Her Oral Pleasure

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photo: SexArt

I enjoy giving her pleasure. Especially oral.
In fact, let me tell you just how I did it this morning.

It starts out with kisses on the neck. Followed by running my hands down her curves and grabbing her ass. This begins to arouse her from sleep. I can hear her soft moans as my lips caress her soft skin.

She stirs. Eyes still closed. Her body turns towards me. We kiss. Her hands reach and embrace my face, as mine do hers. We kiss deeply. Passionately. Our tongues dance together. Her fingers begin to go down my back and through my hair.

My fingers run through her hair and down her neck. Further across her heaving chest. Her breathing is heavy as kissing leads to touching which leads to other fun things to do in bed.

Her deft hands scrape my naked back and pull down my pajama bottoms, leaving me fully naked for her pleasure. Just the way she likes me.

Her moans sound like a purring cat. Soft and low. It turns me on no end. Her arms wrap around me. I lift up her shirt and we sit up briefly to remove her top. Her breasts, so round and full, feel soft in my hands. Her nipples are erect.

My mouth must explore her areolae. My tongue traces the bumps around her nipples. She begins to moan louder. My fingertips traverse her tummy and I tickle her. She laughs and giggles so sweetly and tells me to stop that. Then, her laughter stops. She pauses. A finger runs up and down lips beginning to become wet. She gasps as I enter her temple.

Her flower begins to bloom for me. I need to see it. I slide down low. My arms are under her thighs. Her hands gently guide me to her erotic zone. Encouraging me to give her oral pleasure. I obey. I must. I need to please her. I love how she squirms and moans louder and louder as she nears an orgasmic release of pure bliss.

First I kiss it. Then I lick it up and down while trying to look at her. Our eyes meet before her head rolls back and her body arches upward.

I can see her flower is now in full bloom. I can smell it. Touch it. Taste it. So sweet. Her nectar feeds my desires. It arouses my passions. The need to please her first. Always first.

One hand explores her belly with my fingertips. Working their way up to her beautiful mounds with pretty pink peaks. My other hand pulls back the skin on her pubic bone to expose her clit. So many feelings there. I need be careful. Too much stimulation will hurt. But… just the right amount and she will be begging me for more.

My tongue teases it. My lips kiss it. My mouth gently uses suction. Her hands hold my head down. She’s squirming now. Her moans are increasing in volume. Now I can hear her telling me all kinds of dirty talk.

“Yes baby. Oh yes. Please. Don’t stop. More. Oh fuck. Fuck me. Make me cum. Drink my pussy. Oh fuck yes. Give it to me baby! Make me cum. I want to cum down your throat then kiss you to taste your love.”

These words are only ever said while having sex. Making love. Dirty talk. It doesn’t all get said at once, but a little here and a little there, the closer I get to finishing her off.

My finger enters her temple and cups to press her g-spot. I press it over and over. My tongue peruses her petals. Another finger enters her temple. I cum to worship her body. My two middle fingers are now pressed against her g-spot. The wet sounds of sex are musical along with her moaning. The symphony of love.

My free hand pulls on each nipple. I kneel before her. Kissing her neck. Grabbing her tits. Pulling her nipples. Fingers working harder and faster. I can see her body language. It speaks to me. I am the conductor of her orgasm. It tells me it’s near. To give it to her. No words are spoken. Just the language that only two can understand.

Then, the moment arrives. The sexual crescendo. The peak of orgasmic bliss. The grand finale. The cum-filled explosion.

She’s screaming and moaning loudly as her body squirms. She’s begging me. Pleading for more. I pull out my fingers and eat her out raw. I want to taste her cum. Her hands hold me down to do just that.

She cums, loud and hard. I can taste it all. Her sex is delicious.

Her body settles down. I sit up and put my fingers in her mouth. She moans. Mmmmmmmm…

Her body glows like an angel. My angel. Giving her oral pleasure.

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