Her demon fortress~

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photo: SexArt

As she emerged from the shower
she imagined herself emerging from the waterfall
Nature’s tears having washed her sins away
Absolution is once again hers
She dries her face and imagines the wind blowing across her body
Her nudity is absolute
Nature’s imprint
Her mark, her fertility, her sensuality
Her demon fortress and her strength
Then Wetness
Warmth, wetness
Her mind drifts to a place of silence
I am not living a double life
I am living a single life
with multiple spirits
I am a prism, a collection of
many colours reflecting a solitary colour
And then you ask
Why I love you
Because we fit like a hand in glove
We are each other’s lighthouse in life’s storms
We are easy
when all around us life shows its hardened self
We work
We are each other’s life giving affair


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