Feed Me: The Climax

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photo: The Life Erotic

I opened my mouth and waited, lips trembling. I heard the soft whisper of his hand on his cock, his breath rising and falling with each stroke. Every vein, every ridge and skin landmark flashed vividly behind the blindfold.

“Put out your tongue,” he said. I did so and was rewarded with the heavy weight resting fully on me. Not even his hands in my hair…yet. They must be on his hips as he stood over me, expecting my best work. I squirmed again, waiting for my orders. He was never in a hurry.

“Lick me, baby,” came the hoarse command. “Taste what you’ve done.”

I lapped at the tip eagerly. There was a light, sticky drop there and I savored it, running my tongue around and around and pressing the liquid to the roof of my mouth. Back and forth with my tongue then I grabbed at it, willing more drops with eager suckles.

“Yes, yes, sweetheart,” he encouraged. “Suck the head just like that. Around the ridge and the slit.” I moaned at that and clamped my lips around him. The head…one of my favorite things in the whole world. So smooth and satisfying. Beautifully shaped, a perfect fit for my mouth. I snaked my tongue under the ridge and found the puckered skin underneath the slit, building up a rhythm with sucking and rubbing. We were both moaning now. My body swayed against the bondage tape as my head bobbed and his hands finally went into my hair, moving my mouth the way he liked. I relaxed and my pussy gushed in response. His control always did that.

Then he pushed into my mouth a little further and I was sucking him, in and out, with loud slurps. Spit dropped onto my knees. Moans and groans filled the room as his hands tightened in my hair and I mumbled around his cock. Having no eyesight made me actually aware of every twitch, throb, and catch in his breath. Suddenly he pulled out…

…and his cock slapped onto my face.

“Looks so sexy there, baby,” he whispered. “Feel how hard you make me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I gulped, as that warm, solid flesh trailed stickiness over my cheek and forehead. I put out my tongue, tried to lick him. In answer he pulled me closer til his balls crushed against my lips.

“Ummmmm,” was my response and then I was sucking and licking there, too, completely absorbed in the tight globes rolling around my mouth. He rotated my head, stroked his cock, let it fall repeatedly on my face and I started to get delirious. My mouth was full of that taste that was only ours…his skin mixed with my own saliva.

“You need it, don’t you, baby?” he said, as if reading my thoughts.

“Yes, Sir.”

“You want it bad, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, please…”

“Good girl,” he said, softly. “Don’t let me take it out again.”

I clamped down on it with my most vigorous suction. He moved his hips away, as if to test me, and my head followed. A loud groan sounded above me and I pulled on the tape again. I wanted to squeeze him, stroke him, drive him out of his mind and all I had was my mouth…

“Suck me, baby.” And I was calm again at his voice.

We built up a rhythm. Sometimes he moved in and out, sometimes he stood still and I went after him. I’m not sure how long he kept me there but I do know the only thing that mattered to me was the harsh sounds and strident breathing that paced my efforts. I breathed around him, inhaled him, worked myself into a froth as I chased my reward. My arms ached being above my head for so long but I barely noticed them. I wanted his invasion, his ownership.

And soon he took over my movements. Kept my head still as he moved in and out of my mouth, swelled and pulsed at the back of my throat, teasing it before retreating to my lips again. I bounced up and down on my knees in effort to be exactly where he wanted each time. Occasionally he brushed my crinkled nipples, not enough to make me cum, but just enough to make me buck and grind into his hands. I was a storm of sensation, looking for release within his grasp.

“Tell me what you want.” He stopped and waited for my answer. I couldn’t move away. He was still in my mouth, hands in my hair.

“Pleash,” I said around his cock. “Pleash feedth me. I want your cumfhmpp.”

“Good girl.”

Suddenly he felt bigger. His breath was harsher, strokes shorter and quicker. My pussy was now formless, a simple flash of warm liquid answering the taste in my mouth. I moaned around his cock and his voice changed. That struggle for control. It was my aphrodisiac.

“Fuck, baby!” He kept pumping my mouth. Not deep. Just a few inches. Smoothly in and out. He belonged there. “FUCK!”

It was going to happen. Please…please

“Fuck, baby, you’re going to make me cum!”

Another few short strokes and he stayed in my mouth, head on my tongue, and began to let go. The spurt hit the back of my throat and I gulped him down, still breathing in time as he had trained me. And I grabbed onto that head and sucked for dear life, wanting every drop. He groaned and shuddered, bent almost completely over as he unloaded what seemed like a week of cum. I tried to keep up with the flood as it disappeared down my throat.

“Fuck. Fuck, baby.” His voice was softer now. He was relaxing on my tongue. The spurts were gone and I sucked delicately on the head, trying to clean it off.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Suck me dry.” I licked the shaft and swallowed him down, gently. Everything belonged inside me. I had earned it. His breathing gradually slowed, his hands roamed over me tenderly. Finally he pulled out and touched my lips. I panted quietly, coming down from my own delirious high.

“Show me, baby.”

I opened my mouth. There was nothing in there. I had taken everything.

“Good girl.” He fumbled with the rope and my hands fell as he knelt down in front of me. Then he took the blindfold off and was kissing my eyes, rubbing my wrists as I slowly returned to reality. His lips were warm and gentle, soft all over my face and his breath trembled. He found my mouth and we kissed deeply, once again breathing and moving in unison. My arms went around his neck and his around my waist as we stayed there on the floor, locked together in the sweetest embrace.

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