms encircle me like a sea around a shore.

We are spent, but the clock tells me it's time to leave. My disappointment is apparent as I dismount heaven and unsteadily walk into the bathroom. I return with two towels, one for him and one for me. There is no time for showering, I am running dangerously late.

We clean ourselves the best we can and hurriedly pull on our clothes. We are fast in our descent down the three flights of stairs and out the front door to the street.

In the blink of an eye he settles me into the backseat of his cab and rushes to his place behind the steering wheel. Fortunately there is very little traffic, and we make it to the airport just in time. He pulls to the curb and lets the motor idle. He helps me out of the cab and removes my suitcases from the trunk. I hold out my payment for the fare, but he waves it away telling me that there is no need, the ride was free.

We know we will never meet again, so we don't attempt the useless charade. I grab my bags and turn away, running for the entrance. Over my shoulder I yell, "Thank you for letting me be a guest in your home. This afternoon was wonderful." He smiles and waves goodbye.

I make it to my gate just as they are closing the door to the plane’s passageway. There was no time to check my luggage, so an employee grabs my cases as I whisk by. They won't be landing with me in Denver, but I don't care.

A perturbed flight attendant rushes me to my seat and reminds me to buckle up. I am still panting. My neighbor turns and stares at my two undone blouse buttons and messy hair. I laugh to myself and wonder if he can smell my sex. With my spine instinctively arched, I tilt my head and rest it on the back of my seat with a smile on my lips.

I continue to feel the fullness of my lover inside of me and savor it on the flight home. I know I will lose this feeling when we land and I am forced to face the reality of my life. I understand that I'll never feel this way again and it saddens me. But one afternoon of glory can last a lifetime if I refuse to let the memory fade. And I will forever refuse.

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