Impromptu Date

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Seduction on the subway

The bright room was making me feel like I was in the spotlight even though I was just one more face in the crowd. Jake walked in after the class had started, so I did not see him right away. His sharp dark eyes directed at me, however, would never make his presence unnoticed for too long. My body would be the first to know he’d arrived. It was always craving him, remaining expectant and on the lookout. Much to my dismay, it would feel somewhat confused and uneasy, a mix of lioness ready to attack and submissive kitten willingly surrendering. I hated the feeling I could not control myself at all.

I was glad when the class ended. He and I would usually leave together and take a short walk and subway ride to the train station. My walking pace was much slower than that of his handsome being, but he would always adjust. I realized he was not just being chivalrous, but it would give his hands an opportunity to subtly grab and squeeze my ass, perfectly leveled for his hand’s reach as I stepped down the stairwell leading to the platform. It was a well-calculated move even though his intellectual side was clearly betraying him and forgetting to tell him to be a good boy. My thin tights would make it feel like he was touching my bare skin, sending shivers through my entire body. Conversation during the ride was almost non-existent. Our accomplice looks and smiles revealed the attraction as they flirted with one another.

We caught the E train. Or was it the 2? It was hard to focus. Since it was a crowded ride and only a few stops long, we stood at the end of the cart. His eyes were looking intently in that disarming way I always experienced. His lips were mumbling something that I could not quite comprehend in the midst of trying to steady my body and contain the excitement my pussy was feeling and prevent it from making it clear to all that I was about to cum.

He was wearing a long coat.

“Touch it,” he said.

“What? Here?” I responded.

“Shh.. do what I say,” he commanded.

I moved my hand towards him to find his big, hard dick fully awake, pulsating with desire.

“See what you do to me?” was the last I heard from him before my own body reacted as he kept talking close to my ear, and sunk into him in a blissful orgasm.

A woman had been sleeping in the seat closest to us. I wondered if our sexual energy woke her up. We had been whispering and containing moans. Although my breathing was slow, it was heavy at times. I didn’t bother thinking about it and rested my head on Jake’s chest until we arrived.

Once at the train station, he asked if I needed to be somewhere anytime soon.

“No,” I said, “the night is mine.”

“Would you like to go for a drink?”

“Sure.” I was always short of words around him.

We picked two bar stools at the center of the bar. I was excited to be able to have a face to face conversation, as I did not think that was something he was into doing with me. The drinks came promptly, but we both paid little attention to them or to the curious bartender who every now and then was caught watching our naughtiness.

There was no room for air between our bodies in heat. Our hungry hands were all over each other. I would always wait for his command before reaching for his dick. It felt big and thick just like before. Warm even. His devilish clothes kept it hidden from my condemned desire. But his wetness was visible and ecstatic. He, on the other hand, had free access to anything he wanted: pinching my erect nipples; squeezing my ass cheek again as hard as the envious seat I was on would allow; walking his fingers up and down my swollen pussy that was now hot and wet from the subway orgasm. I could feel his fingers as if they were right on my bare skin. Every time our lips sealed in a passionate kiss, we became one, devouring each other with intertwined tongues that consumed us like logs in the fireplace. I don’t remember having much of a conversation where words were involved, but our bodies sure talked to one another that night.

Neither of us wanted to leave. And if we did, we sure did not want to go our separate ways. But it was getting late, and we both needed to get home before the last train. Restraining our desire was no simple task, but we both knew that sooner or later, we would get our chance to finish what we started.

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