Her craving for him

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She awoke with a wanting. An inner desire, a thirst, a longing, a deep need. He lay next to her, generating heat just lying there. He, like her, exuded a lot of body heat at night, and there were times she just had to take him, and now was going to be one of those times. She was going to eat that energy and indulge her hunger for it. Days earlier she had playfully asked if she could wake him by sucking his cock. He looked at her with a curious WTF look. Like any man would say No.

She thought to herself, I want … gawd he is so fucking edible, I could just eat him alive. And so she was going to. Just let him resist, she giggled to herself. Being ever so careful not to rouse him from his sleep just yet, she eased her way down and under their sheets; slowly, gently and with delicate feminine grace. She could smell the sweet honey musk of him and her mouth began to water in anticipation. She liked that he too had begun to work out, and the lines of his six-pack were beginning to form again. It was a luscious sight and her nostrils inhaled him.

I’m going to pump some man meat tonight and this fucking thang is gonna please my mouth, mmmmm, her mind swam in the thoughts of him. She lay curled up next to his body, studying his chest rising and falling with each breath. His strong legs, his soft heart, she adored him. She needed him. He balanced her, and finally after all these years they had found each other.

That beautiful cock was hard as a rock, he must be dreaming of something hot, wonder if it’s me he’s dreaming of, let’s make sure it is. She licked her lips to wet their approach and she took him into her mouth without letting any other part of her body touch him. It was perfect, he was lying in just the right position. She was an artist painting a picture of pure lust and passion. A canvas of deep fantasy whose intention was sexual exhalation.

Her lips slipped up and down on his hardness, over veins strong and protruding. Relaxing her throat she gorged herself on the power of him. The taste of him ignited her core with fire and ice. The way between storm and calm. The power of man and woman deliberately wrestling one another into submission, adoration and devotion.

Up and down its length and girth, watering saliva all over it, moaning softly, pleasuring herself with its beauty and form. Her lips were in heaven with it inside her and its stretching of her, opening her to wanton, masterful release and pleasure. She pushed herself a hint more to take and dance around that spot that said No, in the back of her throat. Such raw force and life energy. She nuzzled his balls with her nose as she filled herself with him. So fucking perfect, she thought. Up and down and down and up. Mmmmmmmm, more.

He began to stir as she stirred his cock in her lovely little mouth. Her tongue wrapped itself around it like a snake curled around a meal to be enjoyed. Stretching her jaws more she went further down on it, that man-thang long and in need of her attention and satisfaction. He stretched and tightened, flexing and releasing his body’s muscles, awakening to the sensation of a delicious cock sucking. Relaxing and giving into to her need.

Up and down and down and up she went. All the while sucking his masculinity out of him into her famished soul. A sexy vampire energy feast for her senses, and he lovingly poured that chi down her needy little throat and into all her wet places, her hidden places, her sacred places, her undying needing places… deep within. A sacred surrender.

Fuck my mouth, fuck my soul, fill me, I need you, her inner core screamed silently as she continued her bobbing motion on his length. And he felt her force of will to take him and so he fucked her mouth in return, lifting his hips to meet her mouth’s wetness and warmth. She rose and sank down on him. He met her mouth’s thrusts with his own and worked with her, feeling her, sensing her, moving with her. Dancing with her under the sheets. Running his fingers through her soft hair, he lifted up more to pump her face, working its athletic style and grace on his cock.

Fuck she’s so good, he thought. That mouth feels so fucking good. A deep inner core growl escaped from his lips; from the beast within, fucking her sweet wet warmth.

He floated in the sweet feeling of those moments between conscious attention to his cock being sucked and the dreamy place of that beautiful fuck session in his dreams, just seconds ago. She was in his heart, mind and soul, and in that dream time as well. She knew him, she felt him as he her.

“Put your pussy on my face woman, I want to eat you like you are eating me,” his beast growled at her.

Those sweet legs wrapped themselves around him like the serpentine female she was and she immediately ground her womanhood down on him as he commanded her. The sheets were finally thrown away, discarded wantonly as lovers do. He was filled with the sensual delight of her musk wafting up into the cooler air around them. Her folds and curves and petals and beauty made him want her more. The infinity of her… the endless longing, the unquenchable thirst.

He licked her sweat off her beautiful belly as it was running down her body to find the path to her feminine valley and way of least resistance. The way tracing her delicate lines and hard curves that drove him mad with lust. That lust for her now that he had to indulge. And so he followed the direction of her curves to the way home. Only by fucking her pussy with his mouth as she was fucking his cock with her mouth could the balance be achieved. Harmony was not possible without reciprocal attention in this now, this eternal all encompassing NOW! Not a damned thing else in the world mattered in this moment.

They worked each other to and fro and their bodies sang together in deep harmony. They melted into one another and fixated on the other. They gave of themselves raw and ate, each relishing the taste, smell and feel of their lover’s sex. Their lover’s body, their lover’s very soul. It was an unending meal with no end to the courses available. Soon there were no lines and boundaries. There was no he and she, it was just them. That melting of lovers’ candle wax, one into the other. Breath staggered and muted by the inhalation of raw chi. Mountains and valleys of pleasure, rising and collapsing. Life and death. Oozing liquid life between them as they two became one.

His tongue dove into her and licked in a passionate dance between frantic mad desire and tender technique, as she with him on his manhood.

He moved her towards orgasmic bliss and she pulled her mouth off him to catch her breath. She gripped his power in her hand and pumped it to keep it standing tall. Her soul heaved and lashed about, pinioned on his mouth’s attention to her. She was close. Staring madly at that cock, its glistening head, carved as if from marble by the goddesses themselves for her pleasure. Arching her back, she ground down on him as her little death built up and spilled over her soul, through all the nooks and crannies of her inner being and out. Out and deep in waves of flow down his swallowing throat. He drank of her divine elixir easing her body down next to him.

Sliding her hands around and under him to grab his ass cheeks, she squeezed him hard and took him in her breathless mouth again. As if cock was her air. Gulping and engorging and filling herself. And he did the same as if on cue to ignite skin on skin and burn in their fire and ice dance.

She inhaled his musk more and let his small hairs tickle her face ever so slightly as she worked his man meat. Insatiable lust ran over her cup and she pressed her breasts firmly against his chest. Rubbing her nipples on him to feel more pleasure from his body on hers. Exciting her more. That deep connection between her pussy and her nipples caught fire with her attention on them. And the ice of his cock in her mouth set her off again and she came on his lips yet again.

This time he let her juice squirt all over his face as he watched her hips buck with her release. She was such a fucking hot thing to watch, he thought. What a delicious fucking vixen. What man could want more, really? So fucking hot, look at those hips, that sweet shaved pussy, that fine tight ass, those perky, perfect tits, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Those hot little lips wrapped around my cock. FUCK!

He wanted to face fuck her hard and deeply stab her mouth with his meat, but that he would save that for her pussy for another time his mind mused. He was gonna pour his cum down her throat in a bit. She was such a good little cock sucker he did not want to make her gag. Perhaps in time they would exercise her ability, but his love and deep respect for her trumped his need to treat her like a whore. Besides they were going there with one another anyway. Give it time, dude. She was enough for him. And the voyage there was hot as fuck. And apparently he was enough for her. Sure they had other lovers, other toys, but each was for the other and their sex just keep pushing limits and becoming new and more adventurous with each fuck session, with each time they made love. There were no worries about it getting dull or any such nonsense. They had a chemistry, a deep soul burn that anyone with eyes or any sensitivity could see and feel. It was not about tweaking a perfect thing. Perfection need not be played with, but respected and fucked hard and long.

Having a few years under their mutual belts they could enjoy the power of their life’s lessons and stand firm in their sexuality. They owned the incredible sway between loving, gentle, tender souls and fucking hot, tasty fuck creatures who wanted nothing more than to make the other cum again and again and again.

“Rain down all over on me with your need for me.” he would say to her. “Cum all over me with your dreams and screams,” his playful muse would toy with her. And she did again and again as they danced and played one another.

He was all about her pleasure and mastering his own. That incredibly paradoxical movement that made for mind numbing orgasms. Sure a quickie is sweet in its immediacy but a long slow screw requires skill, attention and serious self mastery. That comes with age and control. Like a good wine. And his wine was fermenting beautifully in her mouth. His cup was going to overflow soon and so was hers, as she felt him stir within her. The pre-cum, the subtle body spasms and sometimes not so subtle body earthquakes. As the plates of his self moved in and out of place with her. She rocked his world with her tongue, working its woman power on him.

She was so strong in herself, and her need for him to cum in her mouth was reaching its crescendo. A deep need within a woman to feed on man power and fill the void. To fill that place within that only he has. Just as the place within him exists that only she has. Pieces of him and pieces of her that come together in passion and fire and ice. And melt the two together for all time. Making one indistinguishable from the other if but for a brief moment, an eternity in the space lovers know. That sacred space on the sheets lovers build between them that makes time stand still and all else fade away. A sacred blessing, a sacred profanity.

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