Sexual Serendipity

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photo: SexArt

It was a nice night out, a little windy and clear. I was covering an event downtown, writing about a chef who had a pop-up food truck business at a local festival. The day had ended and night had taken hold, with the street lights shining bright. The people traffic was mixed, with families walking around, groups of friends stopping by on the first stop of a party night, employees of a cleaning company picking up garbage, and so on.

I saw her as I was checking my phone, taking a break from my writing. She had smooth skin and was wearing a dark skirt with a linen top. The top accentuated her breasts and complemented her collarbone, shoulders and neck. She had curls and a beautiful face. I was instantly attracted to her. To maintain my professional focus, I turned away from her and started to watch kids having fun on a bounce house slide.

Then, I heard, “What are you writing?” I turned and looked at her. I was smitten and immediately I smiled and my eyes went to her cleavage.

She noticed and busted me saying, “Ummmm, my eyes are up here.”

I laughed and apologized. “Natural reaction, sorry. I am a freelance writer, my name is Eric.”

She extended her hand and I took it in mine. It was so soft. I could tell she worked out because her toned arm rippled when she grabbed me. “I’m Nicole, Nikki.”

We were making small talk about the event and where we were from when it began to rain. I had my umbrella with me and opened it for the both of us.

“Such a gentleman,” she said, and slipped her arm through mine. She snuggled close to me and the touch of her body made me shake.

“Oooh, I felt that. Do I make you nervous?”

I felt relaxed with her and let out, “No, just the opposite.”

She replied, “I feel it too.” She looked into my eyes when she said this and it gave me a hard on.

I felt a wave of excitement crash over me. The rest of the world seemed to blur away when this happened and she was my only motivation.

The rain picked up and we ran to her car. I helped her in first and then I got in the passenger seat. I closed the umbrella and it sprayed water over me. I looked at her and there she sat, with rain drops on her neck, chest and blouse. Her eyes were deep and her gaze was sensual, punctuated by her bottom lip pouting open.

I pulled her to me and kissed her, taking her bottom lip in my mouth, sucking on it. She received the kiss and returned it, but then pushed me back gently and said, “I have to get home.” My heart dropped. But then she continued, "Come with me. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”

I nodded and she started the car. I was abandoning mine but I didn’t much care if it was towed or stolen at this moment in time.

By the time we got to her house, the rain had stopped. The night was cool and the sky was clear. I felt unsure how to act, whether to jump her and begin the fun or be polite and stay civilized. She led me into the dim house and pointed toward the bathroom.

“Why don’t you go freshen up?” she suggested.

I did so, stripping down to my underwear and washing my balls. I hoped I hadn’t misread her signals! No need to worry; when I emerged, she was stripped down to her sports bra and panties. I walked to her and she was watching me sensually; her brown eyes were deep and expressive. She looked up at me. The street light shone over her body. I smiled and she returned the smile but her eyes turned from happy to passionate.

I placed my hand on her panties. I felt her soft pussy lips through the fabric. I felt, as I moved my fingers, her pussy beginning to throb. We were still looking at one another. She put her hand on my arm and leaned against the wall, pushing her hips into my hand. I started to massage her pussy lips over the fabric and with each turn of my fingers, she exhaled. I was eager to do more but was entranced in her movements. As she showed her approval, I increased the pace.

The fabric began to soak through with her juices and I began to pull at the fabric, rubbing it against her pussy. She loved it. She tugged at my underwear and stuck her hand in, pulling out my dick. She stroked on it and we both moaned. I started to thrust into her hand and instantaneously, we both attacked each other, caressing, clutching and kissing deeply.

We moved to the sofa and I sat down, pulling her on top of me. We were both hyperventilating, desperate for that moment of penetration. She straddled me and when she slipped down on me, I felt euphoric. As she settled, she began to work her hips back and forth. She grabbed onto the sofa back and started to pound me. We looked in each other’s eyes and talked dirty.

“Feelssssoogood,” I said.

“Fuckkkkyeaaah,” she said, thrusting. “FUCK, FUCK!” she yelled, clutching at me.

“YOULOOOOKSOFUCKINGGOOOD,” I groaned. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them into me as much as I could. She stopped thrusting and let me take over. She leaned on me, kneeling up on the sofa, which let me throw her down on me. I was wrapped in her curls, her breath, sweat and sweet scent of sex. I had no idea where I was, what time it was and didn’t care.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I pounded harder, feeling her bracing herself for an intense orgasm. As she did, I felt the buildup in my balls which began to bubble up. She tightened her pussy as she came and after a few more thrusts, the orgasm in me ripped open with a scream of pleasure.
We clutched each other desperately.

Finally we released our hold on each other, having to catch clean air from the hot, humid steam that was between us. She got off of me and sat next to me on the sofa. Both of us were looking at the ceiling, still high off the surreal experience. Several minutes passed as we held hands, drifting off for a short nap.

She woke me up to take a shower with her. We washed each other, she looking at me, smiling, soaping my dick and stroking it. I washed her and as I brushed my fingers through her pussy lips, we began to feel the energy between us growing electric once more…

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