Good Girls Behave

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Part three: College girl role play game

As an actress Amanda’s passion also extends to the dramatic. She found some interesting ways to create situations where the fantasy allowed her to become someone else. If the setting, the costume, and the scenario were just right she told me it was like becoming a different person for a time.

After she introduced a couple of these games I told her she was picking situations which are usually male fantasies. Although I thought it only fair for her to explore a few female fantasies, I soon realized these were all latent ideas instilled in her at a younger age. They were helping her deal with a legacy of male domination in her life. A boy she met at the beach one summer took her into the woods demanding she let him jerk off on her face. She didn’t really know why she agreed but thinking it was better than letting him put his cock in her cunt she let him. She told me he took so long to jerk off she started being afraid they would be caught. Eventually his cock spurted and he was so excited none of it landed where it should have. During her first year of college a professor actually invited her over to his apartment but she refused. She confessed how horny it made her to think he wanted to take her home but the shame overtook her and she didn’t respond, she simply walked away. For a while after that, she would finger herself at the thought of losing her virginity to that guy.

At first I thought I heard our bedroom door close, but with the water running over my ears, I couldn’t be sure. It was warm outside so I turned the water temperature down to cool myself off, before finishing. I noticed a strong scent of an unfamiliar perfume. It didn’t smell like anything Amanda usually wore. I dried myself off and walked into our bedroom, stopping dead in my tracks. Seeing someone I didn’t immediately recognize scared the life out of me.

What greeted me had me too shocked to say a word. Amanda gave me a coy smile while shrugging her shoulders, trying to look embarrassed. There was a quiet confidence about the way she looked across at me. I soon realized this was ‘Candy’ sitting on the edge of our bed in her college girl outfit. It was a tight white fitted-collar shirt, red tartan skirt, thigh-high white stockings and red sneakers. Even from across the room I could see the shape of her breasts through the shirt, she was wearing a black sports bra under her white shirt on purpose. Her glasses made her smiling face look sexier than usual.

Recognizing she was playing a part I said, “Candy? What are you doing?”

“I thought you would be happy to see me,” she said in a giggly girly voice. “I’ve noticed how you look at me. I know you want me… Professor.” A naughty smile spread across her face at my obvious discomfort. The use of the word “Professor” provided the clue I needed to understand this little scene. Amanda had been trying out these fun little role plays as a way of providing me with excuses to expand my own sexual fantasies. When they happened, I played along.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked as calmly as I could.

She stood up and walked over to me, swaying her hips from side to side. Only then did I notice how short her skirt was, revealing her gorgeous legs, and every now and then, a brief glimpse of her shiny white satin panties appeared under the skirt. My cock grew hard enough to press against the towel around my waist.

“Why haven’t you asked me to leave, Professor?” she continued, looking me straight in the eye. I had no words to respond with. The sight of her captured my imagination. As she stood in front of me I could smell her perfume more strongly. My heart was pounding in my chest. She reached down to tug gently at my towel until she revealed my semi-erect cock pulsing with need. I tried to say something but I couldn’t make a sound. Amanda reached out to take my cock in her hand, gently stroking along the stiffening length like it was the most natural thing for her to be doing.

“Wow, Professor!” she giggled while looking down at my hardening cock. “What a big, beautiful cock.” Then she looked me in the eye. “I’m going to suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.”

I decided to relax and enjoy playing the part of the lecherous professor. I was careful not to let her know how nervous I was. We had only attempted three previous fantasy role plays before this one. They involved a female secret agent interrogating a guy tied to a chair, a woman looking for an address wearing only a babydoll nightie, and the first was almost not a role play as it was a female boss ordering a new employee to lick her pussy.

Candy got down on her knees and immediately shifted her hand to grip the base of my cock. This made the head bulge a little. Looking down I had a perfect view of my entire length pulsing inches from her open mouth. Her bright red lips widened to let her tongue snake slowly out until it was trailing a line around the tip, then it went from the base of my cock all the way up my length. By the time she got to my head she gave it a quick flick, making me gasp in delight.

Beside us, on the bed, was a full length satin nightgown with a satin robe which I’d put out to wear after my shower. Kneeling there silently with her hand falling away from my fully hard length she nodded in the direction of the gown. I turned to reach for it as she watched from below. I gathered up the luscious material of the gown and let it tumble like a wonderfully warm drape against my cool skin. With one more smile from my visitor I reached again for the robe and tugged the sleeves over my arms. Once everything was in place I was desperate to experience the rest of her little play.

“Please, continue… young lady,” I said with as much authority as my tingling body could muster without my voice quavering.

I groaned approvingly as she took my cock back between her greasy lips. I closed my eyes so I could more fully enjoy the way she was sucking my entire length slowly into her mouth. I felt her lips arrive at the base of my cock while her hand spread out to allow it. Once she had my entire length inside her mouth she held me by my ass. Then she pulled on my hips until the head of my throbbing cock was slipping easily into her throat. She started moving up my length immediately to avoid gagging. I could feel her saliva running down my cock as waves of pleasure rushed through my erect shaft. By this time I was totally on board with whatever this fantasy was going to do for her.

Each time her lips firmly slid along the length to the base I shivered in response. Then she sucked back to the end of my cock to give the head a slow twirl with her tongue. Whenever she pulled her head back, she used those bright red sucking lips to make a popping sound, like a cork being pulled from a bottle. She was trying to be funny, but all I could do was smile down at her holding my twitching erection. Then she leaned away and rested on her heels below me, still stroking my stiff length with an outstretched hand under the gently waving gown.

“You like that don’t you, Professor? I know you want to come all over my face,” she said, knowing how much she was teasing me. Then a moment later she asked, “Don’t you?”

I was truly taken by surprise hearing this invitation coming from her. Coming on Amanda’s face was not something she normally asked me to do. I never really got off on the idea myself so it was not something we had negotiated. As much as her invitation intrigued me, I knew enough of her past to take a moment to decide whether this game needed for her to have my come on her face, or whether there might be some way to decline without ending her fun. It only took a short moment of reflection for me to admit I could probably come on her face if that’s what “Candy” wanted me to do. She could always change her mind. Maybe Amanda just needed to act this out in order to find peace with it or maybe the idea lingered because she was truly wanting to try it a second time when she understood her feelings more completely.

She smiled brightly when I slowly nodded down to her in silent agreement. Candy had a look of lust and desire from taking control of me. It signaled her feelings of pure joy whenever I saw that look on her face. I sensed a shiver of excitement travel through her folded body as she knelt closer again. This was what got her hot.

She gently cupped my balls with her right hand while keeping me in a tight grip with the other. My balls felt warm in her soft hand. She loved to feel my smooth sack while looking me in the eye to watch my response. I was putty in her hands and she knew it. Even though she was on her knees, she knew this was the most powerful position she could ever be in. She was the one in control of my needs.

Candy started stroking my cock slowly up and down, staying well clear of the sensitive head while squeezing my balls and looking me in the eye with her sexiest look. I rewarded her efforts with a loud moan of approval. As a clear signal to her about my state of mind I gathered up the front of my gown off her arms and above my cock so I could watch what she was doing. Now she knew we were both fully into the roles she set out for us.

She moved closer again, opened her mouth and lifted her tongue between my balls, licking gently upward. Her warm silky tongue made me moan again. I let out a long slow sigh as Candy responded with a deep moan of her own. The vibrations transferred directly to my balls. My heart felt as though it was never going to slow down ever again. This was the combination of sensations I treasured the most. Soft satin sliding across my skin while my cock and balls got her full attention.

Candy was still staring up into my eyes when she pulled her head away to bend my cock down to her open mouth again. Still holding me at the base between her thumb and fingers, she exposed my full length. The satin in my hands sent tingles through my body. She knew how much I loved this view of my erection near her face. She knew how big my cock looked in her hand. She flicked her pointed tongue back and forth over the ridge of my cock before licking at my most sensitive spot over and over again. I moaned every time a shiver passed through my whole body. I could not help emitting another approving groan when my cock disappeared back into her mouth. The warm feeling of her mouth amplified the thrill of her staring up at me over her glasses. It was time for me to make a better contribution to her situation. I tucked the hem of my gown and robe into the sash before bending forward over her head.

I reached down to pull at her shirt. She let my cock slip from her mouth so she could lift both arms and let me remove her shirt. Her beautiful breasts were pushing firmly against the smooth material of her sports bra. I spent a little time tracing my fingertips across the stretched material until I could feel her nipples get even more pronounced. She was desperately trying to suck me again but I peeled down one strap over her shoulder. Candy pulled her hand away from my shaft to let me free that side. Then I peeled down the second strap and her hands switched on my cock. Once the bra was off I bent further down to tug it below her wobbling breasts. Once again my cock was enjoying the warm wetness of her sucking while my hands were reaching around her arms to fondle her incredibly beautiful breasts. I heard her gasping once or twice while breathing hard through her nose. Then her lips slid back until they were leaving my cock entirely.

She was staring up at me over her spectacles. We shared a moment of recognition that she was in charge, I was only the object of her desire. My pleasure was under her control. I needed to acknowledge this swiftly when I saw the urgency in her eyes. We knew from experience how much better it is for both of us if she feels like she can fully express her desires through fantasy. Even as she played the part of a willing student I knew how important it was for her to take pleasure from it as deeply as I did. I responded immediately with a silent “yes” from my lips, as she suspected I would, knowing full well what she was asking of me.

Letting go of her breasts I stood up straight again while she took me slowly back into her mouth. Candy paused when she reached halfway down my cock. She looked up at me with questioning eyes. I knew what she was asking. I needed to plead for my release. It was clear from the way she stopped only halfway along my cock how she was signaling her need to hear me beg for it. So, I did my best to encourage her other self to keep sucking me.

“Oh, Candy, please, please…” I begged, dutifully. Then I couldn’t help but take a long and slow deep breath when I felt my cock penetrate her mouth, eventually making contact with the back of her throat. I sighed long and hard with that same breath as she held me inside, feeling the palm of her hand moving against my balls.

She sucked as far as she could before gently pulling away again. In and out she started to work me, her head moving back and forth in front of me as she sucked me. I felt her sucking my cock faster and harder. Amanda knew exactly what was going to push me over the edge. I gave out another deep groan as the pleasure started to build toward the point of no return. My orgasm rushed in on me out of nowhere. I barely managed to give her a warning of my impending release shouting, “Ah…fuck Candy! I’m gonna come!”

She pulled her head away, leaving her hands to stroke me furiously. Fuck that was quick, I thought. I felt myself getting even warmer inside the flowing gown and robe. I ran my hands all around my chest and ass while she was working me with her fist.

“Come on my face… Professor,” Candy seductively demanded while frantically jerking me. She paid extra attention to the head of my cock knowing how sensitive I am just at the climax of my orgasm. This was going to be the critical moment and she made sure I didn’t fail to give her all of my come. With her tongue slithering all around the ridge of my head I felt myself tumbling over the edge toward my inevitable release.

“Oh my God!” was all I could shout. Time was slowing down. My orgasm was traveling up from my toes soon to emerge from the end of my cock. Candy knelt with her mouth open wide, her tongue sticking out, panting and moaning loudly in anticipation of her reward. As she watched my face she slowed her pumping hand, so she could use the other to close her fist around my swollen head, edging me closer and closer.

The first shot arrived just as she felt my shaft flex. I let out a strong groan as I exploded. The first jet of come landed on her cheek just next to her open mouth. She betrayed a sense of pride in stroking shot after shot onto her face. Looking down, I watched myself spurt out stream after stream of thick come; eventually it dripped down her neck and onto her lovely breasts. She loved hearing me orgasm more than anything. It made her feel like a very Good Girl. She was still moving her hand up and down my length, jerking me until I stopped shooting with only a dribble of come remaining. I let out another long groan to let her know how much I enjoyed this. My sigh of relief felt like the release of a lifetime of tension from my whole body.

She looked up at me and smiled before turning her beautiful face to take me back between her lips to slowly suck on my sensitive head. While she was still licking my head with the tip of her tongue I smiled down at her to express my total devotion. She slowly popped me out of her mouth, smacking her lips one last time, then giggled.

She whispered, “Did you like that?”

“Yes, Candy, it was fucking amazing,” I muttered. Right before my eyes Candy’s expression vanished to be replaced by the familiar enticing smile of Amanda demonstrating her full control of me. The transformation from giggly student into commanding lover made me shudder with recognition. In that moment Amanda became my goddess.

The real Amanda stood up to command me, “I’m going to take a shower. When I’m done, I expect to see Champagne waiting for me.”

“Yes Amanda,” I said with total sincerity, “Anything you want.”

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