La Sagrada Familia

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photo: SexArt

He unlocked the door to his place and laced his fingers in mine as he drew me inside and I suddenly found myself out of breath. Whether it was from the wine at dinner or the way he was looking at me I couldn’t be sure, but I found myself taking a deep shaky breath.

I broke his gaze and glanced around to take in the place he called home. Definitely a minimalist, I noted to myself as I took in a giant kitchen island with a concrete counter top that had not one thing on it. Turning to face the rest of the expansive studio I heard myself gasp. There I was, staring out of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that looked directly through the park at La Sagrada Familia.

The recess lighting in the apartment cast a soft glow allowing for the lights of the most famous basilica in Spain to mesmerize me. The sliders were open, and a gentle breeze came and wrapped itself around me. I vaguely heard the pop of a cork as I stood frozen, drinking in the view.

“Magnifico, no?” I heard him say as he slipped a glass of red wine into my hand. I nodded as I took a deep sip and let the smooth red liquid slide down my throat and warm my insides. He turned from me to the record player sitting on the side table and with expert fingers meticulously chose one and slipped it into the player. As the sounds of saxophones filled my ears, he grabbed my hand again and led me to the biggest cream colored sofa I had ever seen. I lowered myself onto the cloud that most humans would refer to as a couch, and started asking him about Gaudí and what drew him to Barcelona.

I am drunk, I decided. Not the kind of drunk where one should get oneself home but the kind of drunk that fills your senses, heightening them. I had my shoes off, feet curled under me with my third glass of wine, and had never felt more comfortable. It was 4am in Barcelona, something that at home would be considered an extremely late night but here was something that I was coming to learn was considered a norm. We had been talking for the last four hours about anything and everything, finishing sentences and deep diving into topics we were both surprisingly passionate about.

I suddenly found my hand once again in his, as he traced the outline of my fingers, his eyes locked on mine, that gaze once again making me feel breathless. I smiled as I gently pulled my hand from his and stood, the practical person in me deciding that I needed to go home. As I grabbed the glasses and walked them toward his kitchen, I heard him get up and follow me.

I set the glasses down in the sink as his hands were suddenly on my forearms and began to trail up my arms and rest gently on my shoulders, twirling themselves around the thin straps of my sun dress.

I felt his breath on my neck as he leaned in and whispered, “Fue una noche maravillosa,” and I felt my insides melt. Why did everything have to be sexier in Spanish? His lips brushed against my ear and I heard myself let out a little gasp.

Mustering the little courage I had left, I turned to face him to say goodnight. As I turned, he somehow managed to pull the straps of my dress over my shoulders and he lowered his lips, tracing his tongue along the curve of my collarbone and up my neck to nestle his lips behind the curve of my ear. I felt my head roll back and a small moan escape.

Man, I am a goner, I thought to myself as he slipped my dress the rest of the way down leaving me naked except for my thin black lace thong I had on. I watched him stand back and look me up and down, not in appraisal or approval but more like he was drinking in every part of me. In most situations this sort of nudity would make me feel vulnerable and perhaps uncomfortable, but here, in front of La Sagrada Familia, I felt empowered.

I stepped out of my dress that was now crumpled on the floor and walked to him. I ran my hands up his chest to the collar of his shirt and met his gaze as I began to unbutton it one by one. The black silk fell open to reveal a chiseled golden chest with just enough black hair to make me want to curl my fingers around it.

With that thought fleeting through my mind he suddenly wrapped his arms underneath me and set me on his counter top. The cold concrete electrified my body and I heard myself gasp again as he climbed onto the counter and slowly laid me down. His fingers followed his lips as they began to trace my body, starting again at my neck, working his way down. His tongue enveloped my nipple and I moaned as his hand cupped my other breast. His tongue continued to ply, pull and nibble, making my breath come out fast and hot. Just when I was about to implode, he stopped. I groaned and found myself looking at him half in annoyance and half in surprise, and he grinned at me with such a wicked little smile that I couldn’t help but laugh.

He continued to work his way down, leaving kisses all over my stomach. He reached the top of my undies and somehow managed to have the lace in his mouth; I looked at him as he expertly peeled the lace off with his mouth, all the way down to my toes, and dropped them to the floor out of sight.

He murmured, “dedos bonitos,” as he trailed his tongue across the arch of my foot. I gasped, never having experienced that sensation before, as he moved from the left to the right and nibbled on my toes. I felt my eyes close as I took in this intoxicating sensation. Suddenly his lips were moving again, up my legs, around the back of my knees, and my eyes rolled back in my head.

His lips reached my thighs and I unconsciously parted my legs for him and he began kissing the insides of my thighs, slowly working his way to the center. The map he’d just made on my body with his mouth had left me quivering and wet with anticipation.

He slowly flicked his tongue over me and I heard my mouth moan his name. As his tongue started from below and slid up into my wet cunt I lost it, the intense rolling of my orgasm vibrating into him. He chuckled as he kissed my thigh as he slid his fingers into me and worked his way back up to my mouth. He stared into my eyes as his fingers brought me to another rolling orgasm and just as I was about to cum again his mouth lowered to mine and his lips enveloped me, riding out my wave.

He brought his hand up to cup my face and I felt myself grab his hand, lowering my tongue to his fingers, tasting myself. Bringing my lips to his, I gently slid my tongue into his mouth, so we could share the taste together.

As he gently slipped himself inside me, I arched to meet him. Slow and gentle at first, he rocked back and forth and everything came into focus, the smooth jazz mixing with our breathing sounds like magic while the breeze from the balcony tangled itself between us as we began to meet each other, two bodies molding into one combined dance. As I felt myself climbing higher and higher, I rolled my head back and drank in La Sagrada Familia one more time as I heard us both say each other’s name and pummel over the edge together.

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