Friends of a Very Small Circle

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They had found their spark again. Champion was a special breed

Taylor answered the door after a decent interval but her enthusiasm was etched all over her face in bold strokes. She was almost giddy every time she got the chance to indulge herself like this. Garth had to be convinced at first but he was so amenable now. Not that she wasn’t going to have her way no matter what Garth thought, but it was more interesting to have him be a part of everything. They had really found their spark again; and Champion, well, he was of a special breed.

They were lucky he had liked them right away when they first met a month ago. He had decided to join them that same evening even though it meant him cancelling another engagement. He was all the rage in this small circle of aficionados but somebody had told him about her and that’s what got them to the head of the line, and tonight he was here again.

Taylor opened the door and couldn’t help but give him a smile and a warm hug when she saw him. He was dressed in black leather with a black cowboy hat and boots to match his charcoal skin. He was tall and muscular, some kind of martial arts fighter, and bow-legged. He doffed his hat to reveal his bald head, so shined that it gleamed under the light. He stepped through the door and took her hand, slowly lifting it to his mouth and caressing it with his lips. Nice to see you again Taylor, he said in a rich baritone. He looked across the room. What’s up, Garth?, he said. Garth nodded but said nothing. This was Taylor’s show. Neither of them minded that, but Taylor and Garth did have a few ground rules.

If she wanted to try something new she had to look over at Garth and let him nod his approval. It made him feel he wasn’t being disregarded. Garth nodded now and Taylor went for Champ’s fly. She pulled out his thick, black meat and admired him for a few seconds. She looked over at Garth one more time but didn’t wait for him to nod again. She took Champion’s uncut cock between her lips and felt the warm blood rushing down to greet her.

They watched her as she worked there, sucking his bone and making it swell, drawing back long strings of glistening saliva and giddily slurping them up again, until Champ was moaning with excitement and standing at full erection, signaling to them both he was ready to get to work. Garth smiled as Taylor let out a little whoop and pulled Champ across the room still holding on to his thirteen-inch cock, not willing to let go of it.

In two moves she had shed the few clothes she had on and pulled Champion on top of her. He was still fully clothed but she wasn’t interested in waiting that long. She wrapped herself around him and pulled at his shoulders until her eyes rolled back in her head. Champ looked over at Garth, just checking; Garth nodded and Champ started working at a quick pace. Taylor began making wispy sounds; she formed a little O with her lips. Champ changed up the rhythm, giving it to her and then holding it back, making her wait and making her beg and making her crazy.

Garth watched without much emotion but he had his own way of telegraphing that he was enjoying it, stroking his own ample cock as if he were Champ laying into his wife. Taylor was way past decorum; she grunted, squealed, and dug her nails into Champ’s back, drawing blood. She made little exhalation sounds in accompaniment to the slapping rhythm Champ was making against her pussy lips. He put his full weight into her and pushed down until she felt he would split her wide open. After a few minutes she began to convulse a little. Champ looked into her eyes, searching her, seeing she was ready. She looked over at Garth. Garth nodded and she looked back to Champ.

Spunk up in me!, she screamed. Do it! Champ gave a few more powerful thrusts and her toes curled behind his back as he filled her up with his hot, milky cream. She started coming as soon as she felt his liquid burning into her soft insides. She pushed out air in rhythm. She was not in control of her body anymore. Champ was. He hit her button a few more times and she let go completely, screaming as if possessed. She clawed at Champ, holding him hard between her legs like she would crush him, until finally she relaxed, dropping limp and quivering onto the bed.

She smiled up at him, no longer the elegant silver haired woman who had answered the door, but a 19-year-old girl, caressing his face in dreamy wonder. Champ looked over at Garth, who sat there in quiet fascination. Champ shot him a wink. Garth chuckled and got up to make drinks, pleased his wife was so happy. He was pretty happy himself. ***

Friends of a Very Small Circle is taken from the collection All These Are My Tears, the fourth volume of the Canvas Sextet Series.

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