Pinned down and fucked

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He’s on top of me, pinning me down, fucking me hard and steady. I’m face down; his legs are either side of mine, clamping my thighs tight together to make a snug channel for his cock to slide into, my back arched and my ass tilted up to give him easy access to my soaked pussy. His hips drive forward relentlessly, his crotch slapping against my ass cheeks with each thrust. His big hands are around my wrists, holding them above my head, immobilizing me. I’m acutely aware of his size, his mass pressing down on me, his sweat dripping onto my back, my wetness slicking up my inner thighs each time he pulls out a little way before slamming back in. His cock is the locus of all this weight and heat and wetness, the source of the storm raging through me, forcing me open, setting me alight.

More, I gasp, and harder, and oh yes, until his weight is squeezing the breath from my lungs and I can’t speak at all…

I love women, but I could never give up men. You can have enough of sweetness and soft skin, long hair in your face and perfume and lace. What I love most about men is their sheer physicality, their size and strength, their ability to pin me down and fuck me. I love their smell, their sweat, their stubble and the taste of their cum, the viscous feel of it on my skin.

Being built is not a prerequisite for getting me naked — brain always wins out over brawn, and no amount of muscle can compensate for an underdeveloped personality. But call me shallow, I’ll admit I am aroused by broad shoulders, bulging biceps, ripped abs and sturdy thighs, as much as by a charming smile or a pretty cock.

My personal trainer/ fuck buddy Victor knows exactly when I’m craving that brute physicality, when I’m feeling irritated by a surfeit of girliness surrounding me and need to have the mood literally fucked out of me.

That’s why he has me pinioned on a blanket on his living room floor right now. Our sexy wrestling is way too wild for the bed, as we tussle and roll around until we’re both shining with perspiration and peppered with bruises and carpet burns.

“Do you submit?” he growls, breath hot in my ear as he lets his weight sink onto me a little more, cock sheathed deep inside me.

“Never!” I gasp, arching back against him, trying to lift him. I might as well try to move a stone as this slab of solid muscle and sinew bearing down on me. He tightens his grip on my wrists and pulls his cock nearly all the way out, then fucks a series of quick, shallow, tormenting strokes into me. My pussy clutches at his thick, slick shaft, wanting it deep again.

“Submit!” he demands again, teeth sharp on my earlobe, nipping a trail down my neck. His cock thrusts in hard, to the hilt, setting off an explosive orgasm, my pussy rippling and spasming crazily around him although I can hardly make a sound, I’m so smothered by his hefty body.

He pulls out rapidly, his pussy-soaked cock leaving a trail of wetness over the back of my thighs as it brushes my skin. He flips me onto my back and straddles me in a sixty-nine. I’m still gasping and reeling from my climax as he feeds his fat cock into my mouth, simultaneously bending me like a pretzel so my knees are pinned by my ears, pussy splayed open for him. And then, ohmygod, my mouth and throat are full of cock, tasting of our combined flavors, and his tongue is forcing its way into my over-sensitive slit, and it’s like every nerve in my body is screaming in rapture. I’m so wet, I feel flooded with bliss, his stubbled chin increasing the delicious friction on my clit as he licks. Using his elbows to hold my thighs back, he gets fingers from both hands inside me, filling me with them as he sucks and licks me. He’s pumping his hips now, pushing his cock deeper down my throat, overwhelming me, and now I utterly submit, letting him fuck my mouth and cunt to his own rhythm, letting him own me.

I climax again with his lips suctioned around my clit, his fingers hammering my G-spot, the sensation so much more intense because I’m unable to move, barely able to breathe. I suck his thick cock right the way through it, feeling it throb, so hot and hard, so primal. As he starts to cum, he gradually pulls out, so the first few spurts shoot into my mouth, the remainder over my face.

When he rolls off me, releasing me, I feel so light I could float.

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