Summer of Love

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Part three: meeting my sexy neighbor

When the doorbell rang, I jumped. I opened it and greeted a young woman who seemed a little nervous about being there. She introduced herself as Allison; she lived next door with her mother and needed help to open their garage door. Her delivery was somewhat rushed, like she had rehearsed it, like she couldn’t stop talking. I assured her I knew enough about these things to give it a try. She waited for me to get my tools.

Allison was pretty — tall, blonde, and slender. Her top made it plain her tits needed little or no support from a bra. Her cut off jeans showed off legs which seemed to go on for miles. The top left her flat tummy partly exposed, showing off her hips as they began their descent into the cut offs. I was immediately curious about whether a thong was under those shorts. I resolved to try and determine this during my efforts to fix her garage door.

We threaded our way to their garage. The motor didn’t respond to the remote or the button on the wall. A ladder helped confirm the connections were good. The safety switches were all clear but nothing seemed to be wrong. Then I remembered how mine had a circuit breaker on top. I checked theirs. It was popped up so I reset it. Allison was so pleased she actually clapped her hands when it started to move.

Allison confessed that she was not comfortable dealing with strangers. I explained that I had just bought the house and didn’t really know anyone in the neighborhood. She seemed to relax while talking to me. She started telling her own story about being recently divorced and having to move back in with her mother. She was taking care of the house while her mother was away traveling. Allison was clearly feeling open enough to tell me about her life and how she had given up a career for her ex-husband. She insisted I stay for coffee.

The garage door mechanism was getting a short from the wall button causing the breaker to flip. I offered to fix the wiring. We located the breakers and I started working on the button while Allison went to make coffee. The entrance to the garage from the house went through the laundry room. I noticed a pile of laundry and a number of very sexy items caught my eye. When the button was fixed I could still hear Allison opening drawers and running the tap in the kitchen so I took a good look at some of silky panties, a couple of slips and nightshirts and some lacy bras. I started to feel myself getting hard despite my best efforts to concentrate on the door button. Once things were all fixed up I put my screwdrivers away and made my way into the house. I found Allison in the family room next to the kitchen.

Allison strutted around getting things from the kitchen. I was able to get a clear look at her ass. It seemed there just might be a thong inside those cut offs. I had an erection from checking out the laundry pile and now Allison’s ass was providing me with a much harder cock. I don’t know if Allison even noticed my bulge. She sat in a chair opposite me while telling me all about herself. The divorce was a central theme to everything. It was a bit of a mind-dump where she spilled out all her frustrations and fears without stopping.

With coffee finished and my erection having subsided I felt I could make my way back home. Allison was insisting she wanted to pay me for my trouble. Although I could have thought of a few x-rated ways she could have shown her gratitude, I told her I didn’t want payment. She suggested she could make dinner for me instead, and we agreed to make a date.

About half an hour later I heard Allison opening her garage door. She had changed into a stunning suit, and put her hair up. I could see the shine of her lipstick as she slid into her car and drove away.

Many people don’t realize the door to your garage is not as secure as other doors. Most break ins go through the garage. There are safety features on automatic garage door systems to avoid hitting a person or vehicle. Some doors are so sensitive that kicking them will cause it to open. I wondered if Allison was in the habit of locking the garage door entrance to the house?

I wandered across to slip a screwdriver under the door. I told myself I was being a good neighbor, checking her security. Once the door was up I checked the door to the house. It was unlocked.

I spent quite a while going through the underthings piled in the laundry room. Allison had plenty of french-cut bikini panties as well as two pairs of tap pants in the pile. Among the t-shirts and cotton tops I found a garter belt. It felt amazing to touch it.

I went up into the bedrooms. Her mother’s room was tidy but Allison’s was strewn with clothes and underwear. I didn’t stick around too long but I was curious enough to open a couple of the drawers. I found a chrome vibrator and a tube of lubricant. My erection was making a comeback. I knew I should leave. In the laundry room I stopped. Would Allison really miss one pair of panties?

The following week at the cottage was a great place to rest and recuperate. Not only was my cock raw but my jaw was sore from licking pussy. After a couple of days alone I wondered if Haley would make another appearance. She did.

That night her need was to kneel on all fours and let me drill her pussy from behind. If seeing her body in a bikini turned me on easily then having my hands on her tits while crouching over her very tight ass was turning me on even more. I was humping and fucking and drilling her like some kind of machine. I pumped and pumped my cock through her slick cunt lips until I could hear her pleading with me not to stop. She was starting to pant loudly before she exploded into an all-consuming orgasm.

After an hour of sixty-nine on my bed, we were resting. We took a nap before we fucked again. She talked a lot about her life and it seemed to calm her down. Two nights later she was kneeling on my bed with my cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her bright red lips. She delivered one spectacular blowjob. She had dolled herself up to make those pouty lips of hers seem larger and more red. Everything that evening was about the mouth. Her mouth, my mouth, sucking and fucking and kissing and groping. She blew me like a professional. I had her clit between my lips and drove her wild with the tickling of my tongue. After fucking for hours Haley finished me off with a hand job which ended up mostly spattered across her breasts. I had a couple more days of relaxing at the beach. But Friday arrived and I went back to the city.

Allison called to remind me of her invitation to dinner. I assured her I had not forgotten. She said seven would be perfect and I asked if I needed to worry about how I was dressed. Her giggle seemed a little out of character. I couldn’t decide if what I said was funny or if there was something that made Allison nervous.

Forget dinner. Forget a terrific meal prepared with care. Forget the easy atmosphere or the casual way things flowed from my entrance to the dessert. What would be forever burned into my memory was Allison’s dress tumbling to her ankles. The dress had obviously been chosen for its almost weightless material. I hadn’t really taken the time to imagine what she might have on underneath, but after her dress came cascading down it gave me a clear view of her very firm body.

Black stockings stopped at the garter belt I’d been admiring on my first visit. It framed a pair of sexy black panties. Above were her ample breasts encased in a half-cup bra of shiny black. At last I understood the reason for the satin choker adorning her long, slender neck. I felt an overpowering urge to put my hands on her.

I set my glass on the table and rose off the couch. I could feel the warmth of her body as I crossed to her. It had been a normal, quiet day. When my beautiful neighbor revealed herself I could not hope to find a more exciting end to my day.

Allison led me up to her room. She worked my belt off and spent considerable time removing my shirt and pants. Once I was barefoot she made sure my cock was well cared for. I stood between her nylon encased knees watching my erection throbbing to life. It got larger and longer and harder as she worked it with her fingers and lips. I soaked up the lovely sensations with much appreciation. For the rest of the evening I was treated to a series of staged events in which Allison was both my servant and my master. For some of the time she was coy and shy while other moments had her pulling her panties to one side so I could lick her cunt. To finish our evening she lay back and spread her legs before guiding my cock down into her pussy for a tumultuous fuck.

It was nearly midnight as I was saying goodbye to this gorgeous woman draped in a filmy robe. After the short trip between our houses I turned back at my door to see her still watching from her doorway and then I went inside, a very happy man.

The next morning it might have been a shadow at the door that made me look up. Allison was at my side door. I got up and went to the door before realizing I was mostly undressed. I figured we’d seen enough of each other the night before; what was a little nakedness between neighbors? Allison came in and joined me for morning coffee. She told me how much fun she’d had the night before. I told her it was my pleasure entirely to have been rewarded for fixing her garage door. I told her we were just two people who wanted to have fun. Allison seemed to relax and calm down. In fact she stayed for breakfast.

We got along so well I entirely forgot Joo-eun was coming by. It wasn’t until I suddenly remembered that I started to awkwardly explain that I was expecting someone very soon and I had to get ready. Allison was gracious and lovely but I didn’t want to have Joo-eun find her there with me. Allison left, after she pressed her body against mine to deliver a very sexy kiss. I made her promise to let me make dinner for her next time. I watched her ass swaying across the driveway as my phone rang.

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