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Controlling a Beautiful Man, continued…

“I took control of our man tonight,” I whispered to her as we lay in bed.

“I thought as much,” she whispered back. I had never met someone as intuitive as the Mrs. It seemed that nothing I did shocked or surprised her.

There was something special and sensuous about a whisper, even when it wasn’t required. Our guest had long since gone and so no one, except maybe the walls, was present to hear our conversation. Perhaps it was the desire for a certain kind of influence, with a little foreboding mixed in, that caused me to not speak above this level of sound when it came to Mr. Paul.

Yes, I had dominated him, and in the future he would be ours to play with. There was palpable awe to the whole thing, having not consciously known what my instincts had already known, namely how to exert my own power over another willing creature through intimacy. Mrs. Bladedigger could do it, but could I exhibit the same skill? Part of me didn’t truly take it seriously, but it was a sincere game if nothing else.

“We’ll have him over again soon,” I said.

“That would be nice,” she sighed.

I kissed my lady goodnight and she fell asleep almost instantly. I, however, retraced the evening in my head for a good while. I had taken the man in my own hands, quite literally, as someone who craved him, perhaps even more so than the good lady did. I had never given another man much more than a glance before, although I had been in the company of naked men quite frequently, being in the service of Mrs. Bladedigger, whose carnal appetites were legendary, if only within our close circle.

I had loved him like any other, I thought, and I had loved him like no other.

I shared my experience with Harmony, whose nonchalant ways put her on parallel with Mrs. Bladedigger — it was just a different version of the same devil-may-care attitude.

“Sounds like you’re a little obsessed with this man,” she said.

I had to admit she was probably right. All I could think about was finding the right pretext to have him over again. Our story was definitely not over. I couldn’t figure out where it was going to lead but I knew there was a tension that had not fully been released, even though I certainly released him with a skilled hand.

Finally, the opportunity arose; Mr. Paul’s band Kissed Her would be invited to play another benefit for the Mrs.’ charity and he would need to come over to discuss some particulars, as he was the band’s manager as well as frontman.

He arrived at the house punctually, thank goodness, because I didn’t want to have to scold him for tardiness. His manner was relaxed but respectful. We had dinner and spent some time relaxing in the den. We all knew why he was here: he was being tested after our last visit. How would he respond to returning to us? Would he be nervous? He handled himself perfectly, conducting himself with regards to our business discussions in a professional manner. The band was available and would be delighted to play at the next scheduled event.

“We’re really glad you’re here,” I said. “Now that we’ve concluded our business, it’s time to move to pleasure.”

I sat next to him on the couch and kissed him. The lady had moved to his other side and unbuttoned his shirt and playfully sucked and gently bit on his nipples. He was instantly aroused and I thought it only gentlemanly to release his manhood from its captive place. The lady devoured his cock with her eager mouth, much to our guest’s pleasure.

“Here, sir, let me undress you,” I said. I removed each article of clothing and folded them neatly nearby. I unzipped and removed the lady’s dress, bra, and panties, finally concluding with my own apparel. “Now, we’re completely naked,” I said.

“Completely,” he sighed, looking at my naked flesh.

He knelt before me on the rug and devoured my cock as eagerly as the lady had. Here was true admiration and respect. Suck my cock you devil, I thought. After several minutes of intense gratification, our guest lay down on the Oriental rug.

The lady climbed on top of him and with a deft hand inserted his cock into herself, steadying her hips and balancing the force of each lip of her labia, finally, confidently taking his whole manhood until it all but disappeared, save for his manly testicles. She rested her hands on his chest and began the process of making love to the man. Each time she had an orgasm she’d scream and tilt her head back. I’d say it was theatrical if I didn’t know the lady’s body so well. Her lower back muscles were so taut, and she did possess a very firm yet voluptuous ass. That is to say, there was no faking it; every single movement, sound, and expression had a purpose.

I casually played with myself while the lady was enjoying her ride. I whispered into her ear and asked her if he was satisfying her. She looked at me with loving eyes and so I knew then that he was.

I had made him orgasm, I thought, but would he do the same for me? I wanted to find out. What would he feel like? How would he do it? Filled with a powerful, blind attraction to this man I forgot all fear of this new experience. To me it was impossible to get caught up in hetero or homosexual limitations — I just wanted to be with the people I cared about and who cared about me. What was so odd or difficult about that? Nothing.

I made my presence known to him and he immediately motioned me over. I knelt beside him on the floor while our lady continued to ride our guest. He reached out a hand and grabbed my manhood and began to stroke it, just like I had done to him. I was red hot with desire for him. I decided to push the issue by taking over a bit of control and inserting myself into his mouth. He was eager! The tongue-love he gave my cock was unlike anything I had ever experienced before — better, perhaps, than any woman had previously accomplished. I could only groan in amazement. Perhaps I had been a little too pushy with him? If that were true, why would he be so tender yet ravenous? How did he feel about what was going on between us?

I glanced at my lady and she gave me a wry smile; nothing was amiss or unusual; in fact, the look on my face probably told the entire story — I was something like in love with this man, this man who came into our lives at exactly the right moment.

I came inside his mouth with a thundering fury I couldn’t believe. Next, it would be my turn to pay him the favor, so I got between his legs and fondled him, eventually taking him into my mouth. I was completely inexperienced of course, so I decided that the Mrs. should help, which made my lady very happy. We each took turns sucking him until he finally came! What a glorious adventure!

After things had settled down, we decided that our guest should spend the night, but we were all so energized that we sat up far too late talking, drinking and carrying on like lifelong friends.

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