Dripping Wet

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photo: SexArt

They had been taking showers together since their first date many moons ago. They both liked the wet feeling on each other. The feeling of skin on skin was magnified when water was in play. When she told him she needed to take a shower, he asked if he could join her without hesitation. They liked connecting in this very sensual way.

They helped each other off with their clothes playfully. She started by unbuttoning his shirt. He unhooked her bra in stealth mode as he was hugging her. She raised her arms so that he could pull up her T-shirt. He had done that but only halfway, and her arms had been somehow trapped above her head as he started kissing her. The water was already running and he used the moment to slide down both her pants and his. She liked this playful dance they played. His warm touch on her, and the choreography they built, based on their exploration of what they enjoyed, made her feel so at ease with him.

As she freed herself from her T-shirt they got into the shower. He always helped, holding her beautiful long hair so that it would not get wet, as she looked up at the shower head to get water in her face. He was hugging her from behind and had his other hand caressing her wet body, helping distribute the water over her waist, her breasts, her neck. She placed her head on his shoulder and turned slightly, looking for his lips with her mouth. Their kiss connected them deeper in this playful dance under the water.

There is something special about kissing under the shower. Everything is already wet, and the water forces the eyes to be closed. Thus the sense of touch amplifies. Suddenly she could feel how his shaft was gathering volume behind her. She turned around, telling him that he could let her hair go, and pushed him against the wall of the shower as she kissed him. Her right hand went down and grabbed his manhood. She could feel it growing harder with every stroke she gave. She liked feeling the power of her touch on his body. He loved it when she took the initiative, and was always surprised at how fast she could get him going.

In between kisses he told her:

We have a situation down here, what are we going to do about it?
– What kind of situation?
Well, a hard situation!
– I’m sure we will find a solution for it…

And with those words she kissed him again. She was not yet done teasing him, and liked building up the need both had for each other. He was running his fingers over her back, scratching her lightly with his nails. It was a trick she had played on him since that first night, and he loved to feel the way she reacted to his touch. She lifted one of her legs as he held her butt, and with her hand she held the tip of his cock so that she could rub her clit against it. She could see the animal desire shining through his eyes and this was turning her on.

He started circling the tip of her left breast with his tongue, and felt how her nipple was also getting harder and harder. He could feel her breathing getting heavier, with the occasional moan coming out of her mouth. He switched to her other breast and felt how her desire was building up. She commanded him:

– I want you right here, right now.

He turned her around and got his manhood between her legs. He held her by her waist and directed one of her arms to grab a hold of him. Doggy in the shower needs a special coordination since it is slippery wet. His secret was to have his back against the wall and his feet solid on the ground. Warm water was pouring over their bodies and he was enjoying the view of her beautiful back. He told her:

I need you to help finish what you started.
You want me to stick your dick in me, naughty man?
Just get the tip in place and we will figure it out from there.

She grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance of her well of pleasure. Her wetness and the water running down her body suddenly collided. For a moment the details of the world outside of their bodies started to blur. The sound of water receded, the reality of the lights and shapes growing distant. She could feel how he started a slow rocking motion behind her, and with every stroke she pushed herself deeper onto his steely member. In doggy she could feel him really deep inside of her, and it was a great feeling.

He wanted to feel her closer and moved his hips lower so that he could pull her up and have her back against his chest, while holding her breasts. She knew the position and placed her head on his shoulder as she could feel his cock stretching her frontal walls. She loved the additional feeling of skin on skin in this position. And he knew that with some help she could reach the highest point while they were making love like this.

He placed the fingers of one of her hands in his mouth and then directed them down on her. She kept one hand on the glass wall of the shower, and on his cue started using her other hand on her swollen clit. He loved to feel how she would use her hand to build up her own pleasure. She used these soft strokes and had a special pace to her motions. It was a groovy way to build up her desire and he found this very hot.

Her wetness and his hardness. The water pouring down on them while he was holding her breasts in his hands. His strokes inside of her combined with her playful fingers on herself, all built up the moment. Suddenly her world came down, colliding, the big waves of a magnificent orgasm building up. She was powerless against the energy that their bodies created together. And just at the right moment, as she thought she could not take it any more, he stopped and stood still.

Suddenly time slowed down. She felt as if floating in space, with him being the only thing in the rest of the universe.

She grabbed his head with her arm and gave him a kiss, while at the same time feeling the contractions of her vagina surround his hardness. She could feel how she kept coming like that for a few seconds while her senses focused on her surroundings again. She knew that this was just the beginning of a very busy night ahead, and rejoiced in this shared moment of happiness.

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