Hold me by the wrists

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It was an early autumn night. They were in her room in the apartment that she was sharing with a girlfriend she went to school with. Light was coming in through the window, in the red tones that dusk dresses in. She was lying on her back and could feel his shaft all the way inside her. He had moved his hands up to hold hers as they usually did. But tonight she did not feel like being held by her hands. So she whispered to him:

Hold me by the wrists

It takes trust to give yourself away like that. And her trust for him had been building up slowly in these last months they had been together. A rational process had been running in parallel to the uncontrolled falling in love. Little by little, she had learned to trust him based on the small things he did. She knew now that she could fully give herself to him.

Earlier in the night, as they were lying in bed, she had moved her hand down and grabbed his manhood. She had sensed how it had grown from a flaccid to a stiff position in her hand. It was a strong feeling to realize the power that her touch had on him. It had only taken a few strokes of her hand. And then she had gone down on him. This came easier to her now that her trust for him had grown. She would grab his shaft with one hand while licking its tip and feel it pulsate with desire for her.

She had wanted him on top, and as he grabbed her wrists, she felt the power of his slow motions inside of her. He was seriously pinning her down and she felt helpless under his control. She would look at his face and his eyes shining right at her. He told her:

I’m starting to like this.

And her smile lit up as she heard his words. It was extremely wet down there and she moved her legs to open herself more to him. She needed him to ram her really deep. It was the first time she would allow anyone to shag her in her bed. That was a line she had never crossed before, for she had never trusted one of her partners that much. But with him she felt safe.

As he was moving on top of her she felt so wanted. And all these emotions together with the physical friction of their bodies started building up a momentum. As the evening light turned more and more red the lightness in her body started to increase. She could feel his cock growing in size inside of her. She managed to whisper the words:

I’m going to come

This was in itself a plea. A “please don’t stop” request. A “keep moving the way you are doing it” order. But it was also a brag. A way to tell him “look what is building up in me.” She kept looking him in the eyes as the big orgasmic discharge reached her. He stopped at the first wave and held his shaft all the way inside of her. She could feel her vagina contract around his manhood. She could also feel his hands on her wrists, and at that moment he lowered his face and gave her a wet kiss. She kissed him with the tone of a thank you. He kissed back with the notes of “I’m not done with you.”

And so they started their night. Another night to remember. A night that would end with her in a fetal position in bed, exhausted by the energy she had spent coming over and over again. For this trust turned their loving into an extraordinary thing.

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