Bangkok Nights

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No matter what the linguists say, all cultures share a common tongue…

As the train slid smoothly into Siam station, Andi stood and steadied herself, ready to alight for the quick transfer to the Sukhumvit line toward Chatuchak.

It was late, and the half dozen cocktails she had consumed earlier at DJ Station — one of Bangkok’s grimiest and most entertaining gay clubs— had just started to make her feel really pleasant. She didn’t feel like turning in, but her hosts, Juke and his enigmatic girlfriend, Lamai, had texted her that they were inviting a few friends in for a nightcap; no matter where she couchsurfed, Andi made a point of saying ‘‘yes” to anything her hosts invited her to, and this was no exception. She could always hit up DJ Station again before she flew out on Monday.

A few minutes later, she was down on the sleepy street, walking toward Juke and Lamai’s complex, hot midnight air pressing adamantly against her cheeks. She loved the city at this time of night. It was serene, away from the bustle of the clubs — almost fresh. Before she had ever come to Bangkok, she hadn’t anticipated that those words could describe it. Her error illustrated perfectly the true nature of the city: it defied predictability. Happy drunk, she giggled to herself at her wistfulness and wished, not for the first time, that she could call this city home.

She popped her phone out of her pocket and fired off a text to Juke. Hey, I’m in the lobby. Come let me up?

Within seconds, a ping. Hey, stranger. Good time tonite? Otw, 2 mins.

Andi had liked Juke immediately when they met for the first time a few nights ago in this very lobby. It was his profile she had found on Couchsurfing. He seemed to Andi a lot like herself— easygoing, extroverted, fond of traveling. But Juke was actually Thai, or Thai-American, as it were; his first-generation Thai mother had convinced his French-American businessman father to emigrate to the place of her birth, and Juke was born the next year. And though he hadn’t ever lived anywhere else long-term, his English was perfectly American (as his Thai, of course, was perfectly Thai)… though he didn’t seem American. He was truly a third-culture kid. Andi found that refreshing and decidedly attractive. And damn, when she thought of him wrapped around the dark, slender figure of his lovely Lamai — deadly gorgeous, aloof, intelligent and heart-crushingly stylish — luckily, Andi didn’t have any hang-ups when it came to finding herself surrounded by people utterly out of her league.

The elevator dinged, and Juke strode to her. He placed a soft kiss on her cheek. His warm citrus smell washed over her, and she couldn’t help but blush.

“You look like you’re having fun,” he said with a smile.

“Well, what can I say? I have a hard time slowing down when I get to go out and dance… and people-watch. Is that creepy?”

“Not in the least. Lots of interesting types around here. So you haven’t been too lonely then?”

Andi paused, then cautiously: “It’s nice to see you.”

“Let’s go,” he said, placing an arm around her slender waist and steering her toward the door. “Don’t want to keep anyone waiting.”

She let his scent wash over her and tilted her face imperceptibly toward his shoulder, inhaling as discreetly as she could. “I thought we were doing cocktails here. Aren’t there people upstairs?”

Juke laughed. “Did you really think we’d keep you all bottled up on a Friday night?”

The bar was just behind the complex, tucked away between a parking garage and a pharmacy. Not a very sexy location, Andi had to admit, but when Juke said that he owned the bar, she didn’t much care.

“We’ve had it for about a year,” he explained, opening the door for her. Massive Attack, thrumming through the bar’s soundsystem, hit her ears. As soon as she stepped into the space — a modern-day bordello positively dripping with chic patrons, soft lighting, and lavish furnishings of oak and blood-red velvet whose eroticism she felt viscerally — Andi silently thanked herself for putting on a dress earlier in the evening.

She scanned the space, finding Lamai perched atop a luxurious sofa itself perched on a raised semi-stage in the far corner — clearly the VIP section. Juke pulled Andi by the wrist, in a beeline, to greet his lover.

“Welcome,” Lamai purred. “Surprised?”

“She’s loving it,” Juke replied before Andi could get a word in. He wasn’t wrong. He sat down close next to her and placed his hand firmly on her thigh, thrilling her.

“Drinks are coming. Andi, you’re sweating, come here.” Lamai leaned in and dabbed Andi’s rosy cheeks with a folded napkin. Their knees, both bare, rubbed together. Lamai was beyond elegant in a short black strapless dress, clavicle glistening beneath the calculated chaos of her jet-black hair. “Must be you’ve been having fun without us.”

Andi took a gulp of drink; the cognac slipped down her throat, a rush of spicy heat that plunked warmly into her belly. Lamai squeezed herself between Andi and Juke, thigh-high boots brushing up against Andi’s bare legs. Andi tingled pleasantly, and Juke wrapped an arm around Lamai’s waist as she began to sway with the music.

Suddenly, to Andi’s surprise, Lamai asked, “You guys wanna smack my ass?” She glanced expectantly at Juke and Andi in turn. Admittedly a bit surprised, Andi tried to play it cool, deciding quickly to follow Juke’s lead — whatever it would be.

Juke simply reached down to oblige. He smacked one cheek and then the other as Lamai bent forward ever so slightly. The flesh of her ass bounced pertly with each smack; her short dress was a weak barrier between her nakedness and Juke’s touch. Andi figured Lamai wasn’t wearing any panties; her mouth opened slightly with curiosity, and she bit her lower lip absentmindedly. She couldn’t tear her eyes away or stop thinking about what that ass might look like… taste like.

Lamai, catching Andi’s stare, let out a tinkling laugh and pulled Andi’s hand by the wrist to make it join in the fun. “Smack my ass, Andi!” she yelped, dancing in place with her arms raised over her head.

“Smack it, Andi,” Juke repeated with a laugh, slapping Lamai again himself.

Andi wondered whether she was being punked, the whole scene was so contrived and over the top. But what choice did she have? She wanted it, too, so she slapped, allowing her hand to linger and caress the smoothness of Lamai’s backside. She slapped again. As Lamai moved in time with the music, her clearly braless breasts bouncing tantalizingly from side to side, Juke and Andi delivered increasingly firmer spanks, alternating one after the other.

Lamai turned then, wrapping her arms around Juke’s neck and sticking her ass out playfully toward Andi.

Juke said, “Just lift up her skirt, Andi.” He locked his eyes on hers, hungry — curious about what she would do. Andi felt the challenge and the playfulness. Juke lowered his hands down to Lamai’s beautifully-shaped hips, pinching the fabric of her skirt between his fingers and sliding it slowly up — but not quite far enough. “Andi,” he leaned over Lamai’s shoulder. “Lift up the skirt. Be a good girl.” He stretched his neck to connect his lips with Andi’s — a slow, wet, tongue-heavy kiss that made her weak at the knees. Lamai’s laugh tinkled in her ears.

Juke grabbed Andi’s wrists and guided her hands to Lamai’s hips; she reached down to caress the exposed flesh of Lamai’s thighs, allowing this caress to move upward and lift the hem of the skirt all the way up to Lamai’s waist. She glanced down, taking in the delicious sigh of Lamai’s smooth, firm skin — then she glanced up, locking eyes again with Juke, who simply smiled.

Andi remained just ever so slightly shocked. Was this really happening right here in front of all these people? “May I really?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Andi, we own this place,” Lamai cooed, wiggling her ass back and forth.

“Take your pleasure,” echoed Juke. “These people are all our friends.”

She glanced around; it seemed everybody else was busy dancing and drinking anyway. Her head felt light from the alcohol and the arousal; she stared hungrily at the treat before her and threw caution to the wind.

Andi kneeled down to the floor and — rather greedily, she had to admit — grabbed Lamai’s ass cheeks and pulled her open, exposing everything between her legs through the beautiful space between her thighs. She was a vision of loveliness: cleanly shaven, glistening. Andi glanced up and locked eyes again with Juke, whose arms curled languidly around Lamai’s waist. He had placed his chin sweetly on her shoulder to ensure he could keep his view. Andi’s heart raced as she prepared to dive in, and she reveled in the tantalizing scent invitingly nudging her nostrils.

Unable to resist any longer, she bit the soft fleshy bit of one of Lamai’s cheeks, her jaw clenching eagerly and her salivary glands working overtime.

In short order, she found herself lapping up Lamai’s sweetness, taking long, luxurious licks from Lamai’s clitoris all the way up to her asshole, humming in response to Lamai’s gentle moaning. Lamai pressed herself against Andi’s face, rubbing against Andi’s cheeks and nose to further stimulate herself, in time with Juke’s caresses and squeezes. Andi was desperate that Lamai’s juices cover her entire face; she truly believed that this was precisely what she was made for. She reached up to insert her first two fingers into Lamai’s swollen opening, pressing her tongue into the tight ring of muscle of her asshole at the same time. Then, it was Juke’s turn to moan. He didn’t seem to be blinking at all, unable to tear his eyes away from the scene before him even for a split second.

The crowd had long fallen away. Each of them felt as if they were the only people in the room, the only ones who mattered. Andi, a master possessed, lowered herself onto her back and guided Lamai by the hips to rest upon her face. With a nearly-inaudible zipping sound, Juke pulled his erection from inside his pants and began to stroke himself. Andi lapped voraciously at Lamai’s soft flesh, and she could have sworn she felt Lamai’s pussy actually pulsing against her lips. She intensified her already fervid efforts as Lamai began to service Juke; Andi glanced up from below to take in the sight of his rather large cock slipping in and out of Lamai’s mouth in the steadiest of primal rhythms.

Nobody said a thing; nobody needed to.

Lamai’s orgasm, when it finally erupted through her, pulsed against Andi’s lips and tongue. Lamai unlatched from Juke and let out a wild, almost delirious cry, grinding her hips into Andi’s face. For a moment, Andi couldn’t breathe, and Lamai’s skin was electric against her own. She reveled in the sensation of those silky smooth thighs pressing together more and more tightly, crushing her face in the most delicious way.

As soon as Lamai’s convulsions subsided, Juke grabbed a fistful of her hair, reached for his cognac, took a long, steady drink, and guided her mouth back to his cock.

Andi reached a hand down to hike up her own dress, pulling her panties to the side so that she could pleasure herself while Lamai perched over her. A single droplet of Lamai’s juices dripped onto Andi’s cheek, just near enough to her mouth that she was able to lap it up with her tongue.

Andi could feel Juke’s energy thrumming in the air the more aroused he became, and it was this raw masculine energy that compelled both Andi and Lamai to do as Juke wished when he demanded that they both get on their hands and knees before him and present themselves for his pleasure. He found the buffet of wet flesh they displayed before him entirely irresistible; he hardened even more as he drew nearer to Andi, parting the lips of her pussy with the head of his cock and thrusting himself into her in one sharp, fluid motion. He forced four of his fingers into Lamai, to her great delight, and pushed into her with as much might as he could muster, well-versed in the sensations that brought her quickly to the edge of her endurance. He knew she could come one more time if he just pumped fast enough…

As both women bounced and pressed against him, Juke allowed his head to loll back and his eyelids to lower. He focused his attention on the sensations overtaking him, using his free hand to guide Andi with focused precision back and forth against his pelvic bone — cock gliding fluidly into and out of her heat — and slipping the thumb on his opposite hand into Lamai’s asshole, already wet and primed from Andi’s careful ministrations.

Andi, nearly unable to keep herself up, turned her head to glance back and take in the scene; the reddish glow that beamed from strategically placed lamps illuminated Juke’s silhouette, and Lamai’s lower back and perfectly round ass sparkled just perfectly with a sheen of sweat. Andi simply couldn’t stand it all; under normal circumstances, she let her fantasies run wild to ensure she could reach her climax, but this scene simply embodied her ultimate fantasies.

As she gazed with lust and appreciation at her beautiful hosts, she drank in the sensuality of the moment, allowing it to fill her mind and soul. She had reached that place of sheer ecstasy and transcendence that she could often only reach through physical intimacy with relative strangers.

Andi unlocked from within. The powerful wave of her orgasm racked her entire body and, for just a moment, time stood still.

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