In This Bed I Scream

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Come to me, darling. Here, hold me in your arms, rub your chest against my tits. Kiss me.

Ohhh, I’m so fucking happy tonight. I have had lovers before, but none as virile as you. Nobody as strong as you — you’re all I’ve ever wanted in a man. I can’t imagine how it took so long for me to find you. It’s so hard finding real people across the internet these days. But something just clicked when I found your profile; you’ve no idea how happy I was when you responded. Now we’ve met, I don’t plan to let you go. At least not too soon.

Oops! The door just opened.

Oh hi, honey — go sit your ass over there; there’s a good boy.

Now, where were we? Please, pay no mind to my husband. Don’t be nervous — he’s practically a slave to you. You notice he’s wearing pink panties and bra, that’s his sissy-boy outfit. Whenever I invite a lover over, I order him to wear them and to always show respect to my lovers. You see? He’s even afraid of you. He knows who the real man is in the room. Watch him play with his pecker; he wishes he has a cock as big as yours. What a wimp!

But pay no mind to him, babe. In my bed, you’re my King, and I’m your Queen. Whatever my King deserves is what I want to give. However my King desire to feel, I’m here to pleasure you to the fullest. My bed is where I want you to feel the most comfort from whatever ails you outside. My husband, however, is here to serve both of us. Don’t mind that he enjoys playing with himself — this is the only bit of fun I let him enjoy: to sit his ass down and watch a real man fuck me like a whore . . .

Just as you’ve just done.

Are you thirsty, darling? Would you care for something to drink, my King? Possibly you’re hungry and would love a snack before we continue a second round? Don’t bother to get up, my love. My husband will do our bidding for us. Aahhh, look at him scamper. He’s such a good servant. He loves to clean out my pussy whenever I get done fucking, and lick my toes, too. In no time, he’ll be begging to taste my cum mixed with yours.

Ohhh, let me caress your muscles. You’re so young and so handsome. I’m jealous — I’m like an old woman lying in bed with you. But I hope that doesn’t bother you.

I know young men such as yourself need fresh young pussy to fuck; but let me tell you, there’s no better pussy than older pussy. Young pussies act like the wind — they grow strong one minute, but later change direction and become soft. Young pussies have no class — they smell cock and want to fuck. But older pussy, we’ve been there and done that. We’ve done wild stuff, crazy stuff, and we act mellow, but that’s because we’ve got spare matches to burn. Our fire never burns out. Never. We simply wait for someone who can match our tempo to show up.

Me, I’ve got plenty of fire to burn. I’ve had lovers way before my husband and I got married. That sounds harsh, but it’s true — you can ask him, he’ll tell you — he just doesn’t know how to tame my pussy like you’ve done so fast, and this is just our first fuck we’ve just had. I can only imagine how much you’re going to make me scream in bed. Oh yes, I love to scream when I cum, I don’t like to hold it in. I just let it out like a steam ship.

That’s another good thing about older pussy.

I hope you’re listening to me, darling. I’m giving you an education here. Older pussy cums best when the fucking’s great. Young pussy don’t care about that. They don’t mind what size the cock is, or how it’s moving inside. To them, a cock is a cock. But to older pussy, there’s boys with penises and then there’s men with cocks. White boys like my sweet husband have got penises; strong black men like yourself have got cocks. A cock is what I crave. I don’t need no drugs to get myself high; a strong black cock like yours does that for me anytime.

See, you’re starting to grow hard already. Hmmm . . . looks like mommy’s been working you up, haven’t I, darling. Look at my husband. He’s seen you getting hard and can’t help masturbating already.

Damn, I’ll have to admit all this talking has got me feeling wet already. Alright, babe. Come be on top. Only a real man gets to be on top of an older pussy. And since you’re my King, I’m all yours to enjoy.

Aaahhhhh yes . . . Ohh yes, I love that . . . that feels so fucking good, darling. Yeah, stretch me out . . . go ahead and fuck me good. Awwhhh damn! Your cock . . . I can feel your fucking cock . . . It’s all over me . . .

Kiss me, darling . . .

Auuuwwhhhh yes, Ohh yes, that’s it, babe. Ohhh you’re hitting my sweet spot . . . you’re hitting my sweet spot, babe!

Uhhh fuck . . . Awww . . . Aaahhh . . . God, I haven’t had a cock like yours in a long — Aaahhh — long, fucking time! God, it’s so damn good! Kiss me, darling.

Oh kissmekissmekissmekissme . . . Uhhgghh . . . yeah, fuck!

Do you hear that, babe? Do you hear that pussy talking? Awwhhhh it’s talking to you, darling. It wants you to fuck it! Ughhh, fuck that fifty-year old pussy!

FuckitFuckitFuckitOhhhhFuckit . . . make me scream . . . come on, make this fifty-year-old pussy scream . . .


Aaaaaawwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Ooouuuhhhh . . . Ohhhhhh . . .

Oh yeah, darling, I’m in love! Oh babe, my pussy loves you!

Don’t go nowhere, honey. Mommy’s got a new dance for you. It’s called the—

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