Kneeling before a g.o.d.

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I am always on my hands and knees when I’m in the presence of my Black god. He is the one I serve, the one I honor and crave — Master Shango.

And it is not only I; my husband Ken serves him too.

Our mornings usually begin like this:

Ken comes into the master bedroom to draw open the curtains. Since our Master moved in, my husband has been sleeping on a cot down in the basement game room; the main bedroom is our Master’s den now. I get to share the bed with him, along with any other woman he desires to invite to our home.

I awake with my head pressed against his chest. Ken patters clumsily about the room picking up discarded clothes here and there, trying his best not to make much noise. He bows at Master Shango and says good morning; Master usually responds with a grunt, then pulls me into his arms for a morning fuck.

So strong, so virile Master Shango is. As for me, I’m always happy and ready to please. His cock comes alive in my hand. Into my mouth it goes and I work my tongue and lips until it grows turgid. He caresses my head as I suck his cock down to his balls. I elicit a moan from him — he always loves it when I deepthroat his cock; it shows that he’s taught me well. I get to fondle his balls too, while breathing in the raw, musky smell of his manliness.

Usually while I’m lost in this, I’ll notice that Ken hasn’t left the room. My cuck is awfully jealous when he sees how much I get to pleasure our Master in bed. I don’t need to glance at him to know that he’s licking his lips, itching for a taste. Sometimes I snap at him to go clean the rest of the house or something. But that’s only if he did something lately to piss me off. When I’m in a good mood, I do let him get a bit of a taste. Today happens to be one of those days, so I beckon him over and allow him to suck Master’s cock for a minute before shooing him away to go finish his chores. He thanks me, then leaves us alone.

Master loves it when I ride him in the morning. Once I’ve sucked his cock hard, I straddle him and take it in my pussy.

Uuhhhh . . . So hard!

His cock is just sooooo unbelievable!

I could ride him forever and never stop!

His hands squeeze my butt cheeks. He smacks my ass hard — his way of urging me to ride him harder. I will, but first I need to get used to the girth of his cock stretching me. Every time we fuck, it feels so much like the first time.

To taste my Master’s cock for the first time is to want him; to fuck his cock is an experience you just want to treasure, and repeat over and over again. In no time I’m riding him so hard, feeling his cock slam into me. I can hear myself whimpering and screaming his name . . . Feeling his cock all the way in my throat . . . And still I want more.

I crave my Master like the sun.

I beg for his cock like water.

I fall forward caressing his face while he thrusts into me harder.

I fall to my side and he climbs on top of me. His cock crushes my pussy. I do scream, but it’s all for pleasure. His cock makes me feel so good — I am honored to take him inside me. We roll across the bed. He turns me over on my elbows and knees and pounds me viciously until I almost want to pass out. I squirt buckets and still he doesn’t care. He is more than a Viking warrior; he is an African god. He pumps his rich semen inside me, and I thank him for it, then go in search of my husband.

I find Ken vacuuming the living room. He drops what he’s doing, and comes and eats my pussy, licking up every drop. We share a kiss and I taste our Master’s essence on his lips.

“Thank you, Mistress,” says Ken.

“Not me,” I correct him. “Thank Master instead.”

I go into the kitchen to start making breakfast for our king.

Master Shango has a stable of women around the city to satisfy him. He can visit any of their homes to spend time with them, which he often does, but we are special to him.

After breakfast, Ken gets dressed and heads off to work while I get to play with Master Shango. He calls up any of his women around who are free to drop by. I helped find some of them for him. They are usually lonely wives who aren’t getting any satisfaction from their men. Shango is capable of fulfilling their needs. They come over and they get to kneel in his presence, and beg to be fucked by him. Shango is always benevolent enough to grant them this wish.

A white boy calls Master’s phone while he is busy fucking a newlywed brunette in the bedroom. I leave the room with his phone to take the call for him:

“Who’s this?”

“Hi. Excuse me, I’d like to speak with Master Shango. My name is Frank.”

“Master Shango is busy right now. What do you want?”

“Well . . . I’d like to know if I can send my girlfriend over to him? She’s dying to meet him.”

“Do you have an appointment already? Master Shango is awfully busy.”

“Yes, we did talk yesterday. He told me to call before coming.”

“Do you know the address, boy?”

“Yes, ma’am. I do.”

“Is your bitch with you?”

“Yes, ma’am, she is.”

“Bring her over then. But leave her at the front door; ain’t no white boys allowed in here.”

I hang up after that.

An hour later the doorbell rings. A redhead slut is at the door waving goodbye to her boyfriend who’s dropped her off. We shake hands and I lead her inside. Master Shango has just finished with the brunette. I enter the room and tell him about the redhead.

“Send her in,” he says. “Then go make me some lunch.”

“Yes, Master.” I bow my head, then return to the redhead standing out in the corridor.

“Master Shango will see you now.”

She smiles as she walks past me into the bedroom. I’m happy as I head down the stairs to go do my Master’s bidding.

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