Grocery Store Liaison

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photo: SexArt

A little afternoon delight from Kat and I.

I saw you in the grocery store, your short shorts and long socks catching my eye. You looked barely out of your twenties. Which meant I was at least twenty years older. I decided to take a chance. “Excuse me miss, Don’t I know you from somewhere?” A lamer pick up line there isn’t.

“You possibly do,” she replied with a spunky smile. “Do you watch naughty movies? Maybe you’ve seen my work.”

Without waiting for an answer, the girl bent down to adjust her knee highs, deliberately flexing her beautiful thighs to show them off. The skin that showed below her tiny shorts looked so supple, almost edible. The kind of skin you meticulously care for. Scrubbing, oiling, shaving… loving.

Oh my God. That was it. I’d just outed myself and blushed to the roots of my auburn hair. I tried not to ogle her figure more than I had already.

I did my best to continue without stammering. “I may have. I caught my son watching something. Now I feel terribly embarrassed.” My son. Sure. That was it. “Well, now that I’ve thoroughly made myself look foolish.” I started to walk off. “Have a great day!”

My pussy was already damp from memories of seeing her do things I’d never known existed.

“Hey, wait.” She took my hand just as I was about to turn around. “Not so fast.”

The girl and I stood face to face. Her beautiful doe eyes pierced right through me like she could read my thoughts. Then, before I could move, she leaned in close and kissed me softly. It was so achingly sweet, I felt my teeth tingle.

What was I to do? She broke the ice so suddenly, it made me change all my plans.

We stood there, holding hands for a few seconds. Why in the world would she do that? Such a cute, seductive little thing. Why would she kiss a stranger, much less one whose body was nowhere near as fit and trim?

She came closer and pressed her fingertips to my lips. “Those are soft,” she said smoothly. Her curious seductive smile made my heart race. Her fearless nature awakened my own bravery, subconsciously screaming out for me to do something I’d never thought I’d do.

“Would you like to have… tea…with me?” What the hell did I say that for? I didn’t know then, and I still don’t.

“Yes,” she smiled, gripping my hand tighter, “Let’s go have some…tea.”

Next thing I knew, she was in my house. We were face to face again. She stood there looking right at me, awaiting my next move.

I’d remember feeling her lips on mine for the rest of my life. I wanted more of that. I traced her jaw with my fingers. “You’re so beautiful.” I leaned in and kissed her. It was exploratory. This was new territory for me.

Her tongue surprised me, pushing through my lips and reluctance. Her moan made my hair stand on end. She grabbed me by the belt loops of my mom jeans and drew our hips together.

“I hate your pants,” she grinned precociously, “let’s lose them.”

She unbutton them roughly and unzipped slowly, never once losing eye contact. Her slender fingers traced around the denim and smoothed them down to my ankles.

“Lift.” She tapped each calf as I stepped out of each pant leg.

Then, she took my jeans and threw them clear across the room, out of sight. I had a feeling I’d never get them back.

To her surprise, judging by her raised eyebrows, I was wearing sexy black lace panties. It was laundry day and I’d been forced to wear them. Thankfully I’d also shaved and trimmed recently so my auburn pubic hair wasn’t peeking out.

“Oh that’s much better,” she purred. “Now, take off your shirt.”

I unbuttoned my white blouse and revealed a much more plain bra. My soft breasts, larger than hers, ached to be touched and my nipples strained against the fabric.

She leaned in and bit one of them through the satin. She worried her head back and forth and moaned.

“Oh, that feels so good.” I hooked my thumbs under the straps and pulled them down so she would have complete access. The full, pale flesh topped by stiff dark rose nipples was one of my best features. My husband had loved them too, God rest him.

She swirled her tongue over the right nipple while tweaking the left one. All the while her eyes glanced up at me through dark lashes.

“There’s something wrong here.” I narrowed my eyes. “You still have your clothes on.”

The girl stood slowly with a smug expression on her face. Then she undressed in a way one would see in a movie. The way she lifted her shirt with her arms crossed over made me stare at every inch of her gorgeous body being revealed.

I watched in awe as she slipped out of her teeny, sheer bra, revealing tight perky tits. It was such a sight to see the lean muscles on her abs and torso flex as she slowly slid off her tiny G-string.

The juices from my swollen cunt seeped to the crotch of the lace when she touched me. “Now I’m naked. What say we take these off.” She grabbed the hips of my panties and slid them down. I was so wet, the underwear stuck to my lips a little and then a trail of moisture slicked the insides of my thighs.

She knelt at my feet and then did the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. She put the panties in her mouth and sucked on them, her eyes rolling in pleasure. She moaned, her mouth full of the fabric, and then her fingers slid into my wet folds.

It was my turn to moan. Her expert hands swirled and turned in me in ways I would have loved to memorize, but my brain immediately started shorting out from pleasure. I bowed my legs a little so I wouldn’t fall over. One hand went to the nearby counter and the other to the top of her head.

“Fuuuuuck.” I heard the whine come out of my own mouth. Like I was standing outside of myself. “Please never stop.”

“Oh, I won’t,” she replied, “unless you beg me.”

I thought she was kidding at first. That couldn’t be possible. But that thought melted away along with any other coherent thoughts when her tongue touched my clit. Her soft lips pressed lightly at first as her tongue slid up and down slowly over my slick pleats. My pussy lips unraveled like a rose bud, the wetter I got.

She licked and sucked my cunt so expertly, my climax was already close at hand. She used her thumbs to spread my lips further apart, then began swiveling her neck. Her tongue whirled in achingly slow circles. My legs quivered, struggling to stand. I gripped her head firmly, then thrust up and down her face, chasing my climax.

I came so hard, my knees gave way. She let me relax on the floor with my legs draped over her back. I came again and again! She didn’t stop and I didn’t want her to.

“I wa- I want to taste you.” My mouth was dry from panting. It felt like every drop of moisture was being sucked out through my cunt. I needed her taste in my mouth. “P-p-please. Let me taste you.”

Her head rose up from between my thighs. “You want to taste me? Your begging is so sweet.” Her mouth and chin were bright and shiny with my juices. “We should go to your bedroom. I want to keep eating you while you taste me.”

I dragged myself to my feet, enlivened by the thought of her legs on either side of my head. We weren’t far from the comfort of my room. I sat on the bed and watched her as she lit candles. I watched her as she retrieved my one and only sex toy from my bedside table. The thing sucked my clit like no one before had, though now that this creature had been between my legs I couldn’t say that anymore.

She joined me on the bed and gestured for me to get on all fours, facing her feet. I put my nose against her mound and inhaled. She smelled a little like coconut oil and a lot like young, sweet pussy. I hadn’t smelled that since I’d been young and sweet myself. I licked down her mound towards the cute little slit just above pouty lips. As I did I felt her mirror my motions on my own flesh. Then I heard the toy start up.

Every little move of my tongue, she mimicked perfectly. The only difference was, she’d let my toy suck my climax out of me. I had to stop and scream every time. Then, force myself to rebuild after I’d surpassed a half dozen.

I was possessed by my lust. My brain felt like bubbling oatmeal as I licked and sucked her delicious pussy. It was so sweet and ripe, like a freshly slit mango. I devoured it as she devoured me. Our orgasms beat back and forth between us like a naughty tennis match. I didn’t know how many more I had left in me.

“Get on all fours so I can turn over.” Her voice was a hoarse whisper.

I didn’t know what she intended, but I managed to raise myself above her; seeing her gorgeous body turn below me made me somehow hungrier. Soon, her gorgeous ass was below my face. It wiggled seductively and I could see her pouting lips just below and the moisture that had collected all along her skin.

“Go ahead, it’s not going to eat itself.” Her voice was demanding. Stronger.

Unquestioning, I licked along her split, tasting coconut and her spend. It was truly the best combination there was on the planet. When she moaned, I felt my pussy clench unbelievably.


I licked again, this time pushing my tongue into territory I’d never explored before on man or woman. She pushed her ass against me and I found how much warmer her skin was the deeper I went between her cheeks.

She pulled the muscular flesh apart, revealing a pucker as pink as her pussy. “Eat me here.”

I paused for a moment, just a heartbeat, and then licked that circle. Firmly. Her groaned response was almost a word. I pushed against the ring with the point of my tongue and she opened underneath me in a way her pussy — our pussies — didn’t.

Even with my tongue deep in her rectum, I still had plenty of room to play. I spanked her sweet round ass, then gripped her thighs. One hand stayed hung around her gorgeous form. The other, reaching carefully beneath her to play with her cunt.

Her cheeks jiggled on my face as I softly petted her pussy, sneaking my fingers inside her a few times to feel how wet she was. Her cunt was so slippery, I had little to no resistance sliding in and out of her. I coated her asshole with her juices and pushed inside with my tongue.

She lifted her face to catch her breath and moan out her pleasure. I felt a boost of pride, like I was winning some unspoken race with her on whose mouth was more distracting. I began cycling my tongue in her verve pipe, feeling both holes tighten and get even wetter. I tasted her pre-orgasmic rumbles. I hooked my fingers deeper in her cunt, my thumb slowly swiping her clit as I darted my tongue in and out of her ass. The thrill of the chase got her thighs shaking. She danced seductively on my face and fingers, moaning louder. Her voice had a longing aching tone that begged me not to stop.

Without saying a word, she pleaded. And I delivered. Every wet stripe I gave her was backed by seductive promise of release. I wanted her to cum just as badly. I had to feel it and taste it. My own pussy leaked and swelled in symbiosis. I mentally came right along with her body. Her climax was exquisite and fervid. She came so hard, her pussy burst like a broken hydrant. She nearly drowned me in cum. I gasped and drank her down with my mouth open wide. I got pleasantly lost in her heat and delicious wetness. Her thumping dripping pussy was such a pleasure to my soaked sticky eyes.

She rolled over so I was treated to the lovely vision of her body. Her eyes were slitted and all I could see was the whites. “That was fucking fuuuuuu…”

I turned and lay down beside her. We kissed softly and then more passionately as she tasted her body on my lips and tongue. Her hand moved across my belly and I held her throat in my hand. My lips moved to her cheek and ear.

“We never did get that tea, but that’s okay.” I kissed her earlobe. “I’m trying to cut back on caffeine anyway.”

She smiled at my silliness. “I’m trying to increase my daily intake of beauty. Thank you for giving me today’s dose.” She kissed my nose and my lips.

I lay on my back and she nestled into my body, filling the spaces left by my curves. Her hand continued making circles on my stomach. I couldn’t help but wonder then — and now — what she saw in me. But all that mattered in that moment was that she had shared herself with me, and the rapture that created.

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