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She has her hand to my forehead, checking my temperature like I’m a baby. She kisses my cheek and wrings a cool washcloth over a silver basin and softly dabs my face and neck.

I’ve never been pampered like this before. I can feel the love emanating from her touch and it calms me. Although my body aches and my skin feels like it’s on fire, my gratitude exudes with a warm smile. I take her hands and kiss them softly. I nuzzle them to my cheek as she leans down to embrace me.

“You feel fevered again,” she says worriedly. “We must break it…”

She undresses and joins me under the blanket where I am also naked. Her skin feels ice cold to me, but her softness is magnified. I shiver as she wraps her arms and legs around me. My breath breaks and hitches; I try to keep still as the contrast of temperature between us meets harshly in the middle.

“Shh…” she says soothingly. “It’s ok baby. You’re okay.”

She squeezes me tighter. My shivering slowly calms. I close my eyes and grip her back. I press my face to her neck as she rubs my body gently.

Slowly but surely, her touch morphs into seduction. Her gentle massaging develops a sensation that shoots down my spine. Her other hand cunningly sneaks between my legs. She touches my pussy in a way that entices me while testing my temperature. She cups my pussy firmly and pulls me even closer. I can feel her heat elevate as our bodies clasp together like puzzle pieces. Her body feels just as hot as mine now.

“I know how I will break this fever of yours,” she whispers sexily in my ear, letting her fingers slip inside me. “You have to sweat it out.”

What is a girl to do except succumb to such sweet surrender? I bite my lip and grind my hips slowly on her hand. My pussy is extra sensitive, as we have not been intimate in over a week. I follow her sexual remedy willingly, letting my vulnerable self be taken over completely.

She thrusts her fingers deeply and slowly, keeping my thighs open slightly with her wrist. I can hear my wetness slipping and sliding beneath us. I clench my stomach in as she thrusts a little harder, a little faster with each passing moment.

My temperature rises even higher as my orgasm approaches. It feels like my body is submerged in boiling water. Still, the heat from my fever is no match for the raging lust in her touch. I shudder from each thrust of her fingers until my entire body blasts into climax. I moan so loud, my voice breaks. My body is so wet, I can feel myself dripping and leaking inside and out.

She rolls me over onto my back and spreads my legs wide as her fingers keep hammering my G-spot. She keeps going until I am literally shaking and crying, coming repeatedly, sweating profusely. She smiles wickedly at me like she’s proud of what she sees. Not just of my immense repetitive combustions, but that she is succeeding in her plan to break my fever through sex.

I am spent, lying in a puddle of wetness. She gets up and grabs a fresh clean towel to wipe me down.

Then, she kisses my forehead softly and says, “You will feel right as rain in the morning. Go to sleep now. I love you.”

With what little strength I have left, I reply, “I love you, too baby. You’re a genius!”

The next day, my fever is gone. I feel revived and stronger than ever. I wonder now if it is true what they say, that sex is the best cure for everything? Well, I can certainly attest it’s a fun way to break a fever.

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