Orgasm Obsession

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Did you know that the female human is the only animal on Earth that can achieve orgasm? This is with or without penetration or procreation. Even with or without a partner. And yes, when it comes down to it, we are animals that just happen to walk upright with highly intelligent minds.

The root of our humanity is sex, as is the root of all natural living beings, including plants and microorganisms. It seems, the goal of nature is to have sex as much as possible, in hopes to pass on their genes to a future lineage.

I find it amusing that our culture does the exact opposite. We’ve advanced the baser needs of procreation to having sex for pleasure. We actually protect ourselves from pregnancy, controlling our population. It’s a bizarre action that sets us apart from every living thing on Earth that does everything in its power to multiply.

With all this advancement, why is the orgasm still such a mystery? Why is sex still so taboo when it is the sole reason why we exist in the first place? Simple. With knowledge comes power. And such power can shift the balance of the world we live in that was ignited by Patriarchy.

Throughout history, sexuality has been used against us in the worst ways imaginable. This has left many people suffering silently in miseducation. Even the most openminded know this pain, even the most experienced. Men and women alike have been spiritually drowned and brainwashed, to create a nonexistent expectation of beauty. And what is beauty, but a mere combination of shapes and colors we find aesthetically pleasing? Do we not know what beauty is without being told?

Questions like these made it my life’s goal to study the human form and all its glory. Leading to the most astounding occurrence of them all. The orgasm; the great climactic achievement of sexual excitement. I am utterly and unequivocally obsessed by it.

My obsession with the orgasm began with an early thirst for sexual knowledge. Throughout the years, I used my own body as a map to study it. I learned so much about what my body liked through self-pleasure, that once I was ready to explore with a partner or two, my sexual experiences became magical.

Sex is more than just an act to me. I find it undeniably incredible to share such intimate parts of myself with another. It’s my passion and brilliant expression. It’s my way of letting this special person in my life know how much I desire them. It’s my way of breaking through their walls and sharing my physical vulnerability with them. It is my ultimate act of love.

My favorite part is watching my partners’ faces as they climax. The eyes, especially. I like seeing them closed tight, then open wide in sheer excitement. I love the sounds they make when they cum. Their scent and taste. Their heat.

I like seeing a pussy wet and leaking. Swollen and bursting. I love the taste of it best at that moment. It excites me to feel a woman’s thighs shake around my neck. The shudder of the aftershock, the warmth.

Same thing with men. It’s beautiful when they climax as well. I like how a man knows how to use my body to make himself cum. I like being used in this way. I wish more women did that with me, instead of waiting to be taken. Men are different in that sense. I also admire how they surrender to pleasure. Like during a slow sexy blowjob. I find it amusing that even the strongest brute can become easily powerless with his cock in my mouth.

It seems orgasms are always the ultimate goal. The end or a duration of the sort. In my case, it isn’t so much the goal as it is the journey. The climax is part of the sexual adventure. Even the hindering of it. It’s at that moment when it’s wanted most that I love to extend its yearning.

During and shortly after the state of orgasm, our brains are overloaded with serotonin and oxytocin. The key chemicals that tell us we’re happy. They tell us we’re in love. These chemicals are the foundation of our connections with each other as lovers and as future parents. The human touch is so powerful, even holding someone sends messages to our brains that we are fond of the person in our arms, and vice versa.

Same thing with kissing. Did you know our taste buds taste each other just like how our tongues recognize food? It’s fascinating. Which is why we crave the taste of our lover’s lips when they’re away. Their flavor is embedded in our mouths like a favorite dish. Our bodies can get hungry for them, as if we’re truly starving for food.

It is said that all the atoms that make up our bodies are like clusters of constellations. We’re all like individual universes in human form. Every inch of us holds power and energy that triggers a reaction in another, just like when planets cross paths and create forces of nature. When we are intimate, not only do we share pleasure. We share our energy. The give and take is an exchange of ourselves we don’t see or even realize. It is on a scientific level as well as a spiritual one. During orgasm, our energies collide in a magnificent dance of sparks.

In that glorious moment, we are one. Mind and body alike. Whether or not we meet again, we will always be a part of each other. A mark is left, so large that it changes our entire chemical structure and it’s like we are being reborn.

Knowing this, I try to be careful with whom I’m being intimate. I also give myself a cleansing process before and after sex. Not just physically but spiritually through meditation and exercise. So, when I have sex again, it’s a new connection without spiritual debris.

I make sure my partner has incomparable pleasure, to make my mark on them as large as possible. I aim to be unforgettable. I study the details of their mind and body like a map and travel through it as an explorer would a splendid new world. Coursing carefully through its waters, and stepping gracefully on its earth. Then, behold the glory of its nation and praise it dutifully.

Now, I share this knowledge with you, my dear reader. I hope you take it and use it in your own special way. Never be afraid to connect with another, and always know yourself in every situation.

Knowing one’s self is the key to being a great lover, a wonderful friend, and a decent human being. It is how we find our own definition of love without the world putting such heavy weight on our conscience. Sharing this is me sharing my love with you, passions and obsessions alike. So in a way, we are having a mental orgasm together. Take that as you will, and share your greatness with someone else.

For what are we all except the human forms of greatness, waiting to change the world for the better? What are we, if not beautiful and human?

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