I hate Vegas: hot sex in Sin City

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I hate Vegas. I always feel so cheap, and grasping, and white trashy there. From the dudes on the strip flicking their porn club cards at you, to the masses of people losing money at the casino, to the nights filled with drinking, hoping for some sexy fun that never happens.

So, naturally, my company decided to have its annual meeting there. Ugh! Whenever we have a meeting in Vegas somebody ends up getting fired; I hoped it wouldn’t be me…

Fortunately, my friend Debra was there as well. Both of us married, we’d been best buds for years. On our last night the whole team went to see a show, and then on to a bar. After some dedicated drinking, we wound up in a very crowded, high-class strip club, all crammed into a corner booth, giggling and watching the naked girls prancing around. One frisky lady stepped up onto our table and then flopped down onto all of our laps, enticing us into buying lap dances. Debra was pressed up against me and her perfume was just a little distracting…

Debra extricated herself from our table and announced that she was going to the ladies room. A few minutes later a blonde lovely came forward and took my hand.

“Greg, my name is Tawny. Come with me!” She gave me a cute smile and I was powerless to resist; I let her lead me to a private room, barely lit with pink and purple lights. Debra was in there, grinning at my surprise. We snuggled into a loveseat to enjoy the show; I was very aware of Debra pressed so close. It turned out to be a lap dance for me, Tawny’s tanned breasts inches from my eyes, jiggling softly; then her naked butt cheeks were bucking and bebopping right in front of me. I could imagine feeling the heat from her pussy inside that skimpy G-string and I was stiffening up at the thought of it. She leaned back and slid her shoulders up and down, her bottom warming up my boner through my pants.

“Don’t forget my friend!” I said, and our private dancer nodded and gave me her cute smile again. She straddled Debra, and gyrated her crotch in front of her face, Debra shocked and staring up at her with wide eyes. Then Tawny winked, unsnapped a little clip on her hip, and her G-string was gone, revealing a beautiful shaven pussy, lips puffy and luscious.

“Go for it, girl,” I urged, and Debra leaned forward with her tongue out and lapped shyly at those inviting folds. Tawny began to rotate her hips and soon had her pussy right up on Debra’s lips, tongue deep inside. Debra’s eyes were shut with concentration.

Tawny grabbed my hair, pulling my face into her crotch as well. Debra was still tongue fucking Tawny, so I flicked around her clitoris, feeling it throb. I felt a hand squeezing my hardness through my pants. It was Debra. I went for it and slid my hand up her dress, into her pantyhose, and inside her panties. I ran my fingers along the length of her inner lips and felt the warm oiliness of her juices leaking out in a rush. Two of my fingers slid inside her, floating on the stream of her desire with no resistance; her legs were spread open wide and her dress had ridden up onto her tummy when she slid forward on the loveseat. I slicked up her clit with her abundant juices and bore down, circling her hood and massaging her little button.

Tawny moved onto her knees, pulled Debra’s panties down and stroked her folds with her tongue, slipping a finger inside her, massaging up into her G-spot. Debra and I were kissing, and I loved her sensuous lips and tongue all over mine, but then she pulled back, mouth open and eyes shut. I felt her warm breath coming in gasps as she climaxed, body shuddering as I pulled her close, reveling in her pleasure.

I felt a hand on my knee and looked down to see Tawny’s questioning look as she licked her lips. I thought about it but then shook my head and handed her a hefty tip.

“This never happened, okay?” I said, and she flashed me that cute grin again. Together, we got Debra presentable, pulling up her panties and pantyhose, straightening her dress, and Tawny helped her fix her make up.

“Is there a back exit, and can I get a cab?” I asked.

Tawny took us down a dim hallway and pushed open the exit door to the searing bright, never-ending lights of the strip. We were quiet as we took a taxi to our hotel, but riding up in the elevator, Debra pushed me into the corner and pressed her soft lips onto mine.

“Room fifteen seventeen. This isn’t over yet, Greg…” Her dark eyes were intense.

I grabbed some miniatures from my room’s minibar, got myself together and knocked on Debra’s door. She opened it wearing her adorable horn rimmed glasses. I poured us each a drink but she had barely taken a sip before I took the glass from her hand, wrapped her in my arms and planted a kiss on those beautiful, soft lips. Her eyes shut and she melted against me, our tongue tips slowly circling, exploring. She drew back and pushed me down onto the couch, then stood over me and began to gyrate her hips to the smooth jazz playing on her iPad.

Debra is part Hispanic and it really shows in her shining dark brown eyes, dark hair, and warm caramel skin, smooth and delicious. She swayed and turned slowly over me, rotating her plump bottom so seductively while inching her zipper down, her dress loose now and slipping off. She stepped out of it and looked over her shoulder, rocking her hips. As she swayed and shimmied, she unclipped her bra and let it drop, leaning in. Her tits brushed my cheeks and I took each in turn in my mouth, licking and sucking her hard nipples. She was straddling my lap, grinding along my cock, knowing how ready I was.

She dropped to the floor to unzip me and my cock sprang out, stiff and swaying. She took it in her hands, stroking me firmly and licking my glans with her hot little tongue, lips shining and lust in her eyes. A hand slid under my butt to squeeze it, tongue fluttering around my shaft as she drew me in.

Quietly, like a cat, she reached for her phone, sat up and quickly snapped two pics of my erection…Whoa!

“What was that?” I asked, startled.

“Just something for me, Greg. So I can remember you…”

I was too horny to care. I scooped Debra up and dropped her and she bounced on the bed with a squeak. I slithered down between her legs, kissing her soft thighs and taking her panties off with my teeth. She shivered and giggled at that, but then I lifted up her bottom and put my nose in her bush. Her soft folds were sopping by now and I licked them deeply. She tasted so sweet and delicious while I flicked her clit and plunged my tongue inside her. It didn’t take much to bring her to a climax. She moaned and rolled and crushed my head with her thighs, then threw herself back, gasping her release, while I quietly found my phone, set it on mute and snapped a dozen shots of her inviting looking pussy, her pubes glistening with her juices.

I tried to get a better angle on it, then a pillow smacked me hard on the side of my head and Debra lunged for my phone. I tossed it to the couch and tackled her before she could reach it.

“This isn’t over yet…” I said with a smile. I was stiffening up again and I drew myself up, grinding along her wet folds. I could feel the lips parting as I pushed harder. Her eyes closed as she felt it too, then she wrapped her slim fingers around my joint and guided me inside. I pushed with little hitches until I slid all the way in and then started slow stroking. She felt like heaven. She was clearly still tingling from her orgasm, because her mouth opened, breathing deep, and she shivered a little.

I was more than ready myself but I wanted this to last, so I held back and kept my thrusting firm, slow and steady as I could. Debra’s ankles crossed behind my back and she pulled me in hard with her hands on my butt.

“Greg, fuck me harder!” So much for holding back. I gave it to her hard and soon I was ready to let go; she felt it too. She relaxed her grip enough to let me pull out and then her slim fingers were around my shaft again, the other hand kneading my balls. She wrapped her lips around me and I shuddered and came with a rush.

Spent, I flopped back on the bed and Debra slid up beside me, warm skin against mine. She leaned in and we kissed, the flavor of sex on both of our lips. We did not stop for a while.

Next morning, we groggily piled into the van shuttle to the airport and soon boarded our flight, clutching our coffees. I could see Debra on the other side, one row ahead, and she gave me a quick glance and an arched eyebrow over those glasses. When we were in the air and almost everyone was snoring, she got up with her purse and headed to the restroom, her bottom lovely in a formal fitted dress. A moment later my phone chimed (yes, I know it should have been switched off…) and I opened up the text. I just about spit when I saw a shot of my penis and then read the message: Last chance!

In a heartbeat I was trying to look casual as I strolled to the restroom. I knocked softly, the door cracked and she pulled me in.

“Damn, Greg! There’s no room in here!” she whispered, but our lips locked and our hands were all over each other. I reached down inside her panties and plunged my finger inside. She started to moan a little.

“Shhh, I think we only have a few minutes,” I breathed. I turned her around, lifted her dress and wedged my shaft between her warm cheeks. “It has to be here Debra, we don’t have much time for romance. You up for it?”

“Sure!” she smiled. “But wait!” She reached into her purse and then I felt her rub something slippery all over my shaft. Oh baby! I put my cockhead in position and then she wiggled her buns until I could feel her asshole opening, relaxing until I slipped in. She lifted one knee and it got easier, letting most of me inside. Debra had the majority of the space, and I had one elbow in the sink and the other wedged into the ceiling, so she did most of the pushing. It was a waking dream, feeling my shaft between her cheeks, sliding inside her tight warmth.

Debra started yelping and moaning so I smothered her lips with mine over her shoulder. My hand was in her panties frigging her clit while I stroked into her ass. We didn’t have long, so I took quick, deep thrusts. She closed her eyes as she started to shake with her orgasm. I felt her quivering around me and fucked her harder until I let it go and her ass grew hot and I pumped my load inside.

Gasping in the quiet, we heard the announcement that we were beginning our descent. I straightened myself up rapidly and gave Debra one last kiss before heading back to my seat, ignoring the odd glances I got. Debra gave me a grin as she reclaimed her seat.

I love Vegas.

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