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Gavin was glad that his girlfriend Ciara had signed up for an acting class, after taking a two-year break from pursuing acting. He was glad because he knew what it would mean — she would be getting a “scene partner”, some hot LA acting guy who would come over and they would rehearse their scene and who knows, maybe the scene would end in a kiss.

The idea of it really turned Gavin on. Which was weird, because when it had actually happened, a couple of years earlier, when Ciara was in a play and made out with her co-star at the cast party and Gavin witnessed the event, even though everybody was drunk and it seemed to happen in a blur, it did make him very angry. He had even thought about breaking up with her back then. She had apologized and blamed the liquor.

But a few weeks later he saw an email that she had been writing to him. Tech is always the downfall of the cheater. Apparently, she had been writing her “co-star” this email which was to tell him that they could not sleep together any more — Gavin’s heart jumped out of his chest when he read that line — sleep together! WTF.

So what seemed to have happened is that her laptop had crashed. And when Gavin rebooted her laptop because he just needed to jot something down in Word and his laptop was in the other room, what came up was a restoration of this draft email.

Ciara was mortified. She had been found out. She made a clean breast of it. They had fucked about five times during rehearsals and the run of the play. But now that the play was over, it was over. They didn’t have anything in common; they didn’t even like each other.

Gavin moved out. He was so hurt and angry. He told her he could never trust her. Called her a slut. Et cetera.

But fast forward a few months and they were back together, all was forgotten and she had a proper job at a media company and seemed to have given up the whole acting dream anyhow.

Funny thing, though, as the months went on, Gavin began to think of this cheating on him that Ciara had done, and it had begun to be not a source of pain, but a source of arousal. It had to be admitted, that actor was way hotter than Gavin. Gavin was an ordinary looking guy. The actor that Ciara cheated with had played the hunky guy on a popular American sitcom. Gavin took to masturbating, and thinking of Ciara and him together, at his place, rehearsing the scenes, making out, going a little further, him sucking her tits. She stopping it. This is the way, he had learned through extensive interrogations, that the affair took place. It took them like thirty times to go all the way past the hemming and hawing and get to an actual blow job. Then another thirty to get to fucking. Finally they fucked like crazed owls for about a week and then the play was over. That kissing he had seen at the cast party, that was the actor saying good bye to Ciara. They never fooled around again.

Gavin now had wished he hadn’t been such a little bitch about it. His greatest wish, as he masturbated, was that he had said, why don’t you invite that guy over here and we’ll both fuck you? Or I’ll watch him fuck you. Or at least suck his dick. Hell, why don’t we both suck his dick together? Or something. Let’s do something crazy.

But no, he had been a sulky little bitch about it. And caused a lot of drama. And now, his greatest wish, that Ciara would cheat on him again, was extremely unlikely. Gavin had really run her through the coals last time she cheated. Why on earth would she do that again?

Gavin was excited then, when she told him about the class.

“I’m not serious,” she said. “I’m not an actor any more. But I just want to have some fun. I feel like I’ve gotten into a little rut.”

Gavin knew what she meant. The sex between them had gotten routine. But sometimes when fucking her Gavin had imagined that he was that actor, and it was very good for him. Other times she had role played with him — she was an actress after all — and pretended she was fucking the lifeguard or the guy at Trader Joes. They had fun.

But now something might really happen, thought Gavin.

And damn if he wasn’t right.

After the first class meeting she let on that there was a cute guy in the class, Justin, and she was happy that she had gotten assigned a scene with him. They would be doing it in class next week. She wasn’t going over to his house to rehearse or anything. It wasn’t like that. They would just be rehearsing the scene in the studio during class.

But after class they did hang out for about half an hour, she admitted. She had learned that he had come out here from New York and was thinking of going back, because he liked theatre acting and TV and film wasn’t really for him.

He was working at a bar.

That sort of thing.

Gavin looked him up on IMBD and sure enough, he was very hot and very handsome, the way Ciara seemed to like them.

“Listen, Ciara,” he told her earnestly the morning before she went to the next class, “if you want to ask Justin out for lunch afterwards, or coffee, and if you want to hang out with him, I don’t mind. I promise.”

She looked at him skeptically.

“Why would I want to do that?”

And Gavin admitted to her then that he had been fantasizing about it. That it turned him on. And that he had changed since the cheating incident and now he didn’t see it as a betrayal, but he saw it as Ciara enjoying herself and him enjoying himself vicariously through her.

“Kind of like porn,” he explained, “but different. Real life porn, I guess. Starring you. With another guy. It’s called cuckoldry.”

“Hmmm,” she said, cocking her head curiously. “I’m not sure how I feel about any of that. But…I’ll tell you what, I’ll text you if we go out for coffee afterwards.”

“You don’t have to. The class ends at 1pm. If you’re not home by 1:30, I’ll assume that you went out with Justin. Just have fun. Do whatever. Consider yourself completely free. A free pass. I want you to do it.”

“Do what?”

“Fuck him,” Gavin said.

Ciara looked shocked.

“Fuck him! I just met him. And I’m with you. I’m not gonna fuck him, Gavin!”

Gavin was embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

There was a moment of silence. She broke it with a joke.

“I might suck his dick,” she said. “But I am definitely not going to fuck him.”

They laughed and Gavin hugged her and told her goodbye. Off she went to her acting class.

Gavin masturbated in bed, but didn’t allow himself to cum. He just stayed on the edge, imagining Ciara and Justin going out for coffee. Et cetera.

At 1:45 she was still not home, and Gavin masturbated even harder. And stopped himself even closer to the edge. He could look right down over the edge of orgasm, but he held himself back, as he imagined what his girlfriend would say when she finally texted or called at the end of their “coffee” or whatever they were doing. Would she text him that she was coming home, but that they had “made out”? That was a great one. Gavin imagined that she was telling him she had made out with another guy. And it filled him with arousal and pleasure. Then in another fantasy, he imagined getting a text. “He asked me back to his place. Question mark.” He imagined himself replying. “Go!” And her, “Are you sure?” “Yes!” “You won’t be mad?” “Hell, no. I’ll be mad if you don’t go. My dick is throbbing.” “You’re weird.” “I know.” “OK.”

So that’s how it went in his mind. Soon it was 3pm. Then four o’clock and she hadn’t checked in. Gavin’s chest was pounding in ecstasy now, as he held himself on the edge. She must be with Justin, he figured. He was taking off her blouse, unbuttoning her bra, sucking her lovely nipples, putting his hand up her skirt, underneath her panties. Pulling her panties off. Sucking her pussy. She was sucking his big dick. And then he was going to fuck her. But she hesitated. She wasn’t sure they should. So he eats her some more. And then she cums. And before she knows it, he is fucking her with his big cock. And it’s kind of awesome.


Gavin forgot about the “edge” and came by mistake. All over the bed. It was four huge geysers of cum, after that long afternoon of fapping.

He felt depressed then. He wished he hadn’t cum. Now the idea of Ciara out with this fuckhead Justin seemed disgusting.

But that went away after a few minutes, and soon Gavin was masturbating again.

Then his phone rang. It was Ciara. He leaped for it.

“Hey, what’s up?”

There was a pause.

“We’re in bed together,” she said, in a quiet voice. “I just wanted to check…are you absolutely sure you won’t get mad at me…if we, you know. Do you promise? I really don’t want to make you mad at me.”

“I promise,” Gavin said. “Free pass. Go for it.”

“OK, thanks, bye,” she said. And she hung up.

Oh my God! Gavin was in heaven. His girlfriend was about to get fucked. They must have been naked in bed together. They’d done all the oral. She sounded like she’d orgasmed a bunch already. She cums like crazy during oral, Gavin knew. And then her voice gets low and soft and husky like that. But now Justin was next to her with his hard cock, dying to put it in, and she had hesitated. And called just to make sure.

Green light! Green light! Go!

It was dark by the time Ciara came home. Gavin was in the kitchen waiting.

“How was it?” he said.

“Oh my God,” she said. “Oh my God.”

“That good?”

She nodded.

“Did he cum in you?”

She nodded again.


She shook her head.

She held up three fingers. It made sense. She’d been at his place for hours. Of course he’d fucked her three times. Gavin remembered the first time he’d gone to bed with Ciara. She was the most sexy woman he had ever been with. Fucking her was like going to heaven. He had fucked her four times that first time. Once regular, once from behind, once with her on top, and once in the ass. Yes, she was sexually adventurous and wonderful, his girlfriend. And this proved it even more.

“I want to taste you,” he said. “I want to smell him on you.”

She came over to him and he put his face against her, and breathed in that odor of the third party, Justin. She smelled like sex, and like another man. She smelled like cum.

Soon Gavin had pulled her panties off and was licking her pussy. He could taste the salty taste of him.

“You sure you’re not mad?” she said, moaning as he ate her pussy.


He looked up at her with wild eyes.

“I’m the happiest man who ever lived!”

Then he put his mouth back into her pussy and licked and licked.

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