In the Electric Closet

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Part Two: a wild ride

You’re on the floor. Sorry. I’m not sorry. “Alex. Wrong answer!” I command like Trump on The Apprentice. “Get your hot as fuck ass off the floor, and untie me NOW!” My voice is so forceful, you can hear its feedback. I may have my hands bound by orange electrical cord, but you just slipped on the pliers. They go flying through the air, bouncing off a circuit breaker.

You’re freaking out, “What the fuck Jen?!” I’m so turned on. I’m now dominating you, and there is nothing you can do but untie me. You’re shaking with fear and excitement. After getting your sweet spankable ass up off the floor, you begin to untie my arms.

As soon as you release my right arm, you receive a surprisingly strong uppercut to your sternum. Now you know you’re in for it. You had no idea I took boxing lessons. Your face looks like a confused, hungry, tired baby. You start to wail, but I’m not taking it.

“If you don’t untie me soon. I’ll walk out of this club and tell a cop you tied me naked to this chair.” Now you’re afraid. You know I’m friends with several police officers, because my father used to be a big wig state trouper. You’ve never met him, because you didn’t want the, “What are your intentions?” speech. You’re terrified of my father, and you know I’m Daddy’s Little Girl.

You’re shaking from head to toe. You feel my power shock your soul. Now, you know who’s boss. I am now Whitey Bulger scream-singing my rendition of “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” and “I Wanna Be Sedated.” We had a blast seeing the Ramones at CBGB. You’re freaking out now. You know I can get a little crazy, and “Lithium” won’t cut it. “I need Thorazine! Take me to a show. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

You sigh hard, “God. Jen. Please, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything for you. Please I’m begging you!” you plead as you try to slowly get up off the floor. I kick you again, and hit your shin. “Oh no oh no oh no…bam bam bam bam…” You look at me like I’m on crack; you know you’re in for it.

You’re shaking harder than your dick. I squeeze your thick stiff cock harder and harder. I do this to distract you as you untie my left wrist. Yeah I’m your bright shiny object.

Plugging the drain of the steel tub, I decide to actually lie back and take a bath. My body blasted from all the orgasms, I drop a Lush bath bomb into the tub. The Percocet has started to kick in, and the combination of the fizzy water changing colors reminds me of you. I can feel you kissing me all over as I lie back and breathe in the aromatherapy of our erotic memories.

I feel the hard steel hold my back, neck and ass. So I can’t help myself as I grind my cunnie and clit on the steel tub’s rim. Ummm…

Cranky boy toy that you are, you reluctantly get up and untie my other wrist. I grab your cock with my free hands and start to stroke you in that sweet way you love when you’re about to explode. Teasing you to the edge just so. Then I put you in my mouth and you think you can just cum. This delightful sweet ambrosia you are about to pour into my mouth is so ready… But I’m not.

I squeeze your balls hard with my hands and gently scrape your shaft with my nails. You understand. I don’t have to tell you again. You get down on your knees and start eating me. You eat me ravenously, like a vulture in the desert.

“Good boy.” I exclaim, “bear right at that intersection. Oh yeah…that’s it. Ooooo…”

The Percocet’s erect, and I now feel a little fuzzy between my past and the present I’m actually living in my real life as Jen. I’m summering on the Vineyard for god’s sake! How do I navigate it? My buzzing brain just bursts like the bomb that went off in the tub and almost went off in the electric closet.

I’m cumming as you hit that one particular spot and I moan so loud I practically growl. This just amps me up. My wet pussy lips temporarily kiss you goodbye. You didn’t cut those orange strips and slip on a pair of pliers for us to have vanilla sex. I decide it would be hotter than fuck to really rig you, so there will be no way you could walk out of this club tied to this chair.

Curling my fingers I beckon you to kiss me with your lips. “Yummy,” you say. We’re kissing as you and I switch places. It’s an uncoordinated dance that’s clunky; neither one of us wants to actually see sparks from the closet other than the ones we ignite ourselves. We are about to elevate our sex lives and levitate to Nirvana. Who knows, maybe we’ll swing with Kurt and Courtney.

In the tub I tilt my pelvis up a little higher. As I’m about to turn the water back on, I hear another knock on the door.

“Jennifer?” It’s Mr. Hedgefund. “Is there anything I can get you, dear?” While he’s interrupting my bliss, I may as well ask him for another glass of water and an amino acid acai shake. My host believes these are more sacred than holy water. I know it’ll keep him busy, plus I know I’ll need to replenish my electrolytes and fluids. While I’m at it, I ask him to throw in a Toblerone bar. This will tie up Mr. Hedgefund for a while.

Your bare ass is on the steel slippery chair. It feels so good watching you slide around doing your best to be as upright as your cock. I pin your right arm behind you and wrap the electrical cord around you. It’s my first time and it takes awhile to find the right angle. You start to play with my nipples through my holes and I spank your face with my tits. You’re surprised enough that you relax your left arm so I can restrain it. Hey, I’m a natural. You’re excited. You want more of it, of what you thought was role playing…

In the bathtub I feel the best part of our story begin. I re-tilt my pelvis under the tap and run warm water over myself as I fall back and bask in the empowerment of the evening with you…

I carefully grab the pliers and the yellow electric cord. It’s bigger. I have to focus on paying attention, but I manage to break it off into longer thicker strips than the orange cord. My ass is facing you, so you don’t see me. You just assume I’m thinking of the best position to take you in. And I am. I hide a strip behind me as I kiss your neck. Your lips reach mine and we start making out, but I pull away and kiss a trail down to your cock, taking my time with you. You’re so overwhelmed with desire you can’t feel me wrap a lemon line around one of your legs.

Lying back with my legs curled around the now warm steel tub, I start to succumb the way you did…

My delicious kisses become lighter now, little tiny butterflies that sparkle like fireflies all over your ripped body. I strip off my holey black shirt and donate it to Goodwill to blindfold you. Trembling, you realize that your right leg is now also bound. There are no words for the look on your face. I bind your other leg.

You are now in four points. I didn’t hurt you, but you can’t move your arms and legs. You can’t see, so if you tip over…You’ve finally learned. Good. I rub my naked breasts all over you. My nipples almost scratch you, they’re so hard. I’m starting to lose it myself. I may have thought I could dominate you, and I am, but I’ve got to get you inside me immediately!

I am under the faucet with my legs spread as wide as I can. My labia are swimming under the faucet…

I wet my fingers inside my soaked pussy and slowly enter one at a time up my ass, as I motorboat your face. It’s amazing! I can smell both of us on your face. My sweat and my pussy’s juices and your sweat and your precum. What an aphrodisiac! My endorphins just raised the roof. I sit on top of you facing you as I slide your cock into my cunt. My walls squeeze your cock more securely than handcuffs.

My walls unlock and release you. I stand up slowly and turn around as I sit on you while simultaneously sliding your pole up my ass. I am doing my best to not slip off your cock it’s so soaked with my cunnie juice. I ride you reverse cowgirl. Boning my ass is good, but it’s a tough thing for both of us. I miss you spanking me. I know you’re dying to touch me, but I’m willing to sacrifice it for this elevated experience. And, yeah, you are as elevated as you’ve ever been up my ass. That’s it! Oh yeah…your cock begins to tremble like the first stage of an earthquake.

My hostess has every Lush, Kiehls, Jo Malone, Annick Goutal product available. She has dozens upon dozens of these bath bombs. I pop another in the water and watch it explode!

“I’m seeing flickering lights,” you say.

“I do too,” I respond. Then I remember you’re blindfolded. Your load shooting up my ass straight up my spinal cord suspends my senses. Everything is clear, yet blurry at the same time…

The lights of the Lavender Lovage Joe Malone candles flicker all around the bathroom. They reflect off the mirrors like lacy shades of light. I feel you holding my body as I lie still in the tub. I have just cum to a place where I have no words other than thank you. You may not be here with me physically but I can always count on you when I really need you.

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