Silken ties do bind

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I think of lying on the bed, naked, legs slightly spread

arms outstretched,

shafts of sunlight warm across me

you sit beside me.

I feel the weight of you near,

the scent of soap, musk of cologne

and something else.

I hear the whisper of the silk scarf in your hands,

feel your shadow on me as you lean over

as you let the cool silk trail along the back of my thighs, across my bottom

up between my legs

along my back

trace the length of my arms.

Eyes closed, I feel you bring my hands together

wrap them with the scarf,

feel the cinch of the silken bonds,

feel the pull

the stretch

as you tie the end to the headboard.

Another scarf

sliding along my legs, the cleft of my bottom,

your fingers massage my foot, pressing deeply

drawing out a sigh that is more a moan

then quickly my ankle is caught, wrapped, snared

leg drawn out and down, tied to the bedpost.

Another scarf, silken caresses, along my thighs.

I want to move, turn towards you

but I am held,

feel you smile as I writhe and press up,

oh the strength of you as you tie the other leg,

making me your captive.

Now, with fingers and tongue

caress my thighs, how I ache to offer myself

I feel the roughness of your beard between my legs

tasting my wetness.

My thighs, how I wish to press them closer, hold you there

the easy slide of your fingers opening me

desire like the rush of anxiety, a desperation for your thrust

your fingers, slick with me, between the cheeks of my ass

teasing me there where I am tight

then, lightly on my thighs

soft kisses, sharp nips

until I am drunk with the wanting.

I feel you now above me holding yourself

your cock so hard and ready

the promise of on my back, my ass, between my legs

and oh, the glory of you filling me

sliding in


deep and holding there

knowing you feel me tighten around you

our breath rises and falls


holding this perfect moment

until we must move together

until we have to give in to desire

sliding in and out then

all the way out

filling me in a rush again

fast then slow

always deep

fast then slow

until I beg for it to be harder

beg to be fucked

beg to feel your cock deep and hard, oh if it could be more

never stopping

always thus

bound in silken ties

for a moment, an eternity, possessed

each and equally, forever, tied.

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