Her Fantasy

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Tess’s clothes are pulled off her as far as they will go. Her arms are tied behind her back and the rope is connected to her ankles, which are also bound. She’s lying on the bed. Unable to see, as James blindfolded her. Unable to hear, as he put in ear plugs. Unable to speak, as she is gagged. Almost all of Tess’s senses are gone.

If you think that James is sadistic, then you’re wrong. This is her fantasy and James is just there to make it come true. He wasn’t sure about this at first when they spoke about it a while back, but now… now he’s beginning to enjoy it. Watching her naked and tied up. Completely surrendered to him. Relying on him to give her pleasure and a little pain. Which is about to happen.

Tess was hesitant to tell James her fantasy of being a damsel in distress, to be bound and not in control. She wanted to be teased and tortured a little. Nothing too painful. Just a little to add to the pleasure. She’s read about it over and over in different erotic tales and she really wanted to try it out.

Now as she waited for him on the bed, completely vulnerable and trusting fully in him, she was nervous as to what would happen next.

Little by little James took away her senses. At first Tess protested, but quickly learned to be obedient. James grabbed her tits and gave them a squeeze. It hurt, but… it also felt good to Tess. Then she was smacked on her ass with his strong hands, really hard. So hard that she knew her skin was turning red. Again, Tess found this arousing. James had never behaved this way before and she had’t been sure that he would even fulfil her fantasy. Yet now he was doing so, and he was very good at it. That is when he started to take away all of her senses. After the rope it was the blindfold. Then the ear plugs. No sight. No sound. No touch. Tess was very nervous now.

James had all the toys for the night laid out on the bed as they started. Her had not yet used the butt plug, nor the nipple and clit clamps. He had not even used her pink vibrating dildo. She was thinking of this and wondering what would happen next. That was when she lost her balance and fell onto the bed. Or had he just pushed her?

Tess could feel James grabbing her by the arms and lifting her back up to a standing position. She was so nervous that she was shaking. Was it going to be pleasure or pain next?

His lips she could feel on her neck. His hands were traversing her soft flesh up and down and all over. Feeling was all that she could do. Her moans were stifled behind the gag. She loved his kisses. So soft and tender. His hands touched her all over. Grabbing her tits and pulling on her nipples that had been erect for a while now. Her sense of touch seemed heightened. Tess thought that she could almost see what he was doing to her. Everything felt more… alive. More sensual. More erotic.

James began to kiss her lower and lower. Tess was moaning. It was so sexual that she felt that she would orgasm just from this. She couldn’t hear him, but she could feel the vibrations against her nipples as he moaned. Sucking and nibbling them and then pulling on then between his teeth. She so wanted to touch him with her hands. To hold him there until she came. She wanted to tell him how good it all felt, but all she could do was moan into the gag.

His tongue licked her all the way down to her wetness. James grabbed her ass and gave it a smack as his tongue penetrated her soul. Her yelp was muffled and she swore she came instantly. Tess was moaning and groaning like never before. He had barely even started to eat her out and she had already reached her first orgasm.

James could taste her sex. Could smell it so sweet. He could drink her juices all night, but this was her fantasy and not his. So he stopped and he could see her body pleading no don’t stop, even though she couldn’t move or speak.

As he got back to his knees he was thinking of what to do next. At this point Tess was a mess emotionally. Why did he stop? She needed more. She wanted to scream and beg. To do anything for more. Now there was nothing. No sound. No sight. No touch. This both scared Tess and aroused her as she knew who was with her. She trusted James like no other and he was doing exactly as she had asked him to do. This was a night she would never forget.

Ouch! Tess tried to yell. What the fuck! The pain was sharp. Her nipples were being clamped. Dammit that hurt, she thought. Then the next one and, oh shit. Tess knew that the next was going to be on her clit. She figured that she could handle it, but she wasn’t too sure about what would happen next to her most sensitive of areas. She began to shake. James held her close. Comforted her. Kissed her nipple before clamping her clit.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck me! These words were silenced with the gag. Tears began to come out. James saw one and instantly felt like an asshole. He never wanted to hurt her. He took it off immediately. Then he took out one of her ear plugs and apologized. Said sorry and asked her if she wanted him to stop.

What do you think happened next? Guess you will have to wait for the next instalment.

Tease you later.

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