Mirror, mirror on the wall…

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photo: MetArt

She takes my dick into her mouth and slurps on it with the refined taste of a gourmet. I hold her hair away from her face to get a better view in the reflection in the mirror. My hand on her back resonates with every convulsion and I marvel at the sight as she cups my balls before attempting to devour me all the way down her throat.

I see fire in her eyes as she moves up to sit on top of me.

Your dick has made me so horny…

I am incapable of describing what hearing that makes me feel. Not that I have much time to think. Before I have time to shake off the wave of lust washing over me, she presses her mouth onto mine, full contact, and kisses me in the Latina way she copied from me. I feel her hand on my tip, I feel the inviting wetness marking her entrance. Soon after, she hijacks my senses and takes over my world. I close my eyes and let everything go dark.

I knew that mirror had potential. It just needed to be placed a few meters closer to the action. I was reminded of it next morning, as it’s reflection revealed Bunny’s hand making its way down my belly, just to be confronted with my morning hardness. As someone who recognizes a possibility when it appears, she decided to say hi to my hard companion.

One thing led to another and she is now sizing up the length of my morning stiffness inside her. From her vocalization I‘m guessing she is liking the numbers. I look back at the mirror to see her hips rolling on me, hitting that angle to scratch her itch. My standing rod is disappearing inside her smooth pussy, coated in a shiny trail of wetness: an explosive mix of saliva, precum and natural lube.

She sits up all the way, my cowgirl, and holds onto my chest, as she shakes her head to free her face from the thick veil of hair. On her knees she looks up as if trying to find the truth in a little prayer. That truth soon comes rumbling down in the first orgasm of this morning. I hold her by the hips to feel the spasms as her body scoops for every last millimetre of my dick.

“I’m thinking doggy against that mirror so that I can see your face…”

…she says as soon as she recovers. What has a guy to do but comply? We assume the position, she presses her hands against the wall and flashes me that smile, telling me she is ready.

My rod goes in smoothly, and the view of her erect nipples tells me that I am hitting the spot. I grab her by her hair and start pounding hard. Her eyes fixate on mine in an expression of pure animalistic pleasure.

“Your pussy feels so good,” I tell her, “and it’s so, so wet…”

“For you, Teddy.”

It is now my turn to close my eyes and let her take over my senses. She pushes me closer with each of her “oh fucks,” every time my dick drives into her and bounces back only to dig even deeper on rebound. I grab her by her hair, by her chest, anywhere I can reach and pull her towards me. I want to claim her. I want her to know she’s mine.

It‘s getting so big…

I feel how she arches her back, changing the angle of penetration as the next wave hits. I know I need to stop for an instant in order for her trembling to settle in, but I am quite busy building my own release. I pause to feel her pussy contract on me, but cannot hold it for long.

It is now non-stop all the way to glory. I am pumping relentlessly and her reflection in the mirror is showing me how much she is liking it. I feel the next pull on my dick and pull her closer towards me, no space left between us.

It is here, it is coming. I feel the big bang as I start discharging my load inside of her, beautifully helpless. I see the blur of entwined flesh in the steamed up mirror facing us. She giggles and draws a smiley face across our steamy reflection.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how many of these epic fucks are in store for us today?

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