I Love My Wife . . . (Cuckold Confession)

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I Love My Wife . . . (Cuckold Confession)

I love my wife.

I worship everything about her, I truly do. I love her very much. I have stayed married and dedicated to her for more than a decade now. We are both in our early thirties. But since we tied the knot, and especially for the past couple of years, I can’t quit imagining her belonging to someone else.

Someone else more capable than me when it involves satisfying her in bed. Someone who would fuck her rough, fuck her hard, fill her pussy with his seed (possibly get her pregnant), and force me to suck his cock and eat her pussy clean.

When I awaken, she smiles at me and tells me, ‘Good morning.’ I respond the same to her. Plenty of times I wish there was someone else in bed with us whom she would be saying that to. Someone more masculine and twice more dominant than I’ll ever be.

I’m not alone in this feeling.

Since I became hooked onto this and began surfing online, I’ve met and corresponded with other husbands harboring a similar urge to mine. Some are even more fervent in their desires than I am. They have encouraged me to pursue this desire and not to see it as an anomaly of masculinity.

It’s troubling though, trying to figure out how to let my wife realize my feelings. I cannot just open my mouth and divulge everything to her — I might as well sign up for marriage counseling that might inevitably lead to divorce. No, I need to find some suggestive means of letting her in on things. I’ve thought about showing her my treasure trove of porn. She’s watched porn innumerable times with me, but I doubt she’s aware of how badly I want to see her doing such a thing with someone else.

Many husbands whom I’ve corresponded with have complained about this issue. They have their own individual ideas of how to go about it:

Won’t it be better to take her to a club, get her drunk and leave her be and hope that some guy would come hit on her?

There’s this friend of mine I know would be good for her. I’m thinking of inviting him over for a weekend dinner and see if I can set them up together.

I’ve signed Abby membership to a gym that’s got plenty of men there; black men, especially. We’ll see how it goes and maybe one of them might catch her fancy.

Besides wanting a lover for my wife, there is the humiliation aspect I seem to crave. It’s not merely the idea of seeing my wife get fucked and used by another man, but having that man demand her as belonging to him with me helpless to stop it. I do dream of this: being in the room and watching the bull take control of my wife, and then both of them laughing at me for being a sucker for letting such a thing happen. I can’t help finding that gratifying.

In my quest to learn more and become acquainted with my fetish thoughts, one probing question eludes me regarding my quest to find a lover for my wife — why? What is it that innately compels me to strive for this? Were we bitten by a cuckold bug, or it this something that’s inherent in our nature? What is it in regards to men in my demographic that implies that what’s missing in our life isn’t the glorious paper-chasing of wealth but the desire to see our spouse happy, content, and comfortable in the arms of another man? Someone capable of giving her wanton sexual pleasure the likes of which we can never give to her . . .and dominating over our willpower so that we become numb and unable to put an end to such intimacy.

I am curious in regard to the history of this lifestyle; the definition is not written in stone. In most cases, it has existed way before our intellect connected the word to its meaning. It lives in the border of our fetish dreams, which consequentially crosses into our reality. Who first began it? From what ancient society or culture did it spring from? Trust me, I’ve scored through dozens of adult sites and put forth these questions. Nobody seems to know, and nobody seems to care either. All that matters is what brought us towards attaining this goal.

As society becomes more cosmopolitan, we cannot help but contemplate an alternative reality for ourselves wherein we become acquainted with embracing our implicit desires for ourselves. If only we can shed our thoughts from what ‘Big Brother’ of society might assume for us and let our submissive nature be our abiding spirit.

I, like most husbands out there, do admire couples who have embraced this lifestyle as their own. For those husbands who head out to work in the morning leaving their wives happy with a dominant live-in lover lying in bed with her, theirs is the ultimate sacrifice that comes with accepting their cuckold nature. They have brooded about it; they suggested the idea to their wives to expand their sexual experiences; they took pains to find a lover more susceptible to their wants, and worked out a means of separating their lifestyle from their daily lives . . .Such husbands have become self-aware of their inadequacies when it comes to fulfilling their wife’s pleasure and aren’t encumbered by her wish to find a dominant bull to own her in bed.

Many couples start out as swingers: the husband begins by sharing the wife with other men, then moves on to eventually taking a backseat and letting the wife wield her dominant will over him, but giving it equally to her lover.

I dream of the day when I would return home to find my wife in bed with another man. Will I get mad? Probably, yes. But hopefully it will make a fortuitous cuck of me.

When that time comes, I will love her still.

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