That One Fateful Night

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Where do I begin . . .

I couldn’t believe how serious Jamal was when he talked about wanting to come to my home and fuck me in my bedroom in front of my husband, Kyle. And Kyle, to my surprise, agreed to it. He had been wanting this for a long time, he later told me.

Jamal and I have been seeing each other, but always with me going to his place. This time he came to my home and Kyle welcomed him in. There was no fuss, no muss. Jamal entered my home like he lived in it, like our apartment was his, and my husband gave not one word of complaint. We went upstairs to the bedroom and he told me he wasn’t going to wear a condom this time. I foolishly agreed, thinking what harm would it be.

He bent me over the bed and fucked the hell out of me. He lay on his back and I rode his cock like I didn’t ever want to stop. It felt fucking good too. Kyle sat on a chair and watched. He took snapshots with his phone.

Jamal rolled on top of me and he fucked me and shot his load inside me. I could barely get up from the bed when he finished with me. He stayed over and fucked me all through the night. Kyle went out and got pizzas.

That was the night I got pregnant!

Or was it?

You see, Jamal wasn’t my only lover. There was Ike, Jeremy, Ralph, and Tyson. Sounds like I’m mentioning names in an R&B boy band, I know . . . What can I say: I love sex, and can’t get enough of it. Kyle is OK when it comes to using his tongue on me; when it comes to fucking, he’s fucking mediocre.

Kyle was flustered when he found out and I mentioned my lovers’ names to him. He knew I fucked around and was OK with it. He just never knew how many and it stunned him to imagine that I was a whore . . . especially when it comes to black men. My first lover back in high school had been a white boy, and that was the last time I had a white penis inside me (well, except for Kyle, but as I said, when it comes to the sack, he is ass-out!).

“What you’re saying is, there’s a chance any of those five guys could be the father?” Kyle asked me with an incredulous expression on his face.

“Yes, darling,” I replied. I ought to have been going crazy thinking about what I’d done, but I was as calm as a butterfly.

“Hold on . . . that day you fucked Jamal . . . that week . . . you’re telling me you fucked the other guys too?”

“Yes, I did.”

“But how come . . . did you invite any of them over? Did they fuck you here? If so, then how come I’m just finding out about them now?”

“I only fucked Jeremy and Ike here that week — you were at work at the time, so you never got to meet them, and I’m sorry I forgot to mention them to you. But you know how sour you get whenever I get to talking about my lovers, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but Julie . . . this is crazy. I mean . . . How the fuck are we going to know who’s the real dad?”

I had been contemplating that question already, and I was glad he asked.

“I’ve got two suggestions,” I purred. “We can wait till I get birth and then see who the baby actually resembles. Or . . .”

“Or . . .?”

“Or we can just invite the five of them over for one terrific gangbang and have them cum inside me. That way I get to have their seed and hope my baby gets a sample of each.”

Kyle threw his head back and laughed. “You’re serious?”

I nodded.

“Alright, let’s do it then. And I get to watch this time. Deal?”


I called up my five lovers and set up a date.

It was a Saturday. They arrived one after the other. Kyle gave each of them a drink and we sat in the living room waiting for everyone to arrive. None of my lovers knew each other. But I’d told them already why I wanted them to come over, without letting on that I was pregnant already. I introduced them and they shook hands like they were friends.

“If you’ll all follow me now,” I laughed as I led the way to the bedroom, taking off my clothes as I went.

Ralph was the first one out of his jacket.

Jamal peeled off his T-shirt.

Jeremy kicked off his shoes.

Ike yanked off his belt and started unbuttoning his pants.

Tyson already had his cock out and roughly pushed me to my knees to suck it.

In no time I was busy sucking, stroking, slurping on one black cock after another, purring while I did. Spit dribbled down my chin. I smacked my lips against any cock that got shoved into my mouth. My hands kept busy jerking whichever free cock I could grasp while my mouth attended to two cocks at a time. I was a rabid horny bitch before Kyle’s eyes as he stood across the room masturbating.

They called me filthy names, my lovers did:

“Dirty fucking bitch . . .”

“She’s such a horny slut . . .”

“Suck the chrome off that black dick . . .”

“Bet her pussy’s itching for it . . .”

Fingers slid underneath my ass to probe my pussy. I mewled in delight while coughing and gasping from the huge dicks jammed down my throat.

They threw me on the bed and Ike was the first to ram his cock into me. He knocked the wind out of me and as I was catching my breath, Jeremy stuck his thick pipe into my mouth. Ralph and Ike squeezed, groped and pinched my tits and bit my nipples. Jamal held my legs apart and when Ike had enough fun, he took his place and moved on top of me.

I can’t say whose cock was the biggest — to me they were all equally huge. No way that Kyle could ever compare with them.

They made me scream.

They made me holler louder than ever.

I climaxed over and over again.

Ike had me riding him in reverse and he stuck his cock in my ass while Tyson worked his into my cunt and they rode me like a sandwich. Tyson pumped his semen inside me and I screamed with delight. Jamal took his place. He grabbed me by my shoulders and thrust into me harder than ever. I could feel his cock stretching my womb.

They fucked every hole in my body and climaxed in my cunt, asshole and mouth multiple times. The final time, Ike dragged Kyle over and got him to eat my pussy.

They took a break and Kyle went into the kitchen to serve drinks and made them sandwiches too. I lay in bed with my legs spread, feeling their cum ooze out of me; I’d never been so used like I was that day. It was already dark outside but the fellas still had more stamina before calling it a day. They came at me again, and this time, Kyle helped with getting their cocks hard for me. They ended up turning him out that night.

Don’t worry, his story is for another day. Just know that my baby bump has gotten bigger and come this fall, I’ll be giving birth to a baby boy!

I still don’t know who the real dad is . . . frankly, I don’t care.

Do you?

I bid you welcome into 2018. I’ve missed you, as I bet you have me, too. Do clap for this story if you enjoyed it. There’s more coming, so I hope you don’t get tired too soon.

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