Invisible Lust

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Red Man in Bed — Ericka Herazo

Lou lay back on his single bed with his eyes closed, trying to sleep, but failing miserably for the third morning in a row. He knew he would have to cut down on those caffeine pills to get him through the night shift. The heatwave that had hit the city over the past few days was also taking its toll on his sleep and the shitty fan on the desk across from his bed was doing nothing to alleviate his discomfort.

Just as he was close to slipping into some kind of semi-conscious state, he suddenly heard the sound of slow, heavy breathing next to him. He shot up into a sitting position, looking around the room for dark shadows. The haze of the morning sun began to slip through the split of his curtains as they fluttered against the open window. He saw nothing out of place.

The slow, heavy breaths moved up to follow him, resting at his ear.

“Don’t be scared,” a voice whispered softly in his ear.

Lou froze, muttering and cursing under his breath. “Are you a ghost?” His voice croaked, his throat drying up with the onset of panic.

“I’m invisible,” the voice responded. It was a male voice. For some inexplicable reason, Lou’s dick began to throb. The voice was very soft and sexy. He closed his eyes again and listened to the unseen force breathe slowly against his ear, feeling each breath, slow and ragged. He seemed to slip under some kind of spell as he became entranced by the breathing, the ache in his cock finally taking precedence over his fear and confusion.

The heavy breather sounded deeply aroused, causing Lou’s dick to rise slowly underneath the covers, hardening intensely as the tongue of whatever it was began to toy with his ear. Lou groaned.

“That’s it… just relax,” whispered the voice. “Now that your dick’s nice and hard, how about you let me suck it?”

Lou could hear a smile behind the voice towards the end of his question, accentuating the words ‘suck it’. At that, Lou nodded with urgency as he kicked back his bedcovers and switched on his bedside lamp. The bed creaked as knee shaped indents appeared either side of him. He felt his heavy, swollen balls being cupped, and watched in awe as they were gently rolled around under the skin. They looked wet and shiny as they were toyed with.

“I put some of your baby oil on my hands before I woke you,” whispered the sexy voice. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yeah,” murmured Lou. His eyes grew heavy with lust as the invisible hands played. He then felt a slippery wet, pointed tongue rotate on the tip of his dick.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” Lou groaned as he lifted his pelvis upward toward the source of the teasing. The tongue was followed by hot, wet lips wrapping around his tip, then slowly engulfing his hard shaft. Sliding down and down, right to his root, then tightly but slowly sliding back up. His dick began to glisten with saliva as he watched it being squeezed in a reciprocating motion. The deep grumbling base of the voice groaned against him, vibrating the core of his shaft, sending him to another realm. Every so often the mouth would pause with its lips at the base of Lou’s shaft, allowing him to revel in the wet heat cocooning his needy cock. He looked down to see a flood of saliva roll down the sides.

“Mmmm… looks so good,” he hissed.

He couldn’t understand how he could still see his dick when it was inside this man’s mouth, and couldn’t care less either. All logic could be denied for a while longer, he thought. He was being sucked off by an invisible man, for fuck’s sake!

He moaned as his pelvis began to buck upwards, now increasing in tempo. The man’s mouth responded in unison, matching his tempo, suck by suck, twisting Lou’s cock in his mouth. His hands soon joined in, stroking him off faster and faster, his voice groaning louder, mingling with Lou’s moans in the hot early morning air.

Finally, Lou let out a huge guttural groan as the final release of pressure surging through his cock rushed forth his seed, spurting it into the air; it appeared to freeze in suspended animation, then rippled forward to slowly disappear from sight.

Lou looked on in shock through his post-cum gasps. “What the fuck? Where did it go?” He finally threw his head back onto his pillow. “God! That was amazing!”

There was silence, then the sounds of one last suck as the mouth released its grip from Lou’s cock.

“Did you like that?” There was that voice again. Like velvet.

Lou moaned softly at the sound, and smiled, feeling his body finally begin to cool as sweat trickled down his smooth skin.

“God yes. That was amazing… the Working Ladies never do it like that! Who are you? What are you? Wh… why are you here… with me?”

“Those questions are for another time,” replied the voice.

The bed creaked as the knees removed themselves from either side of Lou.

“What?… You can’t go! Not just like that!” Lou pleaded.

All he could hear were footsteps padding toward the open window. The curtains briefly separated, then all was shadow once more.

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